Saturday, December 8, 2007

Page Two at 1001 Noisy Cameras

In an attempt to speed up loading times and de-clutter the main page, we are launching Page Two. Page Two will be featuring some of the items that used to be on the side-bars of the blog, along with original content that fits the Page Two style. The Page Two style is what we call Chaotic Noise. Page Two will be updated in reverse chronological longer (newer updates first). Think of it as a blog within a blog.

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Behind the Scenes at 1001 Noisy Cameras

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    Blog Writing Tip ;-)
    Always end a sentence with a punctuation mark and bee sure to pay close attention to spellings adn grammour and typos

    The Top 5 Posts of this week have been updated!
    Here we go, the top five posts of the week.

    Hot Camera Models at J&R World

    The Labels/Tags have moved!
    With the new space created by de-cluttering, we moved the Labels (aka Tags) to the left column since they need the extra space for those longer words. Because they have grown so big, we are putting them towards the bottom of the page, otherwise they would dominate the first few pages. Check for them in the left-column.

    Social Bookmarking Joke?
    I stumbled upon a great site, and I dugg it right away because it was so

    Idea Box
    Here is one idea for people who are looking for a good cause: Start a "digital cameras for the troops" or a "digital camera for the children" initiative!

    Thinking what to do with BlogRush
    BlogRush was a good idea on paper, but it's not delivering. Since I am attempting to de-clutter the main page, the Blogrush is on the bubble of being removed :-(

    RSS feeds of interest
    We just removed the Photography Voter RSS feed. But if you are interested in it, be sure to subscribe using your favorite online or desktop RSS feed reader. They are free after all.

    Canon Days
    Here is one that we didn't have the heart to remove: Celebrate Canon Days with the Canon G9 and Canon 40D. While not a true descendant of the original G-series, the Canon G9 looks very tempting at $440 (yes, we do accept cameras as early Xmas presents):

    Social Network and Bookmark Button Collectors
    We love social bookmarking buttons, here's a few of them! (More coming up!)

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    One of the coolest banners
    Strobist has created one of the nicest looking banners around:

    Another cool banner
    We didn't have the heart to remove this very nice B&H Photo banner. And if you want to tip this blog and buy something from B&H Photo, use the link below :)

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    Back in the day when pre-orders where the news
    Nikon D3 (OneCall)
    Olympus E3 (OneCall)
    Olympus E3 (Amazon)

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