Monday, December 10, 2007

Twenty Camera and Photo stories from the Gadget Blogs

In the second installment of this new feature, we take a look at the various gadget blogs, and point out stories of interest to the camera and photo world that were published there the last few days. So, here we go:

  • Canon vs Nikon, you decide! CNet has a poll on the favorite topic of Canon vs Nikon DSLRs.
  • Gizmodo talks Nikon D3 sample photos from Italy, and then some Nikon D300 pictures. Then Gizmodo opens the Nikon D3 box. See what's inside!
  • Move over Nikon D3! Here comes the blushing Hello Kitty camera. I bet your Nikon D3 can't do that! From SciFi's DVice blog.
  • CNet's Crave blog reports on a Foveon VP confirming that the Sigma DP1 will be using a Foveon sensor
  • This SLR is not an SLR from SciFi's DVice
  • Good vs Great: What happens before the picture gets taken, at Amazon's Current blog
  • SmugMug HD Video support for Pro and Power users at SlashGear, and CNet Crave
  • Olympus SP560 firmware upgrade offering wireless support makes its way to Slashgear, CNet Crave
  • Gizmodo has a round-up of gift guides, a number of which feature digital cameras as some of their choices
  • Microsoft releases HD Photo plug-in for Photoshop according to Cnet's Crave
  • The future of memory? 3D Semiconductors? at Engadget
  • Color e-ink from Fuji-Xerox at Endaget. Print your pictures on e-ink?
  • For those who like to buy your cameras from Comp USA stores, SlashGear reports they will be shutting down after the Holidays. Also at CNet's Crave
  • Amazon Current via dpreview reports the release of Nikon ViewNX 1.0.3
  • Engadget talks about the photographer suing Apple dropping the suit
  • The two new Samsung digital cameras, the S760 and S860 were picked up by a number of gadget blogs including SlashGear, and Amazon Current
  • Our new favorite web 2.0 site Mixx gets some "steak" from the LA Times according to Tech Crunch
  • This PayPal update from Crunch Gear may interest those of you who sell your photographs and such on your website or blog: A new storefront widget from PayPal
  • Wireless camera powered by fluorescent light at CNet's Crave blog
  • CrunchGear and others talk about TiVo streaming Picasa and Photobucket photos on your lovely TiVo!
  • Please let us know if you find this feature useful, so that we can upgrade it from an experimental feature to a regular feature!

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