Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Photography Soup (Wednesday December 12, 2007)

Welcome to the mid-week edition of the Soup. Today we have a tour of the photo-blogo-sphere, another featured noisy reader, Panasonic digital camera price drops at Amazon, almost live play by play of this blog at Twitter, and more!

Noisy Reader Spotlight
Today's featured reader is Be sure to visit his websites listed at the aforementioned page. For more of our readers or to add yourself to the list, go to the 1001 Noisy Readers page. Add yourself to the list now if you want to be featured in this Spotlight spot. There are two readers remaining in the list, and after that I will begin spotlighting local camera shops in this segment.

Behind the Scenes at 1001 Noisy with Twitter
We are experimenting with yet another web 2.0 site, Twitter. We are using Twitter as a "behind the scenes" at 1001 Noisy Cameras. A backstage pass of sorts, and almost play by play (post by post) coverage of this blog. Madden not included. For an example check the left column under "Behind the Scenes", or Page Two or look for the "Behind the Scenes" link under the "Hot Topics" and "Participate" headings in the left sidebar/column of this blog.

Around the Photo-blogosphere

  • A Nikon D3 update by Thom Hogan: A second wave of D3s is being distributed around the USA. Thom also added his 2008 Predictions. Some very interesting predictions by Thom, including discussion of a Nikon D3X, Fuji S7 Pro, non-DSLRs with DX-size sensors (APS-C), and lots more. Again, please keep in mind these are predictions by Thom!
  • Thom has also posted two recent essays: Photographs or Pixels? and Are you a collector or a photographer?
  • Part II of Canon vs Nikon has been posted at PDN Pulse
  • Ken Rockwell is having a lot of fun with the Nikon D3 and Nikon D300. All Ken Rockwell fans, please visit his latest updates. "Stuffed monkey pictures" coming up ;-)
  • The 100 tips in 100 days continue at Adorama with a noise reduction tip using LAB. What is LAB? Read on to find out!
  • The Photography Blog has a recent review round-up which includes the Canon 1Ds Mark III, Olympus E3, Panasonic FZ18 (two of them), Sony T70, Fuji Z100fd, and Nikon S200. Check their website for more details on where to find all these recent reviews
  • Here at 1001 Noisy we are on a three-year plan to finish our first lens cap review :)
  • Showcase your Flickr pictures in the Strobist Flickr pool!
  • Sunset in Maui at Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog.
  • A new wave of updates at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk, including Technique Tuesday, ideas on how to promote yourself or business, and two websites that can help you in your digital camera purchasing adventures, and a winter wonderland assignment.
  • Digital Photography School discusses framing your pictures
  • Photography Bay features the best five magazines for your photos
  • Hyperdrive ColorSpace, and fallout from the Canon 1Ds Mark III vs Nikon D3 comparison among the many topics at Luminous Landscape. LL has a number of video tutorials for those interested, but they are not free.
  • More updates on the Canon 1D Mark III from Rob Galbraith. Apparently there is a warranty extension for models being worked on for the "AF issue".

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • Panasonic discount-a-thon at Amazon: Panasonic FZ18 at $300, the Panasonic FZ8 at $230, the Panasonic FX33 at $240, and the Panasonic FX10 $120 via Vanns on Amazon.
  • Also Panasonic L1 with the Leica 14-50 f2.8-3.5 MegaOIS lens for $800
  • And the Samsung Samsung L730, at $100. The L730 is your typical 7mp, 3x optical, SD, LiIon-based compact.
  • Free shipping at J&R World! (over 2500 items included in this promo)
  • More details in our previous "bargain alert" post.

    Photography Soup Status: Live update in progress. More coming up! This episode is now complete!

    PS> Corrected the date, it said "December 14" instead of "December 12". Our TARDIS landed a bit awkwardly a couple of days ago :)

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