Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ten photography stories from Mixx.com

Let's see what stories of interest we find in the Photography category of Mixx. Mixx is a new social bookmarking web 2.0 site that has shown photography fans some love by including a Photography category under the Interests heading. All the stories point to the Mixx story page, where you can read Mixx user comments if any, and link to the original story. This is the fair way to do it since I "discovered" the stories on Mixx.

Add to Mixx! Add to Mixx! Add to Mixx!

  • Toss away the digitals (or send them to me). Bring back the Polaroids!
  • Top 40+ GIMP plug-ins. Free and free'er? :)
  • Top 100 Hubble telescope pictures, submitted by Kafka himself?
  • Best photos from the Nature Conservancy
  • Top 12 sites for photographers according to sawse.com
  • Wired picks the best ten galleries of the year.
  • JPGMAG.com puts amateurs front and center
  • Is this the ultimate guide to time-lapse photography?
  • Step one is cat pictures. Step two is a cat blog with cat pictures! Step three would be a cat with a wireless webcam posting on a cat blog of cat pictures :)
  • Are you staying up all night reading photography forums and blogs? Consider this!

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