Monday, December 31, 2007

Photography Soup (Monday December 31, 2007)

Welcome to the last edition of the Photography Soup for 2007. We write this blog with tears in our eyes, tears of another year gone by. Oops! This is not an emo-blog :-) Scratch that! This is just like any other episode of the Photography Soup :)

Support your local camera shop spotlight
Continuing with our Support your Local Camera Shop initiative today we feature Walden Photo, a Promaster store, in Ames and the Cedar Valley in Iowa.

Around the Photo-blogo-sphere: The Year in Review

  • David Ziser has a special treat for new readers of his blog: His Top Ten posts of 2007! Be sure to check it out! Ziser's blog manages to balance sample pictures, how-to tips and tutorials and a selection of stories from around the net, making it a must-read for photographers of all experience levels.
  • Scott Kelby looks back at 2007 in his Photoshop Insider blog. Topics covered? Adobe, Photography, NAPP, and Scott Kelby himself.
  • Rob Galbraith rounds up the pictures of the year
  • The official Flickr Blog shows a few more Best Shots of 2007
  • Carl Zeiss wants you to showcase your best 2007 pictures. Details at IR. We assume not Carl Zeiss the person, but the company ;-)

    Around the Photo-blogo-sphere: Photography Etc
  • All Amin is saying is give film a chance! (do I have to pay the RIAA a 25c royalty for using that line?)
  • While english is the lingua franca (I was told to use this term, I don't really know what it means) of the internet, there are thousands of quality photography websites and blogs written in languages other than english. One of them is the Romanian site Check it out! As one of our blogging friends recently mentioned, photography is a universal language.
  • Letter from the editor: The latest dpreview newsletter includes a message from Phil Askey himself informing us of a new wave of announcements in January 2008, bookmarked by CES 2008 and PMA 2008.
  • Two more readers were added to our Noisy Readers List, Amin and James Vornov. Be sure to check their blogs and galleries and add yourself to the list if you wish to do so!
  • Speaking of which, you can network with 1001 Noisy Cameras in almost 1001 different ways!
  • Nikonians go on location! This is their inaugural podcast. iPod not required. Their podcast is an mp3 file :)
  • The 2nd place winner has been announced by Strobist!
  • Vornov (just added to our Noisy Readers list) asks in his blog: "Why has Eliot Porter been forgotten?"
  • Colbert is off the air so you can't feed your need for truth, but you can check out the last PDN Photo Feed of 2007.
  • Get schooled with the latest from the Digital Photography School forum posts.

    Around the Photo-blogo-sphere: Equipment Plus
  • Eight is not Enough was a popular comedy back when they had television shows on TV. strongly suggests that six is more than enough! What do you think? We just posted this on Reddit for discussion and perusal. What do we think about that comment? Read reddit to find out!
  • The new TSA regulation in the USA about "spare" lithium ion batteries is a hot topic on many websites and blogs, including dpreview upon Amazon.
  • Strobist answers a reader question with an essay: why do rim lights blow out?
  • Love DSLR Reviews? Then be sure to read all the reviews listed in our DSLR Review Matrix! There will be a quiz at the end of the week to make sure you read every letter and pixel-peeped every sample picture ;-)
  • From the Adorama News Desk, a ...wallet-sized tripod of sorts. I kid you not!
  • No, it's not Jack Black, it's Jack Nack! And he has a bundle of photography guides from Adobe. All the guides are avaiable as PDF downloads. How ...Adobe of them :-)

    Reddit, Reddit, Reddit!

    We just joined Reddit last night and it has become our new favorite bookmarking site overnight! Very simple and efficient design!

    Bargain Hunter's Corner

  • Storage storage storage! How about a 4gb PNY SDHC Memory Card for $25 from J&R World? S&H is $1 but minimum $3 per order. They want you to buy more stuff :)
  • And a little flexibility: A combo SD memory card reader and USB flash drive, theSandisk SDDR-104-A11M USB MobileMate SD Plus Reader for just $10 from J&R World. S&H is $1 but minimum $3 per order.
  • And now for the big fish: The Panasonic L10 took a $150 price drop on Amazon last night. The camera has survived the fall, its new price is $1145 :)

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