Tuesday, December 25, 2007

PMA 2008 Prosumer Rumors Speculation, Predictions (at RAWsumer)

The Xmas Blogging Marathon continues with a giant prosumer-specific rumors, speculation and predictions (and wishful thinking) post at the RAWsumer blog. RAWsumer is a term we coined to refer to non-DSLR digital cameras that support RAW natively. By natively we mean out of the box or through an official manufacturer firmware update. We are not sure what to call the CHKD cameras, quasi-RAWsumer? See more of our 1001 noisy terms if you are into that type of thing :)

So what type of stuff will you find in the RAWsumer 2008 PMA speculation spectacular? Discussion of four possibilities for a Ricoh follow-up to the GX100, the inevitable mention of the mythical Panasonic LX3 and FZ60 (or FZ55 wide), Fuji and the inevitable mention of the 6mp "magic" SuperCCD sensor, Samsung's quote that in 2008 they'll go for more advanced cameras, Canon and Nikon shying away from RAW non-DSLRs, and lots more!

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