Monday, December 24, 2007

Nine DSLR stories of interest at

The majority of websites take a break during the holidays, and this creates a void in the information (overload) flow. Our Christmas/Holiday present to our readers is a Xmas Blogging Marathon, with new posts every few hours, starting right now! On top of that we will have Bargain Hunter's Corner updates (top of the main blog column) and will be adding new reviews to the DSLR Review Matrix. Here is the first one:

Let's take a cyber-stroll at and see what DSLR related stories we find there. Since the stories are "discovered" on Digg, the links point to the Digg page of that story, which includes comments made by Digg users. This is the fair way to do this.

  • Five cheap gifts guaranteed to make DSLR photographers happy.
  • Most popular DSLR lenses according to the Digital Photography School (DPS).
  • Mastering your DSLR: program mode by Lifehacker
  • A compact anatomy of a DSLR
  • I'm not the only one who writes long-winded posts! 10 tips for a new dSLR photographer from a Pro (Thomas Hawk)
  • MasterChong has fun with the Quik Pod
  • A video interview with a Nikon Vampire on the topic of Nikon D3
  • One blogger makes a case for the Nikon D80 as camera of the year. We blog, you decide! If you disagree, please send me your D80s :-)
  • Five things you need to know about SLR lenses (The Tech Lounge)

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