Monday, December 10, 2007

Subscribe to our RSS feed and a get bonus PDF article listing all current digital cameras!

We have our first bonus for our RSS subscribers! If you  subscribe to our feed or if you are a current RSS subscriber you will receive access to a bonus PDF article listing every current digital camera out there from the major manufacturers. So be sure to  subscribe to our feed!

Details on the bonus PDF article
This 17-page PDF article is the PDF version of our long reference post, the Big List, but without the blog sidebars and headers and footers and all the noisy noise. Ideal for printing because it has text, but no pictures.

It is a great reference to have with you, whether its your laptop, mobile or handheld device or USB flash drive. For example, let's say you are at a big electronics retailer and you notice a camera at a very low price but you haven't heard of it. You just open up our Big List PDF file, look it up, and find out where it stacks up in the line-up of that particular manufacturer.

How to access the bonus PDF file
Once you subscribe to our RSS feed or if you are a current subscriber, look for details on how to download the file in the RSS feed. Check towards the bottom of the feed and you will see the "Subscriber Bonus: Download the Big List" link. The PDF file is hosted by MediaFire.

Our RSS feed
Our feed is burned through Feedburner, so it is compatible with both RSS and Atom. You can read it in your favorite online reader (eg Google Reader, Bloglines), or your favorite desktop reader, or all of the above :) Paste the following url in your favorite RSS reader or click through the Feedburner subscription options page and then you can  Subscribe to our feed.

Okay, I better stop before it starts reading like a total infomercial!

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