Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week in review (December 9 thru 16, 2007)

Welcome to another week in review! In this week's episode we take a look at the week that was here at 1001 Crazy Noisy Cameras.

New Blog Features introduced during the week
Of great interest to camera review fans, we just launched an experimental feature, a one-stop center for DSLR reviews, the DSLR Review Matrix. This is a work in progress with more reviews to be added next week.

Also during the week we launched a 1001 Noisy Cameras Flickr Group and Photo Pool. If you want your photos to be showcased on this noisy blog, just submit them to the 1001 noisy cameras flickr pool.

On the interactive side of things, we started a new Behind the Scenes feature using Web 2.0 site Twitter. Basically we post quick updates on what's happening on the blog and what's coming up using Twitter. It's a nice practical application of Web 2.0. You can find all the updates at Twitter and also on Page Two.

We also launched a new RSS subscription drive, offering a PDF version of our giant list of all current digital cameras to RSS subscribers.

Weekly Posts
Our regular Photography Soup segment had new episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We also had a new "discover new sites and blogs" feature spotlighting PDN Pulse.

We had two installments of The Charts, featuring snapshots of the best sellers at J&R World and snapshots of the most gifted cameras at Amazon.

For those who love the many gadget blogs but don't have the time to go through all of them, we dug around and found twenty stories of camera and photo interest at the gadget blogs. By gadget blogs we are referring to the likes of Engadget, Gizmodo, CNet Crave, Amazon Current, Crunch Gear, Slash Gear and such.

We also posted previews of episode #6 and episode #7 of VH1's Reality Series "The Shot".

We also posted multiple updates to the Bargain Hunter's Corner, for our buyers who might be interested in finding holiday season bargains or buying holiday season gifts for friends, families, associates and themselves :)

Last but not least, we invited all digital camera manufacturers to tell us all their secrets ;-)

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