Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Photography Soup (Wednesday December 19, 2007)

In today's edition we take a photo blogo sphere spin, we google-investigate Canon G9 troubles, inform our readers of a one-day special 2-day shipping free upgrade, spotlight another local camera shop, and tempt our readers to resist the digital camera temptations. This and more in today's edition of the Pho Soup.

Memo to digital camera manufacturers
With PMA 2008 coming just around the corner, and happening about a month earlier than usual, more and more announcements are going to be made in a compressed period of time. Your products are going to have a hard time getting the "spotlight" among the enthusiasts because of the barrage of upcoming announcements. So the time is now to leak your products and get some "air time", now that everyone is hungry for new product information. And what better place to leak your new products than this blog! We specialize in rumors, leaks, speculations and predictions, so this blog is an ideal place for all your product leaks! We offer complete confidentiality and will not reveal our sources. So, digital camera manufacturers, leak now!

The Trouble Repor(t): Canon G9 LCD light leaks
One of our readers alerted us that the light leak issues of the Canon G9 are flying under the camera blogosphere radar. So we decided to google (verb) around. To parapraphse one of the cable news channels, "we blog, you decide". Here is what we found on the internets:

  • Some of the of the Amazon User Reviews mention problems with the LCD. Examples of user reviews reporting LCD-related problems: cast and bad pixels, LCD light leak, LCD screen defect, LCD issues
  • Amazon discussion forum
  • Discussion of this at the Canon Talk dpreview forum. Search for light leak, G9 and such and you will find a number of threads. Here are some as examples: G9 LCD issues (long thread), user in France, picture of camera with issue. Another long thread, and another one with photo of the issue included. If you want to see even more results in the dpreview search, be sure to change the search tag from "recent" to "archive".
  • Discussion at Steve's Digicams Forums
  • Those who follow the camera market may recall that Canon officially recalled the A650-IS for LCD and light leak issues.
  • If the LCD issues do not bother you, the Canon G9 is available from J&R World for $436.88 with FREE Shipping

    Around the Photoblogosphere
  • This week's edition of the dpreview newsletter
  • Imaging Resource reviews Canon's fun zoom, the Canon SX100 IS
  • The Flickr Blog discusses three part Polaroid portraits
  • The FotoTramp blog compares and contrasts the Fuji F50fd and the Fuji S5 Pro DSLR. Yes, it's an apples and oranges comparison and that's how it was intended by the author!
  • Photographer vs Rock Stars at the PDN Pulse blog.
  • Camera reviews are not the only ones that cause "reader controversy". The Online Photographer discovers that book reviews can do that too!
  • dpreview-on-Amazon informs us that Sigma will be making a Nikon D40/D40x-friendly version of their 18-200 DC lens. Oh Nikon, what have you done with the D40/D40x? Put the focus support back in the DSLRs please!
  • Strobist offers a play by play analysis of the Queen vs Annie Leibovitz.

    Local Camera Shop Spotlight
    We continue our Support your local camera shop initiative by spotlighting another local camera shop from the list. Today's spotlight shines on PJ's Camera, in Glen Ellyn (western Chicago). PJ's Camera is family-run business that has been serving the Western Suburbs for over 30 years! To see more local stores or to be added to the list, visit the page mentioned above.

    Off-topic website of the day
    A community art project, Post Secret was a clever idea that became something a lot bigger than the sum of its parts. If you haven't heard about it, be sure to check it out!

    Wide-angle compact for $200
    The Panasonic Lumix FX30, black is available from J&R World for $200. Shipping for the camera is $3.37 (but minimum shipping fee per order is $7).

    This Noisy Blog
    We introduced a new feature yesterday for the gadgetphiles, camera eye-candy, more specifically cameras priced so low that it is hard to resist the temptation to buy them. Seven cameras were featured in the inaugural segment.

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    Photography Soup Status: Update in progress! More coming up! This episode is now final. Check back on Thursday morning for a new edition of the Photography Soup!

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