Friday, December 7, 2007

Photography Soup (Friday, December 7, 2007)

In today's installment we take another spin around the Photo-blogo-sphere where Pogue pokes around a handful of cameras, we feature another one of our readers, and ask our readers to tell us something we don't know! And each one of our readers will be receiving not one, but two Nikon D3s. Be sure to check the delivery date so you can plan accordingly!

Noisy Reader Spotlight
Today's reader spotlight features the inspirational story and photo gallery at Taylor-Warren, a young girl's battle with leukemia.

Around the Photo-Blogo-Sphere

  • Great news for Ricoh fans! will be reviewing the GRD II and R7 in January 2008. They were not reviewing Ricoh cameras previously. Speaking of DCR, they just published their review of the Canon A720-IS.
  • Here at 1001 Noisy we were big fans of David Pogue's short lived "It's all geek to me" show on the Science Channel. Pogue (which means Digital Rebel when you translate model names across languages and the continents) takes a look at a handful of camera purchase options under $300. The link is to the NY Times - some may be allergic to that newspaper ;)
  • e-photographia discusses the announcement of DIWA Labs, a collaboration among the DIWA sites. DIWA stands for Digital Imaging Websites Association. Here is the list of the DIWA member websites.
  • Imaging Resource is informed by Nikon Reps that US buyers of the Nikon D3 and D300 can download a copy of Capture NX 1.3 at no cost. Come on Nikon, at this rate, someone is gonna buy a whole factory of Nikon D3s and you are still going to charge them for the software? :-)
  • Yes, I need a whole factory of Nikon D3s - each one of our readers will be receiving two brand new Nikon D3 cameras as a holiday gift! Delivery is expected to begin December 10, 2099 :)
  • A new wave of updates at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog including discussion of the Portrait Professional software, an Icons of Photography promo, and a ...Hobbit's Trail (hobbits not included).
  • For those who like to participate in contests, Strobist gives a sneak peek into their upcoming Pictures of Year contest.

    Software updates from VSO Software
    VSO Software is announcing the release of new versions of three software:packages:
  • VSO Image Resizer - to resize and change photo formats
  • PhotoOnWeb, an online album-making tool
  • PhotoDVD, a photo DVD slideshow creator
  • All three support the Nikon D300 (.NEF RAW)
  • For more info, check and

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • Share your thoughts on your favorite lens in the Comments section of this lens post at the TheRightPic blog and be automatically entered to win a $20 Amazon gift certificate from TheRightPic. Hurry up, the competition ends on December 14, 2007!
  • If you missed it, be sure to check our cyber shopping spree at B&H Photo. As it is common with some of our posts, once we get started we can only stop if we reach 20 pages ;-) Yet another post that morphed into a buyer's guide of sorts :)
  • Revolution Card - Apply Now and get $20 off $50 your next three purchases!
  • Olympus FE-240 for $160 at J&R World.
  • Sandisk SDSDB4096A1 4 GB Secure Digital High Capacity Flash Card for $30 at J&R World
  • Eye-Fi Wireless 2GB SD Memory Card $100 at J&R World.
  • GE A730 with a free 1gb SD card and free Case Logic camera case, for $100 from

    Off-Topic Article of the Day
    This is fun and hits too close to home for bloggers and webmasters alike: Seven Unhealthy Eating Habits of Unproductive Bloggers. Yummy?

    Tell Me Something I Don't Know
    In this new segment we invite our readers to tip us about new or upcoming products we may not be aware of. Whether it's a rumor of a full frame Leica coming in 2008 or a new lens cap for the Nikon 18-55 DX lens, we want to hear about it! So, tell me something I don't know... [the email address is [1001noisycameras] _at_ [gmail] _dot_ ***com***. The extra decoration in the email address is for anti-spam purposes.

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