Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photography Soup (Thursday December 13, 2007)

We finally got the date right :) We have another installment with our usual fare along with the introduction of our Flickr Photo Pool where our readers can easily showcase their pictures on this blog through the Flickr Photo Pool. Water not included ;-)

In-stock alert: Nikon D3 sold by Cameta on Amazon

We just noticed (4:22pm New York City time) that the Nikon D3 is in-stock at Cameta Cameras on But there is a sticker shock! The price is $1500 above list price. The Nikon D3 is the Beatles-mania of DSLRs! Only one left in stock even though it's selling at $6500!

Noisy Reader Spotlight
Today's spotlight reader is Jason D. Moore and his Photography blog. Be sure to visit and check his weekly P&P column, as well as a long list of resources there. And for the gearheads, be sure to check the survey of favorite equipment (other than cameras).

To see all of our readers or to be added to the List, be sure to visit the 1001 Noisy Readers List. There's only one reader left to spotlight in this spot. Once we finish the list, we will start featuring local camera shops in this spot. To learn more or to be added to the list, visit the Support your Local Camera Shop Initiative.

PMA 2008 and Beyond: Rumors, Speculations and Predictions
With the year end just around the corner this is about as good a time as any to recap some of the 2008 predictions, rumors and speculations. Remember, these are rumors, predictions and speculations, so keep that in mind!

  • Our detailed 2008 and beyond speculation spectacular
  • Thom Hogan's 2008 predictions
  • Photography Bay's rumor roundup
  • The PMA 2008 Official blog has a rumor round-up as well
  • Again, please keep in mind these are rumors, speculations and predictions (dreams and nightmares too).

    Introducing our Flickr Group and Flickr Photo Pool
    Just yesterday we created a Flickr Group and a Flickr Photo Pool to accompany this blog. The idea is that we can thank our readers for their readership and support by offering them the option to showcase their pictures throughout this blog. Flickr has a nice help page explaining how to submit your pictures. Here are some random pictures from the 1001 noisy flickr photo pool:

    The pictures will be featured in different places in the blog, including Page Two, future installments of the Photography Soup, and the 1001 Noisy Readers List. This will happen in the next few days.

    Since the Photo Pool is so brand new, your chances of immediate exposure are very high if you submit your pictures now :) More details here.

    Around the PhotoBlogoSphere

  • Scott Kelby of the Photoshop Insider has posted his Nikon D300 review. Find out what he liked and disliked about the camera, and his bottom line and conclusions. As always, those will not be spoiled here. You have to read on to find out! Is the D300 all that and more or less? Read on!
  • Imaging Resource posts their review of the quirky-spec'ed Panasonic L10. Read on to find out what they find out. As usual, I won't be spoiling the outcome of the review.
  • Through Scott Kelby's Nikon D300 review mentioned above we found out about the Equipment Lady, a "sell your gear" service that allows you to "get rid of" equipment without spending time searching and huggling with buyers and auction sites and craigslists and tomslists and dianeslists. You can also check her blog where we learn that she will be writing a Nikon D3 and D300 review for Photoshop User.
  • Camera what? This is the year of the cellphone declares David Pogue of the NYT Tech Repor(t).
  • Flash, lighting and billiards are the topic of Ryan Brenizer's excellent how-to post.
  • The latest edition of The Photo Feed by The PDN Pulse is published. (okay, I managed not to call it the PDF Pulse today :) And while this episode of the Soup was revised, a new Photo Feed has been published.
  • A new wave of posts at Digital Pro Talk, including some nice images, including this nicely fisheye'd picture, Wednesday's musings, Lightroom tutorials, and lots more!

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    Photography Soup Status: You are watching a live update in progress. More coming up! This episode is now complete!

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