Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums

And we are back! After a few weeks of not having enough time for a "forum digest" type of a post, we are now returning to a special XMas Blogging Marathon edition of the Forum Digest! All the posts are in the threaded view, unless specifically indicated that they are in the flatview mode.

Top Forum post (in our opinion)
Nikon increases production output of the Nikon D3 and D300. Read on to find out how many they will be making per month of each of the lovelies.

Then again, I could have told Nikon that the day they were leaked/announced. Memo to digital camera manufacturers: Hire me as your analyst for 10% of what you pay your current analysts ;-)


  • A Leica DSLR based on the Olympus E3?. This was posted by a veteran forum user.
  • On the Pentax K20D and K200D names

    Technobabble (aka equipment and/or tech talk)
  • Admit it, you love reading these: Canon 5D vs Nikon D3
  • Live View discussions are always ...lively
  • 60 posts have been deposited in the RAW noise reduction discussion inspired by the dpreview duet review of the Sony A700.
  • Bibble vs Lightroom, round two (post has embedded images!)
  • And a super hot post started by Phil himself on A700, NR, Adobe Camera RAW and Bibble. More on this Bibble vs Adobe Camera RAW. And even more more in the Sony SLR Talk forum. Okay one more on changing the review after the new findings.
  • Speaking of RAW, surprise findings of Ricoh GX100 RAW vs JPEG?
  • And some GX100 vs GRD
  • E1 vs E510 at ISO 1600
  • Calling all Samsung Pro 815 appliance owners
  • 5D Frustrations. Memo to OP: Please don't throw it out the window, send it to me! I am assuming he is talking about the Canon 5D, and not reading string theory and getting frustrated by the 5th dimension math :)
  • Practical applications of HDR?

  • Police vs the Photographers (UK edition). More.
  • Canon France bombs French magazine CDI for not singing the praises of the Canon 1d mark Trois. Please note that the OP in that thread is probably exaggerating by saying that the French Magazine CDI has a readership of 1 million. Pop Photo is the largest US magazine and by their own records they are under 1/3rd of a million in magazines printed. That thread is locked so I couldn't respond there. More CDI vs Canon here.
  • A plea to Sony to stop the megapixel race
  • Never a dull moment with the 1D Mark III
  • Weddings: $500 or $5000? What about free? :)

    Dreams mere mortals never dared to dream before (sounds like a poem?)
  • Never too late for a film revival
  • Is this site ready to launch?
  • Crossroads

    Learn something new today
  • Riot Photography?
  • So many lenses so little time! Can someone please explain?
  • New white balance technology?
  • Why use a ballhead?
  • Shake reduction tips
  • Picking DSLR/Lenses (flatview)
  • Learn Pentax-speak
  • Battery recommendations

    Blast from the Past
  • Film vs digital, 2004 edition

    Yes, Forum Users can take Pictures too!
  • Weekly Photo theme (Sony Talk forum)
  • Hit me with our best shot! All apologies if the Pat Benatar song remains stuck in your head for the rest of the day (Sonyoids)
  • Best Portraits (Pentaxians)
  • Fog (Pentaxians)
  • People pictures (Panasonic)
  • Meow and meow!
  • The Sunday Bird - keep the cats away! (Olympians)
  • Mechanical Art (Canon)
  • The Nikon D3 jumps through hoops
  • Making the pretty ugly, or is it the ugly pretty? You decide (Canon)

    Everything else
  • Why is Pentax cheaper?
  • LeicasonicFourThirdsonic 14-250 delays in Japan
  • Capture One Four discussion of announcement and other assorted replies.
  • People never learn. I guess the too-good-to-be-true prices are a magnet.
  • Existential forumisms
  • Kodak Instamatic vs Canon 1D Mark III. Me, I'm working on a "Hello Kitty" vs "Hubble Telescope" comparison :)

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