Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photography Soup (Tuesday, December 11, 2007)

In today's installment we surf around the photo-blogo-sphere, do some bargain shopping, feature one of our Noisy Readers, and a lot more! So let's get started!

Noisy Reader Spotlight
In today's installment, we feature kRiZ cPEc's photo blog here at blogger. Also be sure to visit his photogalleries and online photo album. For more of our readers content, or to add yourself to the list, visit the 1001 Noisy Readers page.

Around the Photo-BlogoSphere

  • Lots of interesting stuff at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk, including discussion of Canon vs Nikon: The Noise, becoming a histogram black belt, an excellent wedding picture using the Canon 5D, how to become an intermediate Photoshop guru, and lots, lots more!
  • Episode 111 of Photoshop User TV is now online! Bert Monroy is their special guest with an "electrifying tutorial". Also part two of their gift guide and lots more!
  • Pop Photo recaps episode 6 of VH1's reality series The Shot, where ten photographers compete for the chance to make it big with contracts from Victoria Secret, Marie claire and a check from Vaseline.
  • Rob Galbraith has an update on the Canon 1D Mark III autofocusing saga. Coverage of his update at dpreview on Amazon, PhotographyBlog, and more.
  • Ryan Brenizer's blog at Amazon answers a reader's question about camera kits for taking auction pictures
  • Strobist takes to heart Bill Alard's "You screwed up! Congratulations" and experiments some more with the lighting.
  • Digital Photography School has a 5-step Photoshop Elements approach and a 7-step approach to post-production depth of field (DOF)
  • Speaking of DOF, Amin's Photo blog talks about a new forum focusing on smaller-sensor cameras with deep DOF. Check Amin's blog for all the details.
  • Strobist announces prize #1 for their photo of the year contest. I won't spoil the surprise, check to find out!
  • Imaging Resource points to an InfoTrends report about increased use of camera phones by Generation Z. Perhaps Generation Z should buy a Fuji Z10fd instead :) It has a Z!
  • Scott Kelby is back with some Maui pictures. Also from Scott Kelby Tuesday's Nuggets which includes a Nikon D3 microsite by Moose Peterson.
  • RAWsumer covers the Panasonic FZ18 review at IR
  • Photography Bay keeps taps on the Canon 5D Mark II rumors
  • Photography Blog talks about a recent InfoTrends survey revealing that 89% of pro images are digital

    Bargain Hunter's Corner

  • Panasonic L1 with Leica 18-50 f2.8-3.5 MegaOIS lens, $800 sold and shipped by Amazon
  • Canon SD430 (old wireless model) $150 (Amazon)
  • Canon Digital Rebel XT, body only, black finish $382 from Dell. Also available for $400 at B&H Photo.
  • Web only specials at Calumet Photo. Also Sale & Clearance Center @ Calumet
  • Sandisk SDSDB4096A1 4GB SDHC $30 at J&R World
  • If you are not sure what the cutoff dates are for Christmas delivery of your online purchases, Retrevo has done a great job in assembling a list of holiday shipping dates from over 30 top tier online retailers.

    This Noisy Blog: Recent posts
  • We have just introduced our first bonus for blog feed subscribers. Subscriptions are free of course and through RSS/atom feed readers. Subscribers will get access to a 16-page PDF article listing all the current digital cameras by the major manufacturers. This is a text-only version of our big big post "The Big List" - a great reference for the cameraholics! More details and to subscribe.
  • Twenty camera and photo stories posted at the Gagdet blogs in the last few days.
  • Episode #6 of The SHOT, a reality TV series where 10 photographers compete for a big prize and a major career boost.
  • A snapshot of the The most gifted cameras at Amazon was the subject of the latest installment of The Charts
  • We made some minor template changes recently, the Bargain Hunter's Corner is now on top instead of the left sidebar, a number of items from the sidebars were moved to Page Two: Chaotic Noise which is an "anything goes" blog within a blog (a miniblog?). We also re-grouped the topics in the left column by category, under these headings: "Hot Topics", "Participate" which groups the interactive features together, "New Digital Cameras" shows different views of the new digital camera announcements covered by this noise blog, "Rumors and Speculation", "Resources", "Regular Columns", "Special Features", and "Shopping".

    Photography Soup Status: Live update in progress! This episode is now final!

    PS> Corrected the date. The original said "December 13" instead of "December 11". That will teach us not to experiment with the 11th dimension while blogging :)


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