Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Photography Soup (Tue December 4, 2007)

In today's installment we spotlight another of our Readers, we take a look at the Photo-Blogo-Sphere, and take a look at the latest availability of the Nikon D3 and D300.

1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight
Today's featured reader is Janos Scheffer and we spotlight his pictures. Some of his sets include nature, animals, travel, caves and lots more! To see a list of all "Noisy Readers", or add yourself to the list, visit the 1001 Noisy Readers List.

What's the frequency Nikon D3 and D300?

This is turning into a wonderful lesson in supply and demand since we are dealing with two highly sought after DSLRs. The Nikon D3, which lists at $5000, is now available on Amazon through Cameta Cameras and Photoworld for $6200 plus shipping. That's $1200 over the list price, 24% more. This is yet another indicator of how much of a big bang camera the Nikon D3 promises to be. Since supply appears to be limited, and demand continues to be strong, we have this phenomenon.

Its partner in crime has a more "modest" increase in price, it fluctuates from the list price of $1800 to $2000. Currently available for $2000 at Amazon through Cameta Camera. Amazon herself sells it for $1800 when they have it in stock, but it appears that it's going in and out of stock. This camera was popular enough that it was #13 in the Amazon best sellers list yesterday when we did a snapshot of the Amazon best selling digital cameras.

New Version of the Tamron 18-250 lens and two new Sigma lenses

  • dpreview inform us that Tamron is going to build a D40/D40x-friendly version of their 18-250 hyperzoom. The lens will have a built-in focus motor to compensate for D40/D40X's inability to support lenses without. Digitacamera.jp reports from Japan a December 13 sale for 75,000 yen. And the press release from Tokina Japan.
  • Meanwhile Sigma announcement two new lenses yesterday and dpreview has the details. The 50-150 DC EX and the 70-200 "FX" (35mm full frame). Also discussed at Imaging Resource.

    Around the Photo-Blogo-Sphere
  • Episode 110 of Photoshop User TV has gone live! In today's installment they talk about emphasizing highlights and shadows in product shots, gift ideas, gadgetry, and a lot more! And don't worry, it's not a serial, you don't have to watch the first 109 episodes to understand #110 :) You can jump right in!
  • Monday Musings, waiting for the light, more on creativity, and some great pictures at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog.
  • Ryan Brenizer has a quick tip on extreme white balance on his new Amazon Camera and Photo blog.
  • Amin's Photo blog has a poll on third party lenses, perhaps a bit prophetic of the Tamron announcement :)
  • Speaking of lenses, Imaging Resource has posted new lens tests at SLRgear.com.
  • Pop Photo talks about episode five of VH1's new reality TV series that features ten photographers "fighting" for the top prize. You can catch up with any missed episodes using Amazon's Unbox, which can also deliver the episodes to your broadband-enabled TiVo.
  • Scott Kelby's Magical Mystery Lightroom Tour takes him to Waikiki beach in Hawaii.
  • Digital Photography School posts their featured photos of the week.
  • Their are two new entry-level P*S digital cameras from Samsung, I will post them in the typical "new camera" blog post later today. dpreview has the details. The new cameras are the S760 and S860, your typical 3x P&S cameras.

    This Noisy blog
  • We had a new installment of The Charts yesterday, looking at the best selling digital cameras at Amazon as of that moment. This also turned into an impromptu buyer's guide of sorts as we added comments on some of the cameras.
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  • If you missed any weeks of this blog, you can "relive" them by looking at the top 5 posts of each week, all in one place. The Top 5 weekly posts got started on 10/27/07.

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • The Sony T20 (silver) is offered by Circuit City online for $200 as part of today's (Tuesday) five hour sale. The sale ends at 4pm New York City time (EST). Also listed there is the Nikon L14, blue color, for a modest $110.
  • At the price of $800, you can have the Nikon D80, body only from J&R World. Unlike the D40 and D40x, this camera doesn't require lenses to have a built-in focus motor.

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