Saturday, December 29, 2007

Want to have your blog or website reviewed here at 1001 Noisy?

Do you have a camera or photography website or blog? Do you want us to review it? If so, you are in luck because we are just launching a new feature: blog/website reviews! We are interested in websites and blogs that cover cameras and photography at this point. We are not looking for gallery reviews or image critiques at the moment.

Since reviews are a bit of a controversial topic in the world of blogging, we have to point out that these are unpaid reviews, and there is no middleman involved. They are peer-to-peer, meaning you ask for your blog to be reviewed and I will review it. No money changing hands!

If you want to see a sample of our review style, check our previous seven reviews which include magazines and a catalog.

Why would you want your blog reviewed? For one thing, it's exposure! Your blog will be presented in detail in front of our readers and subscribers. For another thing you may get some helpful tips to help with your blog, or create networking opportunities between you and some of our readers, some of whom are influential people in the world of photography and imaging.

Why not have your blog reviewed? If you do not like constructive criticism or if you do not want your blog discussed in public, then you may not want to submit it for a review.

Reviews are only our opinion. Just like any other self-appointed authority on the net, our reviews are merely our opinions :)

We can review blogs written in english: At this time we are only able to review blogs written in English. Our computer-translated Japanese continues to improve daily, we might be able to review Japanese sites by 2020 :)

If you are interested, leave a comment or send an email to [1001noisycameras] *at* -gmail- [dot] _com_. The extra "decoration" in the email address is to prevent harvesting :) You can also find the email address in the right sidebar of the blog, under the "About" heading.

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