Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pardon our cyber dust while we remodel

Pardon our cyber dust while we remodel! In our attempt to make this blog more readable and user-friendly we are attempting a few minor template changes. If you happen to catch us during a transition point, you may see some mis-formatted items. If so, please reload the page and they will probably be gone. Or give them a few minutes if they are more "work in progress" type of changes.

Some of the improvements:

  • Added links right under the blog title for our most popular items (DSLR Reviews, Photography Soup, The Charts, Shopping (of course), and the latest PMA 2008 rumors, speculation, predictions, opinions, dreams, nightmares and wishful thinkings :)
  • Moved the Subscribe and Bookmark buttons provided by the good people of Add to Any under the blog title for easier access
  • Revived the popular "Noisy Buzz" section and moved it to the top of the right sidebar/column
  • Coming later on: Additional Quick Access to various parts of the blog using Javascript-based pull-down menus. We have to iron out some details on those, so they will be implemented at a later time

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