Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who is the most likely camera company to come up with a 35mm full frame DSLR next?

Who is the most likely camera company to come up with a 35mm full frame DSLR next? That is the question we are asking in our on-going poll located down the right sidebar/column of this noisy blog.

About 50% of the poll voters think that Sony is the most likely SLR manufacturer to come up with a 35mm full frame DSLR next. This is of course the most reasonable one to pick since they have a sensor manufacturing business, and they were involved with the sensor behind the shock-and-awe Nikon D3.

As expected Pentax is next, receiving about 20% of the votes. They also have a sensor-relationship with Sony, but there are also rumors of alternate sensor providers, be it Samsung herself, Cypress ro someone else. How credible those rumors are we have no way of knowing. Some of it was "revitalized" during the Pentax K20D and K200D rumor breakout.

Next up, a bit of a surprise, (perhaps people know something I don't know?) is Leica, yes Leica with 12% of the vote. Interesting! Is this wishful thinking or am I missing a rumor or two? Let me know!!!

Receiving four votes was Fuji, which of course makes its own sensors but depends on Nikon for camera bodies. The "latest" Nikon body they were "given" was the D200 for the Fuji S5 Pro. Will Nikon give them the Nikon D3 or D300 body? Who knows.

Sigma received zero votes as apparently none of the voters think Foveon will be able to jump from a 1.7x sensor to a 35mm full frame sensor.

We threw in the names of Kodak and Olympus in the poll, and surprisingly they received a total of 3 votes. This of course would mean that Olympus "returns" to 35mm full frame DSLRs, since 4/3rds is full frame, but it is not 35mm full frame as you all know.

Of course this is just a fun poll, it is not a scientific market survey :-)

The Results Are In!
The polls have closed, here is the final result of this exciting poll:

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