Monday, December 17, 2007

1001 Noisy Poll Archives!

In an attempt to free up the sidebars of this blog, we are beginning an archive of all the closed Polls we have had so far in this blog. For technical reasons we cannot move the polls themselves here, so instead we have taken screenshots of the poll results and moved them here. So here we go:

Our longest standing poll asked our readers to predict and rate the upcoming DSLRs of the second half of 2007. Partly speculation partly based on actual products this poll had quite a few interesting battle for position within the poll.

Full frame, full frame, yes, who will be the next to come up with a full frame DSLR? We asked our readers, and here is what we got. A companion post of this blog is also available.

We asked our reades whether they wanted us to start a comprehensive list of DSLR reviews, and the response was an overwhelming yes. So without further ado, here is our on-going DSLR Review List, which we call the DSLR Review Matrix!

Our most exciting poll so far has been the experimental DSLR Playoffs. The first round of the DSLR Playoffs squared off the top four vote-getters of our "most exciting 2007 DSLR" poll, and here are the results, as voted by readers like you. As you can see the #2 vs #3 matchup between the Nikon D300 and the Olympus E3 was very close:

The two winners faced off in the DSLR finals, and the vote was closer than we expected. The winner was...

We also asked our readers to decide which feature we would be doing from a list of features. The winning feature was...

We also asked our readers to decide which one of the following camera would get "upgraded" to a "Noisy Buzz" camera in our blog. And the winner was:

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