Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photography Soup (Thursday December 20, 2007)

Today we take a spin around the photo-blogo-sphere, feature another local camera shop, and have a big surprise for all of our readers: Look under your chairs, there's a brand new Nikon D3 for each one of you! ;-)

Support your local camera shop initiative
In today's spotlight segment we feature Crown Camera, in Redding, Northern California, an independent store that just turned 50 years old. To see more local camera shops or to add your own to the list, visit the Support your local camera shop initiative.

Around the Photo-blogo-sphere

  • dpreview reviews Canon's "fun zoom", the Powershot SX100 IS. The SX100 is available for purchase from dpreview's mothership (Amazon, around $240, in black finish, and silver finish). The review is co-authored by Simon Joinson and dpreview newcomer Lars Rehm.

  • Meanwhile Photography Review has gone live with their full Olympus E3 review. They have also posted studio sample pictures from their upcoming Nikon D300 review.

  • The giant Nikon D3 poster we mentioned earlier is now available on eBay!. Current bid 99c (as of 3pm New York City time).

  • The Online Photographer discusses the Diane Arbus archives making their way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Big Apple.

  • New updates on Ryan Brenizer's Amazon blog, including high profile pictures from top dog commercial photographer "Platon" (read Ryan's blog to find out more about Platon), bodybuilder images by Kathlyn Obermeir, and a new beginning. Read on to find out more.

  • Check the latest Photo Feed round-up from the PDN Pulse blog

  • New from Photoshop Guru Scott Kelby: He has just launched a subscription-based online training experience in collaboration with a number of other domain experts including Moose Peterson, Terry White, Joe McNally, and a dozen more.

  • Speaking of Joe McNally, he has a new book coming up in mid-January that has generated a lot of buzz. The book is The Moment It Clicks: Photography secrets from one of the world's top shooters (Amazon, 272 pages, New Riders, $35 pre-order with pre-order price guarantee).

  • David Pogue of NYT tackles the generational divide in copyright morality. Of interest to photographers who are frequently victims of having their work "appropriated" or used without permission. Pogue uses the general purpose examples of music CDs and movie DVDs in his post.

  • A new wave of updates from David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog: Apart from some excellent images, you will read about geography, batteries, composition, use of color in pictures, a blog reading tip, tips to improve your photography business, "affordable" weddings, lighthing and lots more!

    Bargain Hunter's Corner

  • Have you always wanted to give the new NV-series Samsung cameras a try but did not want to "gamble" $300+ on them? Well now you can get one of the original three NV-series cameras for just $160, offered on Amazon by The camera in question in the Samsung NV7. As always, be sure sure to check reviews, sample and real world pictures if you are not familiar with a specific camera model!

    Photography Soup Status: Update in progress! More coming up! This episode is now final. Check back on Friday for a new installment. If you have any stories you want featured, or if you have posted stories on your blog or website that might be of interest to our readers, please let us know! The contact info is under the "About" heading in the right column/side-bar of this noisy blog.

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