Sunday, December 2, 2007

Camera and Photo Week in review (November 24 thru Dec 1, 2007)

Welcome to another weekly rewind. In this weekly segment we recap the week that was in 1001 noisy posts. For today's edition we will be trying a slightly different format, grouping the posts by category.

New and Upcoming Products
Nikon announces and quickly makes available for pre-order the new Nikon 18-55 DX VR "kit" lens. That's right, the 18-55 DX kit lens now includes VR (vibration reduction) for the price of $200. Which perhaps makes a skeptic wonder why VR lenses were so expensive before sensor-shift stabilization appeared in Sony-Minolta, Pentax and Olympus DSLRs :)

Not the news we wanted to hear from Sigma, but at least they broke the silence on the "upcoming" Sigma DP-1.

We also recapped all the new digital cameras announced in November 2007 - just one new camera, the Ricoh RR770 :-(

Meanwhile Canon Japan has just started offering reparations repairs on the 1D Mark III issue, along with a confession.

The biggest rumor of the season so far is the Pentax K20D and K200D DSLRs, rumored to be announced on January 24, 2008, on the week leading up to PMA 2008, which happens a lot earlier this year (late Jan/early Febr 2008).

If you missed it, we have PMA 2008 Rumors and Speculations. As the name suggests, those are rumors and speculations, not promises to deliver new cameras. Some people may not understand the difference between the two ;-)

Around the Photoblogosphere
We had three episodes of our signature camera and photo round-up series Photography Soup on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. As the name suggests, this is a "soup" of camera and photo related topics. Each installment includes a spotlight on one of our "Noisy Readers". It's amazing how fast time flies, we have had 84 episodes already. And you can read every single one of them. But be advised, it will take 20-30 hours to them all, so program the coffee machine to crank out a new cup every four hours :)

We also "dug" ten stories of camera and photo interest from the new social bookmarking service Mixx which features a specific photography category. Digg camera and photo users were frustrated because digg does not currently have a predefined camera and photo category, making it harder to organize and find such content. Earlier on, we introduced Mixx to our readers.

We also launched a new feature that will be published every few days. This will take a look at stories of camera and photo interest published in the blooming world of high-tech gadget blogs. If you have a gadget blog and want to be added to the rotation of sources, just let me know :)

Fans of the Ricoh GRD II might be interested in our Ricoh GRD2 round-up post at the RAWsumer blog. Read on to find out what a RAWsumer is :)

Everything else
We posted an existential Sunday editorial asking "where are we going". VIDI is the name for our (not every) Sunday editorials, and it is latin for digital camera addict ;-)

We had some alerts throughout the week, such as the Panasonic L1 with the 18-50 MegaOIS Leica lens at under $1000, and the Nikon D300 becoming available again at the $1800 price.

We also promoted our RSS feed and explained that we had the Pentax K20D/K200d mentioned here almost a week before Engadget, Gizmodo, Crave, Crunch Gear, Wired and others posted them. We are a one-trick-pony, so we only provide camera and photo coverage ;-)

Question for the Readers
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