Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Price drop alert: Let them have Foveon (Sigma SD14 at $650)

We interrupt the silence with a Foveon Sonic Boom! The Sigma SD14 body only is now available by Cameta Cameras on Amazon for $650. This is almost half the current B&H Photo price ($1140).

But wait there's more! The Sigma SD14 is bundled with the Sigma 18-200 DC OS lens for $950, also from Cameta on Amazon. The Sigma version of this lens on its own costs around $500

In what has to be one of our best timed blog updates of all time, we just added a list of Sigma SD14 reviews to the DSLR Review Matrix!

Does this mean we should expect a new Sigma-Foveon DSLR soon?
Price cuts are not always indicators of a new product coming up, but they can sometimes be a good sign. This is not a small price drop, it's down to $650! So does that mean we get something new from Sigma at PMA 2008?

Reactions to the big price-drop in the Sigma Talk dpreview forum

  • General price-drop discussion
  • Price dropping in the UK too, 300 UK pounds with lens and filter
  • A dpreview forum user has bought the camera in-person from the Cameta Store in New York and reports back! Nice read!
  • This post of the price drop is also discussed at the Japanese forum (computer-translated with babelfish). Original in Japanese.

    The Sigma SD14 tempting buyers at $650 and $950

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