Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blast from the Past: The Year 2001

In the 2nd installment of Blast from the Past we are looking at the Year 2001 through the prism of dpreview's timeline.

The camera year started with the introduction of the Canon Pro90 IS and ended with the introduction of the Ricoh Caplio RR1. In between? Well, we saw the Nikon D1x and D1h, the start of the Minolta prosumer series with the Dimage 5 and 7, the tail end of the Sony "Floppicas" FD-series, the Kodak DCS760 and 720x Professional dSLRs, the Nikon Coolpix 995, the Sony S85, Olympus C4040, Canon G2, Casio QV-4000 (with Canon lens), Sony F707, the trend setting at the time Olympus E20, the camera that started the Panasonic noise train (the LC5), the first Canon 1D camera using a Panasonic CCD, and the Nikon 5000 starting at 28mm at the cool cucumber price of $1100!

That was six years ago. Wow, in some ways we've come a long way, yet in other ways, not so much.

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VIDI: What are we going to do without noise?

With the Nikon D3 having impressive pictures noise-wise at ISO 1600, 3200 and even 6400, it looks like the people who are totally allergic to noise will have an actual DSLR that can deliver them class leading noise performance. After so many years, so much software, and so much pixel peeping and complaining about noise, what are we going to do without noise? Is noise the "barbarians at the gate"?

Granted, this only solves the problem for the Nikon D3 and the next Nikon DSLR(s) that will use this 35mmFF sensor and technology (D300X?). But this may be a sign of the shape of things to come. Because Canon is not going to sit idly and not try to make a noisy ...noiseless comeback. And Sony has that incentive as both a sensor maker and a DSLR manufacturer.

The Nikon D3 performance should also be encouraging Fuji to revitalize cameras using their 6mp "magic" sensor. Yes, there isn't any magic in that sensor, but it outperforms noise-wise all the other cameras with similarly sized sensors. Fuji could be capitalizing marketing wise on Nikon D3's impressive noise performance without lifting a finger. Most people can't afford a Nikon D3, but they could get an F32fd or E910fd or S9200fd or something like that if it can get them a noise advantage over the competition.

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Introducting Newsletter 2.0 with Feedblitz!

You can now receive this blog as a newsletter using Feedblitz. This service is no longer active!

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Week in Review, and a look at next week, and a calendar of sorts

In lieu of a newsletter and particularly if you missed some of our recent posts, here is a rewind of the last Week at 1001 Noisy, presented in reverse chronological order:

  • Nikon D3 avaiable for pre-order at Amazon via Beach Camera
  • Photography Soup: Sept 28, Sept 27, Sept 26, Sept 24 along with the accompanying Overheard in the dpreview forums spin-off.
  • A listing of camera and photography related TV shows in the USA.
  • New camera announcement, the Sanyo Xacti HD700.
  • An installment of the reader's choice feature The Charts, going around the world.
  • The recount was completed, the Reader's Choice Buzz Camera has been determined.
  • The Panasonic L10 is officialy announced in Japan. The monthly production numbers are revealed!
  • Semi-official Nikon D300 high ISO samples posted at create a DSLR version of Beatle-mania.
  • The inaugural Blast from the Past feature looked at the summer of 2004 at PC World.
  • And last but not least, our Sunday Editorial (VIDI) asked To Zoom or not to Zoom.

    Weekly Features
  • Photography Soup, Photography Soup Express (PSE) and Overheard in the Dpreview Forums
  • News and News from Japan if/when they happen. I know you news junkies want a new camera announcement every day but unfortunately that won't happen. But here's all the news you can absord at the Imaging Insider
  • VIDI (faux-editiorial, on some Sundays)
  • A Blast from the Past (Sundays, a look back in time in digital camera history)
  • The Charts. This feature was voted by the Readers as the Readers Choice feature. It takes a look at sales charts of digital cameras at various online and offline retailers around the world. These are usually snapshots of sales, not long term data, so please do not make any generalized assumptions based on just a couple of these.

    Monthly Features
  • A summary of all the New Cameras in August 2007 and in September 2007. Here are the New Cameras of July 2007
  • A listing of the camera and photography related TV shows in the USA.

    Coming up in this blog These are one-time features that are in various stages of development. I gave up giving them a time frame :-)
  • Finish off the Xmas in September Buyers Guide
  • Some more speculation! Until then, this a speculation recap that was posted a couple of weeks ago.
  • An attempt at a slightly different way to look at the digital camera market (this is intentionally vague)
  • Fuji cameras with the "magic"/SuperCCD sensors
  • Review round-up of cameras of interest (completed camera reviews, not previews labeled reviews)

  • Right now: dpreview has moved into new offices with a new bigger and better studio
  • Early October: Canon G9 review at DCresource
  • October 16 or so, Official Olympus E3 announcement
  • Photokina 2010: 12mp full frame Digital Rebel is introduced [just kidding]
  • If you think any other events belong to the calendar, let me know!
  • If I knew of any big or shocking (or not so shocking) upcoming camera announcements, this is where I would put a teaser. If you have any tips however, please feel free to send them to (name of this blog) at gmail dot com.

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  • Friday, September 28, 2007

    Pre-order the Nikon D3 at Amazon via Beach Camera

    The Nikon D3 is available for pre-ordering at from Beach Camera! This is not sold and shipped directly by Amazon, but sold on by Beach Camera. is a marketplace, items are sold and shipped by Amazon, but also by some other retailers such as Adorama, Beach Camera, One Call, Office Depot, etc. Beach Camera on Amazon is accepting pre-orders, the camera is projected to ship mid-November-ish. The price? Oh you had to ask didn't you? It's $5000 :)

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    Photography Soup (Sept 28)

    Around the Internets

  • Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider published their 10 blogs your must read daily list. I couldn't agree with him more :)
  • New news at the Imaging Insider including new camera reviews, gigapixel imaging, CNet's picks for blogger cameras, another round of film vs digital, Canon 1D Mk III focus issues re-re-re-re-re-revisited, and a book review of Mastering DSLR Photography by David Busch.
  • Did you miss Cliff Mautner's Nikon D3 hands-on? Check it out!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Is the Sigma DP-1 coming soon? This forum user found a note on Sigma France!
  • What can Canon do to dethrone paper champion Nikon D3? Speaking of which, new official Nikon D3 sample pictures are being discussed. Direct link to the Nikon D3 sample pictures. Nikon D3 is the new Beatles mania!
  • Let's mix it, high ISO noise text, Nikon D3 vs Canon 1D Mark III. Speaking of Mark III, a discussion of Rob Galbraith's comments on the latest firmware update.
  • Some forum users are flicking on flickr.
  • Not everyone is head over heels over the 40D. Others are interested in the best lens for this DSLR.
  • Revisiting the rule of 3rds.
  • Some Film fans remain upbeat.
  • It's never too early to talk about a potential Nikon D90.
  • Here comes a music punathon: The discussion of the ...Police ...Sting operation involving one of Elton John's photos is discussed.
  • Pop Photo image stabilization tests continue to ...shake up discussions
  • Duracell makes good on an exploding battery.
  • Yet another forum moderation vs censorship debate-athon.
  • Ethics in camera purchasing. Can you use camera shops as "internet showrooms" and sleep at night? :)
  • Would you prefer a laptop or desktop? Me? I'll take them both, send them to 1001 Noisy Street, Rumorsville :)
  • Pink Floyd is not the only one who knows what on the dark side of the moon.
  • If you are a confused beginner, you are not alone.
  • What to get, what to get, the Panasonic FZ18 or FZ50? Well this user is hooked on the FZ18.
  • More processed JPEGs from the Sony A700 are analyzed. More A700 thoughts.
  • This Pentaxian is thinking the unthinkable!
  • On shake reduction and the Pentax K10D and K100d.
  • A very tricky issue these days, photographing children.
  • Peep! Peep! That's the sound of pixel peeping of the Pentax 16-50 DA * lens.
  • The Cafferty File includes some Fuji S8000fd pictures!
  • Kodak face-off, the EasyShare P880 vs the P712.
  • Does the Canon A650 have a banding problem?
  • There was a Dave Matthews Band song about these.
  • It's not just the red dot, it's also the owners!
  • On the popularity (or lack thereof) of the Olympus E410.
  • Olympus DSLR sales are not going down Down Under. (Read it slowly if it doesn't make sense initially :)
  • How about some watercolors from the Sony A700?
  • An All-ISO test of the A700. Lots of test pictures to look at! And some comparisons.
  • Some A700 early adopters are taking requests.
  • A constructive critique of the Sony A700.
  • The setting, ISO 1600, the contestants, Sony A700 and Canon 40D, and the results.
  • The interest in the 60fps/300fps Casio superzoom camera continues. And some more ideas.
  • Canon 40D vs 20D ISO 1600 noiseathon. (How many words did I make up today?)
  • And here is a switcher, from Nikon D200 to Canon 40D, first impressions.
  • Focus errors, the blame game.
  • PIN sharp photos out of the Canon 40D!
  • This user exclaims "I got it on eBay!"
  • Nikon D300 samples, going from ISO 100 to 6400. One user says likely October delivery. Speaking of which, you can pre-order the Nikon D300 right now!

    Discover new websites and blogs
  • Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog introduces us to a brand new blog, DV Confidential by Ron Harlan. DV Confidential focuses on Digital Video.
  • A general photography blog is Photography Today.
  • This (new to me) site shows your blog's value. But please don't send me checks, I am not selling :-)

    My blog is worth $10,161.72.
    How much is your blog worth?

    This Noisy Blog
  • There are only 15 days left to vote in our most exciting new DSLR poll. Currently the Nikon D3 has a small lead over the Olympus E3/E-P1 and the Nikon D300. At the #4 spot, the mythical Canon 5D Mark II has leaped ahead of the mythical Pentax K1D/K12D, with the Canon 40D rounding out the top six.
  • Thanks to Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider,, and Imaging Insider for featuring this blog!
  • You may have noticed the Imaging Insider news feed added to this blog. Imaging Insider does a great job of covering news from the wide world of photography and imaging.

    Silly segment!
  • Why are Fuji digital cameras called "Fujifilm Finepix ..."? :-)

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  • Thanks to!

    A big thank you to Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog for including this 1001 noisy blog in their list of blogs to read daily! That is high praise and we hope we can live up to it! Some other great websites and blogs are featured in Kelby's list so be sure to check them out!

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    Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Photography Soup Express (Sept 27)

    Around the Internets

  • The Online Photographer has recently posted a review of the Canon G9 by Ken Tanaka.
  • Discover new forums: The Digital Imaging forum at DSLreports consists of the DI Technical forum and the general photography DI Chat forum.
  • Can't wait for the next Canon Digital Rebel Kiss SLR? Photography Bay takes an early look at what features the next Digital Rebel may have. Consensus is that it will be named 450D, going from 300D (original), 350D (XT) and 400D (XTi). Given the naming, I think the US name for the 450D will be ...crispy :)
  • Catch up with the latest wave of new news at the Imaging Insider. Some of the stories: A kerfuffle at Jessops, more photographers detained for "suspicious activity", an underwater housing for the Nikon P5100, an early look at coming up with creative Halloween themed photos, techniques, reviews, podcasts, how-to, tips, press releases and product announcements including a couple from Sandisk, and tons more! Read all about it!
  • Photography Blog reviews the Canon SD870IS, aka Canon Ixus 860IS. Well done Canon, you have managed to globally confuse us. This is the one that starts at wide angle (28-100mm-ish equivalent) so it stands out a bit from the dozens of other cutesy subcompacts. Read on to find out what they found out! (Spoiler Alert: The conclusions are on page 6).
  • Speaking of reviews, if you missed it yesterday, here is the Canon 40D review at
  • Didn't you just wish there was a blog that covered the Nikon D3 and nothing else? Well, your wish came true! Visit Nikon D3 News.
  • Lots of tips, techniques and how-tos on lighting at Strobist, a blogger Blog of Note.

    Readers Questions
  • Question #1: Is the 1/2.3" ccd sensor bigger than the 1/2.5"?
  • Answer: Yes! And 1/1.8" is bigger than both, 2/3" is bigger than 1/1.8", etc, etc. A good explanation of sensor sizes can be found in dpreview's glossary.
  • Question #2: What's the difference between casio ex-z*** and casio?
  • Answer: The full name of Casio cameras is Casio Exilim EX-Z*** or EX-S***. But for shortcut, a number of people prefer to just say Casio Z1050, instead of Casio EX-Z1050 or Casio Exilim EX-Z1050.
  • Question #3: Are there any expert reviews of the Ricoh R7?
  • Answer: Not at the moment as far as I know.
  • Question #4: Is the Fuji S8000fd using a SuperCCD sensor?
  • Answer: Unfortunately no. It uses a standard CCD sensor. But it's not a big deal because the advantages of SuperCCD are seen at the 1/1.7" size, not the smaller 1/2.5" and 1/2.3" or 1/2.35" sizes. See question #1 for more on sensor sizes.
  • Question #5: Is the Olympus E3 using a Kodak Trine sensor?
  • Answer: I wish I knew! The rumors are flying all over the place. Kodak or Olympus, if you wanna let me know in confidence, I promise I won't post it here (right away) :)

    Reading is fun-da-mental!

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  • Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    New hybrid camera/camcorder, the Sanyo Xacti HD700

    So I was browsing Amin's Photo blog, which you may remember for their excellent Ricoh GX100 vs Leica Digilux 2 shootout, and I noticed in their news pipeline the announcement of a new camera. More specifically it is a hybrid camera/camcorder from Sanyo.

    Details on the camera from (computer-translated) and Let's Go but I'm sure more links will spring up any minute now. This is the computer-translated Sanyo press release

    Meet the Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700

  • 7mp 1/2.5" CCD sensor
  • Supports up to 8gb SDHC
  • 2.4fps (5 still frames) burst mode (aka "connected copying" in computer-translated speak)
  • A 5x optical zoom lens (38-190mm)
  • PSAM!
  • Interpolates up to 10mp for still images (although interpolation has become a dirty word in recent years)
  • At the highest quality mode you can store almost 2 hours of 720p high definition video on an 8gb SDHC memory card
  • This camera is really tiny and stores video on SD/MMC memory cards only using MPEG4/H.264
  • It has a "eFace chaser" feature and digital image stabilization. Apparently "face chaser" is the actual name of the feature, it is not a computer-translated term, although it sure does sound like one. Most companies call it face detection.
  • Goes on sale in Japan in mid-October for around 70,000 yen
  • Available in three colors, red, brown and silver
  • Initial monthly production output is 20,000 (per month)
  • USA price is $600 with an October 2007 release date. You can pre-order now!

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  • The Charts around the world!

    This Readers Choice feature is back with another installment. In today's episode we travel around the world in 80 blog days :) Please keep in mind these are snapshots of best seller lists as seen on the web! A number of factors can influence these, so please do not draw any long term conclusions based on this post alone :)

    Amazon Great Britain
    1. Canon IXUS 70
    2. Sony W55
    3. Canon IXUS 950
    4. Canon IXUS 75 black
    5. Casio Ex-Z1050 black
    6. Casio Ex-Z75 silver
    7. Canon Ixus 70 black
    8. Fuji S5700 (aka S700)
    9. Sony W200
    10. Sony W35
    11. Olympus FE-230
    12. Canon A550
    13. Fuji S9600 (aka S9100)
    14. Canon Ixus 960
    15. Sony S650
    16. Canon A570 IS
    17. Sony W80
    18. Fuji F40fd
    19. Fuji F31fd (attention US buyers, it is still in stock in the UK!)
    20. Fuji S6500fd (S6000fd)
    21. Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi with kit lens
    23. Panasonic TZ3 black
    26. Samsung NV5
    28. Canon G9
    31. Sony S800 (not available in all regions)
    36. Samsung NV3
    37. Canon G7
    41. Canon S5 IS
    43. Samsung S800
    45. Pentax K110D with kit lens
    46. Fuji F20
    47. Nikon D40 with kit lens
    48. Nikon S200
    72. Fuji F50fd (DSLRs not included)
    1. Panasonic TZ3, it puts the fun in fun-zoom
    2. Canon A720-IS, as I mentioned the day it was announced, this is destined to be a hot seller because of the combination of price and features
    3. Panasonic LX2 (unique form factor sells!)
    4. Sony W200 (megapixels do sell!)
    5. Canon SD850-IS
    6. Olympus SP-550
    7. Sony T200
    8. Panasonic FZ50
    9. Sony W7 (blast from the past model!)
    10. Canon S5 IS
    11. Panasonic FX100

    Map Camera in Japan (computer translated via
    New cameras
    1. Panasonic LX2
    2. Panasonic FX100
    3. Ricoh GX100 with VF
    4. Nikon D80
    5. Olympus E510
    6. Pentax K10D
    7. Ricoh GRD
    8. Nikon D200
    9. Canon 30D
    10. Pentax K100D

    Used cameras
    1. Ricoh GRD
    2. Canon EOS Kiss Digital Rebel X
    3. Pentax K10D
    4. Pentax K100D
    5. Ricoh GX100 with VF

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    The Reader's Choice Buzz Camera has been decided!

    The Readers have spoken, the readers poll is now closed, and the winner of the Readers Choice Buzz Camera is the .... *drum roll*, the Ricoh GX-100! The camera took an early lead and managed to maintain it despite a surge from the Canon A650-IS who finished 2nd. The camera has been added to the Noisy Buzz above!

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    Photography Soup Express (Sept 26)

    Welcome to the Express version of the Photography Soup. The express version is shorter than the full version :)

    Around the Internets

  • Nikon D3 samples causing a sensation at along with the smuggled images at
  • On the other side of the aisle, the Canon 40D gets reviewed at! One of the first 40D reviews!
  • The news are streaming at the Imaging Insider. Lots of news, including a revelation on who makes the EVF for Kodak's Z812IS camera, a photographer's gear bag causes an airport kerfuffle in a small town, links to camera reviews, press releases, podcasts, and lots more!
  • Scott Kelby discusses the 100th episode of Photoshop User TV. And he has a long interactive Q&A session of his Nikon D3 hands-on experience
  • Some great pictures and great tips have been posted this week at the Digital Pro Talk blog.
  • This is an interesting astronomy cameras blog! Very nice, clean interface and compact too!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Finally we have some Sigma DP-1 "action". This forum user heard through the grapevine that a new sensor will be used in the DP-1.
  • The Olympus E3 sensor mystery continues. We may indeed have to wait until October 16 to find out! Some of the sensor candidates (speculation wise): The same sensor as the E410/E510, a Kodak Trine CCD, a beefed up version of the E410/E510 sensor, or something else.
  • Meanwhile the Nikon D3 has created a DSLR version of Beatles-mania after high ISO samples and hands-on "experiences" were posted. The official baseball samples are discussed here. The smuggled Strong Photo images are discussed in this thread. And discussion of the samples. And some confessions on why you are buying the D3.
  • Not to be outdone, a Nikon D300 high ISO sample is leaked as well.
  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, there is excitement over Canon 40D's AI Servo autofocus.
  • Revisiting the full frame debate, episode #4353 :)
  • The Nikon D3X does not even exist, but it doesn't stop a comparison between the D3X and the D3. And since we took a trip to SpeculationVille, how about the Nikon digital rangefinder?

    This Noisy Blog
  • Just a few hours left to vote for the next 1001 noisy Buzzzzz camera. Currently the Ricoh GX100 has a slight lead over the Canon A650-IS.

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  • Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Panasonic L10 officially announced in Japan

    The Panasonic L10 has already been announced by Panasonic, but today they have officially announced it in the DSLR motherland, Japan. One of the reasons we look forward to these announcements is because some of the camera companies reveal their monthly production outputs. These can tell us how big the intended market for the camera is. For example, if a camera is produced at 5000/month it should not be seen the same way market/price-wise as a mass market camera at 100000 units/month.

    As always, is a great page to visit for that. There we learn that the L10 kit (with 14-150 14-50 Leicasonic lens) will go on sale in late October for 150000 Yen, while the L10 body only will go on sale in late November for 100000 yen. The initial monthly production output according to Panasonic Japan is 5000 units per month for the L10 kit and 2000 units per month for the body only L10.

    As far as the two lenses announced in Japan, the Leica 14-150 f3.8-5.6 (product name L-RS014150) and the Leica 14-50 f3.8-5.6 (product name L-RS014050) will have an initial monthly production output of just 500 units per month for each lens. Yes, just 500 units. The 14-150 lens will MSRP for 170000 yen, while the 14-50 will MSRP for 100000 yen.

    Panasonic is sending the buyers a clear message. Want the 14-150 lens? Buy the L10 Kit! The combined monthly output of 7,000 L10 units shows that Panasonic has moved to the next stage from the production outputs of the LC-1 and L1 but they are still limited supply cameras. This was expected when we saw the price of the L10. This is not a camera designed to outsell any other camera out there. It is simply an alternative option for those who like it (or the Leica lenses). And because of this, Panasonic thinks they can charge a premium. This is in stark contrast to the Nikon D300 for example that is produced at 60,000 units per month. The L10 is produced at the monthly production rate of a flagship/pro DSLR, even though it obviously isn't the same as a Nikon D3 or Canon 1D/1Ds.

    In the first press release, Panasonic Japan prints estimates for the overall Japanese digital camera market. The DSLR market was 550,000 units in 2005, 800,000 units in 2006, and estimated at 1 million units in 2007. The overall digital camera market was 8.7 million in 2005, 9.9 million in 2006 and estimated at 11 million in 2007. As you can guess from these numbers, they are referring to the overall Japanese market only.

    Read the rest of "Panasonic L10 officially announced in Japan"...

    Monday, September 24, 2007

    Breaking News: Five high ISO Nikon D3 sample images at

    We interrupt our scheduled programming to bring you this: Five high ISO Nikon D3 sample images at spotted in this dpreview forum thread.

    According to, Nikon Canada offered professional sports photographers the Nikon D3 to test it out at an MLB baseball game. And the first image has another bonus: It was taken by the new not-cheap-for-sure 500 f/4 VR lens. Enjoy and thank for this special treat :)

    Read the rest of "Breaking News: Five high ISO Nikon D3 sample images at"...

    Overheard in the dpreview forums (a Photography Soup spin-off)

    *** You are watching a live blog update in progress. Once this blog update is completed, this message will disappear *** The Soup is currently taking a break! The next updates will be posted after 10pm New York City time (EST) ***

    Sony A700

  • An interview with a Sony vampire
  • A discussion on the quality of Sony A700 out of camera JPEGs
  • Discussions on Carl Garrand's A700 preview.
  • The Sony A700 price in the UK is discussed
  • And a face-off, 40D vs A700
  • IR's samples are revisited
  • Why dance when you can pixel peep!. Peep, peep!
  • The A700 visits the Cleveland Zoo
  • This user shares his A700 thoughts after two days on assignment
  • A post-processed A700 sunset
  • Throw your bias out the window, here comes another blind test
  • Another RAW vs JPEG debate with a A700 flavor.
  • Impatiently waiting for reviews.

    Canon 40D
  • Noise tests, noise tests, gather around the big LCD and let's noisify! 20D vs 40D
  • Spirited discussion of CNet's 40D review
  • And a face-off, 40D vs A700
  • What can the 40D do at ISO 6400? And some ISO tests. And high ISO tests
  • When do you use highlight tone priority?
  • Now how about taking the camera outdoors, for example, Yosemite? Or perhaps take it to the ballgame, or to the cheerleaders.
  • Decisions, decisions, what to do what to do...
  • Focus issues revisited
  • You paid your money on the 40D, how about saving some cash with some bang for the buck lenses?
  • Another user shares his 40D thoughts
  • Tired of all the technobabble, here are some 40D Roses

    Nikon D300
  • Discussion on samples from Japanese message boards
  • Is it too early to determine how the D300 does ISO-wise?
  • Buying trade-offs, the D300 with an all-in-one lens or the D80 with a pro lens?
  • On Nikon and official samples
  • Has the D300 started a revolution or not? And a similar discussion, what is its signifigance in the grand scheme of things?
  • Is the D300 better at ISO 3200 than the 40D at 1600?
  • Think before you buy. Editorial Note: We highly recommend doing that for every purchase, not just cameras :-)

    Nikon D3 Discussions
  • Canon users discuss the Nikon D3 at a wedding. Nikon users discuss it too. What are they discussing? Cliff Mautner's wedding photos.
  • Is the D3 worth the $5000 jump?
  • On D3's focus points
  • Compare and contrast the D3 and D300 for action shooting
  • Lens suggestions for the D3 to replace the 18-200VR used with DX DSLRs.
  • And D3 vs film revisited
  • Reactions to dpreview preview of the D3

    All other discussions
  • A tale of a photographer, a soccer mom and the police. No, not Sting's Police. Blue turtles were not harmed in the posting of this message.
  • If you love cats and cat pictures, you will love this thread!. And how about some Pentax Dogs, and some more pictures threads, closeups, the Sunday Bird and the weekly wildlife.
  • Pixel peepers only!
  • Should this user go to Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 or not?
  • A discussion on the past, present and future of Kodak
  • Hot pixels spark a hot discussion on B&H Photo's return policy
  • Unearth your AAA card! You may be able to get 10% off Circuit City purchases
  • On technology and technology history and such
  • Express your feelings to this Memo to Canon thread.
  • Blast from the past: Revisiting the Nikon D100
  • Deep from within the BBC bowels, a 40 year old Ansel Adams interview
  • Dpreview News! Phil Askey reveals the reason why the reviews have been a little bit slow. And it's not what the naysayers where conspiracy-theoring about. It is quite the opposite. New offices and a new custom built studio. Thank you Amazon dollars? :)
  • Pop Photo's image stabilization test shakes things up
  • The LaLaLa Times on film is not dead
  • On Fuji, past present and future. And a farewell to Photonix.
  • I'm glad my blog does not have millions of visitors, then I would have to deal with this on a daily basis :)
  • Discussion on!
  • New Yorker magazine on Leicas. A match made in Gold :-)
  • Coffee as a developer?
  • Good starting advise on getting a desktop computer for photoediting purposes.

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  • Photography Soup (Monday Sept 24)

    And we are back with another edition of the Photography Soup!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • This has moved to a stand-alone post to make it more readable.

    Around the Internets
  • dpreview informs us that Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 is coming out for Windows for $90, while the Mac edition will follow suit in early 2008.
  • What does it take to become an Imaging Insider? The answer is right under your nose. Read The Imaging Insider! A sampling of some of their latest stories: PMA's monthly printing report, FotoNation invades Japan, a new post by Ken Rockwell, anorexia, unsupported RAW files in Aperture, press releases, reviews, how-to tips, podcasts and lots more!
  • One of the stories featured on Imaging Insider is Scott Kelby's hands-on experience with the highly anticipated Nikon D3. Check Scott Kelby's blog for all the juicy details. And you have a chance to ask Scott a question or two!. And here's a Nikon D3 glacier shot. For more, check out the Scott Kelby blog
  • More megapixels are not necessarily better, in fact, they can be worse says
  • Carl Garrand has officially posted his Sony A700 preview
  • CNet shares with the world their Canon 40D review.
  • David Ziser shares his hands-on experience with the Canon 1Ds Mk III and 40D at a wedding.
  • PC World discusses Fuji's plan to move camera manufacturing to China. There we learn that Fuji increased its business year sales forecast by 200,000 units to 8 million total units. This is a healthy increase of 2 million units from the previous business year. Thank you SD card!

    This Noisy Blog
  • We have two front runners in our "You Decide the Next Buzz Camera" poll, the Ricoh GX100 with a slight lead over the Canon A650IS. If A650IS had RAW it would have been an ideal candidate for a versatile mid-range prosumerish camera. Other DIGIC II Canon A-series cameras had some RAW ability with the CHKD operating software, but it's probably too early to speculate that. And here is a brief explanation why I chose each one of the cameras in the poll.
  • What are all these "product name clouds" you may have noticed in the blog? They are brand new Amazon widget feature called the Product Cloud.
  • Our most exciting DSLR of the season poll has 19 days left before closing. Currently the Nikon D3 has a slight lead over the Nikon D300 and the mythical Olympus E3/E-P1. Meanwhile the mythical Pentax K1D/K12D has a razor thin margin over the mythical Canon 5D Mark II. The Canon 40D rounds out the top six vote getters.

    Read the rest of "Photography Soup (Monday Sept 24)"...
  • Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Blast from the Past: Summer of 2004

    In our new segment "Blast from the Past", we will be taking random trips down memory lane and looking at what cameras were hot at the particular point in time!

    So for our first trip in the blog version of the TARDIS we jump back to the summer of 2004, where PC World touts the "Hot New Cameras for the Summer". Yes, it is just three years ago, but in terms of digital cameras it's almost long enough to call it a generation gap.

    Their ten hot cameras spotlighted included the grandfathers of some of today's popular model lines, such as Panasonic FZ10, Sony T1, and Canon S1 IS. All three series have grown quite a bit since! The rest of the cameras featured were a bit less influential such as the Fuji A330, Nikon 3200, Minolta Dimage Z2, Olympus D580, HP R707, Canon S500 (not SD, this was a CF-based Elph/Ixus/Ixy/Pixie/Pick-a-name-Canon!), and the Kodak DX7630 which was touted as having the best battery life of the group with 355 shots using a LiIon.

    Meanwhile in their Best of 2004 feature they selected the original Canon Digital Rebel (300D), the critically acclaimed Olympus C8080 and the Sony W1.

    Read the rest of "Blast from the Past: Summer of 2004"...

    VIDI: To Zoom or not to Zoom

    Yes, those pesky super zooms. They keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Not in camera size, but in zoom ratio. Once upon a time in the middle ages of super zooms the 38-380mm equivalent was the trend. Any sort of image stabilization was a luxury or a cult camera (Olympus C2100, E100RS).

    Then came the 12x superzooms with MegaOIS from Panasonic, and soon everybody else followed suit. Fuji took a slightly different approach with their superzooms starting at 28mm and being "only" 10.7x

    But just like the megapixel wars, someone was bound to jump ahead again, and this time it was Olympus with 18x and Sony with 15x. After that Panasonic and Fuji jumped on 18x as well, while for the moment Canon and Kodak remain at 12x. Casio added a new twist to the zoom wars by pre-announcing a 60fps/300fps 12x superzoom camera. This may perhaps reboot not only the megapixel wars, but also the Zoom Ratio Wars (and start the FPS wars).

    Those familiar with camcorders are not particularly impressed with these zoom ratios as they have seen even wilder optical zoom ratios. Of course digital cameras and camcorders have different demands on their lenses, so you can't expect an apples to apples comparison. It's more like apples to chocolate cake.

    These superzooms had their impact on the market, but not all was positive:
    1) Smaller sensors were used. Once upon a time any camera worth its salt was either 1/1.8" or 2/3". The zoom wars have pushed this down to 1/2.5". Smaller sensor area, smaller pixels, smaller lenses, RAW not as helpful if available, ...
    2) The traditional prosumers got seriously squeezed from underneath. With a number of traditional SLR manufacturers operating on SLR priority, the traditional prosumers already had a ceiling. But the advent of super zooms may have been what really took them out. While the camera enthusiast may like things like RAW, hot shoe, pc sync, add-on battery grip and converter lenses, the average consumer was faced with the choice of paying $400 for a 12x super zoom IS camera or $600 for a traditional prosumer with a smaller zoom ratio. So the average consumer/buyer went with the lower price and the bigger zoom ratio, thus causing traditional prosumers an existential crisis. A classic example is the critically acclaimed (see Phil's review at dpreview) Olympus C8080 with "only" a 5x zoom lens.
    3) Even SLR lenses got wind of the zoom wars, and we already have 18-250 digital superzoom lenses, trying to out-do the 18-200 (28-300) digital lenses. ("digital lenses" is merely a shortcut referring to lenses with smaller image circles designed for use with APS-C DSLRs)

    To find an explanation of VIDI and read previous editions, see here

    Read the rest of "VIDI: To Zoom or not to Zoom"...

    Coming this week (September 23-29, 2007)

    These are some of the things to expect for the upcoming week. It is not a project plan tasklist nor a complete ToDo list :-)

  • A Sunday editorial (aka VIDI)
  • More Photography Soup and Overheard in the Dpreview Forums round-ups
  • At least one new edition of The Charts. This feature was voted by the Readers as the Readers Choice feature, so this will be posted every week!
  • News and News from Japan if/when they happen

    Carried forward from previous weeks
  • I have a feeling this list is going to keep getting longer :)
  • Some more speculation! Until then, this a speculation recap that was posted last week.
  • An attempt at a slightly different way to look at the digital camera market (this is intentionally vague)
  • Finish off the Xmas in September Buyers Guide
  • Fuji cameras with the "magic"/SuperCCD sensors
  • Review round-up of cameras of interest (completed camera reviews, not previews labeled reviews)
  • A summary of all the New Cameras in August 2007. Here are the New Cameras of July 2007

  • Next few days: Canon G9 review at DCresource
  • Early October: DCresource goes on vacation
  • October 16 or so, Official Olympus E3 announcement
  • Photokina 2010: 12mp full frame Digital Rebel is introduced [just kidding]
  • If you think any other events belong to the calendar, let me know!
  • If I knew of any big or shocking (or not so shocking) upcoming camera announcements, this is where I would put a teaser. If you have any tips however, please feel free to send them to (name of this blog) at gmail dot com.

    Read the rest of "Coming this week (September 23-29, 2007)"...
  • Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Nikon D3 hands-on preview at dpreview!

    Dpreview's Phil Askey has posted a juicy 12-page hands-on preview of the Nikon D3. Get to know this $5000 dSLR through the hands and eyes of dpreview! A nice touch is that they include in the preview a brief history of Nikon's advanced DSLRs. Remember, this is a hands-on preview, not a review, so there are no sample pictures and no image quality discussions.

    And for those wanting to pre-order the camera from dpreview's mothership (Amazon), the camera is yet to be listed there for pre-ordering.

    If you love what you see with the D3, you can vote for it as the most exciting DSLR of the season in our most exciting DSLR poll, located somewhere in the left column of this blog. I change things so often, even I don't remember where they are :)

    Read the rest of "Nikon D3 hands-on preview at dpreview!"...

    Meet the candidates for the next buzz camera

    As you may have noticed, I added a list of cameras at the top of the blog that are generating buzz - in my opinion. Since the internets are interactive, I have also added a poll asking the readers nation to decide the next buzzworthy camera.

    Meet the Candidates
    The Canon A650 IS is basically a G9 Lite, except the A650IS has double the battery life when using AA NiMHs. Sadly it does not offer RAW, but it is really a nice bang for the buck camera for people looking for a mid range camera.

    The next candidate is the Casio EX-V8. Its predecessor was held back by a number of issues raised by reviewers, but this should not take away from the creative design of this camera. In fact, Pentax has now released their own version.

    The Fuji F480 is an interesting camera, it is probably the lowest priced camera that starts at 28mm, and that alone differentiates it from a lot of other cameras.

    The Nikon P50 has been described by some as a Nikon P5000/P5100 Lite. This camera is one of the few that start at 28mm, which is unique in itself.

    Panasonic muddies the waters again by slotting in the FX 100 between the 1/2.5"-based FX-series and the 1/1.8"-based LX series. Sadly they did not offer any manual/advanced features, but they do offer an interesting proposition with a 1/1.7"-based 12mp stylish but not ultracompact P&S alternative. Kodak did that too with their V1003/V803 and now the V1253/V1233. The FX100 has just been reviewed by

    Next up is the camera that could have revitalized the prosumer segment, the Ricoh GX100. This camera can work wonders in the hands of a patient camera enthusiast, but it is not ready for the mass market just yet. However it offers a number of unique or rare features, such as a 24mm wide lens, RAW, add-on viewfinder, and more.

    Next up is the continuation of the creative NV-series design from Samsung, the NV20. As expected the megapixels jumped to 12 with this version. The design and the idea behind it are nice, but how will it perform under the reviewer's microscope?

    Last but certainly not least is the Sony T200, Sony's flagship T-series camera featuring 5x folded optics, a nice LCD screen, and a lot more!

    So what about the rest of the cameras? Well, I had to keep the list relatively short, otherwise a poll with 50 options would have been unreadable. I also tried to include cameras from as many manufacturers as possible, providing they had a model that I considered as a buzzworthy candidate.

    But if you think a specific camera should have been included, please feel free to make your case in the comments section right below. Be sure to check that the camera is not already included in the Buzz cameras section above. Also please note this poll is for non-DSLR cameras.

    Read the rest of "Meet the candidates for the next buzz camera"...

    For Photography Book readers only! (updated)

    There's a special promotion running at Amazon for textbooks offering free two-day delivery with orders over $200. Over 240,000 textbooks qualify for this promotion, including thousands of photography books. You don't have to be college student to receive this special. To receive this special, use coupon TBFALL07 or FACEBOOK. See the Promotion details. You can search the list of 240,000 eligible textbooks. If you search for the keyword photography, you will get over 3000 books.. If you are a Prime member and you already get free 2-day shipping don't feel left out - they will give you a $20 promotional certificate for future purchases.

    Update! There is another promotion that gets you 10% off the price of textbooks!. The promotional coupon code for this discount is TB7CHASE. Maximum discount per order is $20, and it only applies to brand new books sold and shipped by Amazon. I do not know if you combine this promotion with the free 2-day shipping.

    Read the rest of "For Photography Book readers only! (updated)"...

    News from Japan: Nikon D3, D300 and Sony A700 road shows

    According to the latest computer-trnslated news from, both Sony and Nikon are starting magical mystery tours in Japan to promote the A700, D3 and D300. Nikon promotes the event as "Nikon Digital Live 2007". also posted a brief report with a handful of pictures from Nikon Digital Live 2007.

    In other news, Cosina officially announces the Distagon T* 2/35 for the Nikon and Pentax K-mounts in Japan at the price of 112K yen. Production output was not specified but the Nikon version goes on sale in October while Pentax fans will have to wait for Santa Claus in December :)

    Meanwhile Ricoh has a firmware update for the Ricoh Caplio R7 improving auto focus precision and a couple of other things.

    In the printers world, (Seiko) Epson has announced a handful of printers, and Canon has announced one as well, perhaps to spoil the Epson party :)

    For all your computer-translated news from Japan, visit and bookmark! Unless you can read Japanese, in which case you can go there directly without the computer-translator :)

    Read the rest of "News from Japan: Nikon D3, D300 and Sony A700 road shows"...

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Reviewing the Review: Panasonic FX100 at dcresource (experimental blog feature)

    This is an experimental feature I'm trying out. Basically it's a review of a digital camera review :) Let's see where this experiment takes us! This is a live posting of my review, so expect a few typos and "misformats" before its finalized! This message will not disappear once the post is finalized :)

    The Review: Panasonic FX100 is the camera, reviewed by

    Measurable Review Metrics

  • Timing: First among the major review sites to review the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX100
  • Sample image Gallery included: YES
  • Printer friendly version of the review available: YES
  • Battery life numbers included: YES
  • List of competitors/similar cameras included: YES
  • Discussion of noise/ISO: YES
  • Executive summary/conclusions: YES
  • Measurebator and pixel peeper features: Light
  • Discussing absence/presence of manual features: YES
  • Discussing Negatives/Cons (aka not drinking manufacturer Koolaid): YES
  • Keeping an eye out for Mac Users: YES
  • Specs: Not included in the review, but there is a link to their camera detail page that has some of the basic specs.
  • Jokes/Humor included: YES
  • Freudian slip: YES ("not terrible useful") in the pros/cons
  • Cat pictures: YES!

    Now who wants to review my review of the review? :-)

    Read the rest of "Reviewing the Review: Panasonic FX100 at dcresource (experimental blog feature)"...
  • The Reader's Choice Feature has been voted, signed, sealed and delivered!

    The readers have voted, the poll has closed and the results are in! The Readers' Feature of choice is ... The Charts, to be posted at least once a week in this blog. Thank you readers for not making me review the Yellow Pages :-) So without further ado, here is the first Reader's Choice edition of The Charts!

    Please keep in mind this is a snapshot of the Amazon best sellers, and no long term conclusions should be made based on just this one post! The categories below are extracted from the Amazon Top 100 Camera and Photo Best Sellers. Amazon updates these on an hourly basis but they appear to be using some sort of a weighted average algorithm to smooth it out.

    1. Canon G9
    2. Panasonic FZ8K
    3. Canon A650 IS
    4. Olympus SP-550uz
    5. Fuji S6000fd
    6. Panasonic FZ50K
    7. Panasonic LX2K
    *. For this purpose, I am using a very liberal definition of Prosumer, any camera with RAW or more advanced features than the rest of the field.

    1. Canon EOS 40D body only
    2. Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D with kit lens, black
    3. Nikon D40 with 18-55 kit lens
    4. Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D body only, black
    5. Nikon D40x with 18-55 kit lens
    6. Canon 40D with 28-135 EF IS USM
    7. Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D with kit lens, black
    8. Nikon D80 with 18-135 DX
    9. Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D with kit lens, silver
    10. Nikon D80 body only
    11. Nikon D300 body only (on the strength of pre-orders)
    12. Pentax K10D with 18-55 kit lens
    13. Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D body only, black

    Long Zooms
    1. Canon S5 IS
    2. Canon S3 IS
    3. Panasonic FZ8K
    4. Fuji S700 (aka S5700)
    5. Panasonic TZ3 blue
    6. Kodak Z712 IS
    7. Olympus SP-550UZ
    8. Panasonic TZ3 black
    9. Sony H7
    10. Fuji S6000fd
    11. Panasonic FZ50K
    12. Sony H9

    New releases appearing in the top 100
    1. Canon Canon G9
    2. Canon A720IS
    3. Fuji F50fd
    4. Canon A650IS
    5. Canon SD870IS
    6. Panasonic FX100k (just reviewed at dcresource)

    Read the rest of "The Reader's Choice Feature has been voted, signed, sealed and delivered!"...

    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Sony A700 First Impressions by actual users (updated again!)

    The Sony A700 has started getting into the hands of actual users, so the dpreview Sony SLR Talk forum is starting to buzz with A700 discussions and sample images from actual production cameras!

  • First Sony A700 picture at ISO 6400. Same user, ISO 250.
  • hands-on impressions, along with their sample image gallery from Ian Burley. Included are two ISO 3200 pictures, and most of them have Super Steady Shot ON (Sony's sensor shift stabilization system)
  • Discussion of the samples. More discussion here
  • Samples should get posted later on in this thread as well
  • More samples as they get posted!

    Update! (Sept 19)
  • New A700 arrivals here and here
  • This forum user stopped by the Sony Style store to check out the A700 in close.
  • will be going live with their A700 user review later on! Stay tuned!
  • New pictures are posted by yet another user in this thread!, including a couple of portraits

    Update II on September 20 - More Samples, including Imaging Resource! As you might expect, the wave of new pictures and new users with their hands on the camera is getting larger! Here is a sampling of the newer A700 pictures:
  • Full review of the Sony A700 by Australian camera site Photoreview. Click on the Full Review tab for all the details!
  • ISO 3200 and 6400 samples with the Zeiss 85/1.4 lens!
  • A JPEG vs RAW comparison, among other things. A second JPEG vs RAW comparison
  • As promised, Carlgarrard photography has added samples. Discussion of those samples here
  • This picture is at ISO 250. Also in the same thread, ISO 1600 and ISO 100 pictures, a processed RAW picture and more!
  • Imaging Resource has posted a number of sample pictures as well. Those pictures are discussed here

    And now to a few Sony A700 disucssions in general:
  • On Autofocus accurancy and performance
  • And some contrarians: Ten reasons not to buy. Is the 12mp CMOS just a marketing thing? Why oh why is this a different battery? This person explains why he won't buy the A700.
  • Is compressed RAW lossless?
  • An A700 review has been posted at Discussion of the review here
  • Request for verdicts. Not everyone wants to read every thread and check every sample after all.
  • That and a lot more at the Sony SLR Talk forum at dpreview!

    Read the rest of "Sony A700 First Impressions by actual users (updated again!)"...
  • Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    News from Japan: Toshiba entrusted with Super CCD, Fuji Cameras moving to China informs us that Fuji will be transferring production of digital cameras to their Chinese facilities around August 2008. Also the wafer process of the Super CCD honeycomb chip will be "entrusted" to Toshiba. More internal (in Japan) changes as well. It appears this will result in "cost competitiveness" and "functional strengthening".

    Please keep in mind this is based on computer-translated text! The press release from Fuji Japan is here (computer-translated as well).

    In other good Fuji news, they are increasing their sales estimates for 2007.

    My Opinion Segment
    Everything in this paragraph is only my opinion! The move to the dual SD/xD drive is paying off in terms of making the cameras more appealing to the general buying population! Now if only Fuji continues to release cameras with the 6mp "magic" SuperCCD sensor! If Sony is bringing out a new 6mp sensor because it has a "speed advantage", why should Fuji stop making the proven sensor with the "noise advantage"? And here, I'll give you some hints Fuji: Put the 6mp magic 1/1.7" sensor in the F50fd body, the E900 body, the S91000fd body. And a couple of re-issues: Re-issue the F31fd as F32fd by simply replacing the xD drive with the new xD/SD combo drive. Likewise turn the S6000fd into the S6100fd with the same changes (S6500fd to S6600fd for some other markets). Both are popular among photography enthusiasts and nearing cult status. There you have it! And Fuji, I haven't even asked you for a consulting fee for all these ideas :-)

    Read the rest of "News from Japan: Toshiba entrusted with Super CCD, Fuji Cameras moving to China"...

    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Rumors: talks Canon 5D Mark II

    As you may recall from the earlier Canon announcements, Photography Bay has been on top of things throughout. So now their focus point is set on the possibility of a Canon 5D Mark II getting announced in a few weeks. The sensor is rumored to be 16mp and assisted by DIGIC III. Photography Bay has set up a special page to keep track of all the 5D Mk II rumors! Check it out!

    Certainly the buzz generated by the Nikon D3 and D300 may have accelerated Canon's plans to introduce the 5D Mark II. As you may recall from years passed, Canon has not been shy about quickly responding to what it may have had perceived as a threat.

    Read the rest of "Rumors: talks Canon 5D Mark II"...

    Photography Soup (Sept 18)

    Around the Internets

  • A big thank you to Scott Kelby for his nice words and for mentioning this blog on his Photoshop Insider blog. If the name sounds familiar, look at your photography bookshelf, you probably have one of his books, dvd tutorials or magazines!
  • One of the first reviews of the Fuji F50 at the Laughing Squid blog. They must have gotten their blog name from the same place I got mine :-)
  • The news are streaming at the Imaging Insider. Some of the recent news: The Sandisk CEO scandal, Olympus's tiny ad, Micron's 64 new USA patents, an early look at PMA 2008, Best Buy's dollars and sense results, a David Seymour exhibit, techniques, podcasts, reviews, and many more! And thanks to the Imaging Insider for their continued coverage and support and their nice words as well!
  • Also thanks to the DSLreports forums for mentioning this blog!
  • Moose Peterson on the Nikon D3
  • stirs the pot with their latest post on why more megapixels is not necessarily better.
  • Cameraholics will love these, Jeff Keller at dcresource created a digital camera Hall of Fame! They also updated their Buyers Guide, which reminds me I have to finish my Christmas in September Buyers Guide!
  • Canon G9 reactions are posted at RAWsumer
  • The Canon S5 IS and the ST-E2 Speedlight transmitter at the Imaging Insider.
  • Technique Tuesdays are back at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog! David shares his techniques with the rest of us!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Another installment of Nikon vs Canon focusing on ...insecurities
  • A thought provoking question, is dynamic range the new albatross? (Albatross pictures not included)
  • From albatross to moose, a discussion on Moose Petersen's comments on the Nikon D3
  • Okay Nikon D3, you won the press release wars with the Canons, but can you beat film?
  • Expect first hand Sony A700 reviews soon, this user is waiting at the doorstep!
  • Abby Joseph Cohen on Pentax? Not quite, but the Tokyo branch of Goldman Sachs talks Pentax. News forum discussion of this.
  • Help with JPEGing
  • Live View vs Optical Viewfinders, who wins the future?
  • Discussion on 16 gigabyte memory cards. That's one way to keep up with the megapixel wars :)
  • Is L glass El Magico?
  • DSLR fighting words
  • Nikon D40 or Canon Digital Rebel when the light is low
  • The Fuji F50fd reviews continue to come in, and the results are not unexpected. Discussion of a Norwegian review at and an F50fd vs F31fd comparison by Japanese site dcwatch. One interesting thing from the DCwatch review is that they were told by a Fuji engineer that if there's enough demand it may be possible to put the 6mp magic sensor in a F50fd body.
  • Speaking of the Fuji 6mp magic sensor, not everyone is singing its praises. Some people think the "magic" is because of aggressive noise reduction. While they do not dispute that it has an advantage over the competition, they do not think the difference is that dramatic when factoring in the impact and side effects of NR. Another forum user has a suggestion that could make more people happy
  • And a Fuji F31fd vs F47fd. The F47fd is a 9mp version of the Fuji F40fd and the F45fd is a blue version of the F40fd. As the Fuji model name world turns :)
  • An unofficial update on the Sigma DP-1. My sources tell me that the camera disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and the Illuminati liked it so much, they won't let Sigma release it to the masses ;-)
  • Day 2 for this forum user with the Panasonic Fz18. And what are the Fz18 issues because no camera is perfect! More FZ18 shots!
  • Whoever called the TZ3 a "fun zoom" was absolutely right!
  • Rayovac hybrid batteries are discussed by Canonites.
  • Canon SD870 first impressions
  • A picture is worth a thousand debates!
  • Pentax users discuss the upcoming K-mount version of the Zeiss Distagon 28mm f2 lens.
  • Will Pentax join the full frame party?
  • Not tribbles, but TRINEs is the talk by the Olympians
  • Leica users do monochrome
  • The Nikon rumor of a high-end flagship and a digital rangefinder continues to get some traction
  • Another interview wiht a Nikon vampire from Japan (at The rangefinder discussion is also picked up in this thread
  • How about a Nikon D200 vs D300 debate?
  • What does double mean?
  • 1D Mk III first impressions
  • And last but not least, the Canon 40D party continues as the camera continues to ship to more and more users. Wall to wall coverage in the Canon 40D/30D/etc forum at dpreview. Dozens of threads already in existence and new ones surface every few minutes. Lots of Buzz on this camera!

    This Noisy Blog
  • Only two days left to vote in our poll deciding what new feature you want me to post before the end of the month! Currently The Charts are leading the way! Thankfully I won't have to review the Yellow Pages :-)
  • Meanwhile in our Most Exciting DSLR poll, the Nikon D3 has a slim lead over the Olympus E3 which has a very slim lead over the Nikon D300. The upcoming mid-range Pentax is next, followed by the Canon 40D and 1Ds Mark III.
  • You may have noticed a new experimental feature called The Cloud in the left column using a new Amazon widget. It needs a few hours before it adapts. Let me know if you like it or not! Thanks!
  • I just added the Rayovac hybrid batteries to the Rechargeable Batteries Listing.

    Read the rest of "Photography Soup (Sept 18)"...
  • Monday, September 17, 2007

    Photography Soup (Sept 17): New Zeiss Distagon T* 2/28 for Nikon and Pentax

    Wild prediction of the day
    Inspired by the recent dpreview forum post on two new Nikon FX DSLRs, I am starting a new segment, where I will be making random and/or obnoxious predictions. Today's prediction is worthy of a Rebel, a Digital Rebel: At Photokina 2010, Canon will announce a 12 megapixel 35mm full frame Digital Rebel.

    Around the Internets

  • More SPH than any other photography and imaging website at the Imaging Insider. (SPH = stories per hour). There you will get a fish-eye view of the imaging world. Some of the recent stories: tips, how-tos, new product announcements, camera reviews, awards, flashes and baby eyes, the Getty images kerfuffle, war photography, tutorials and a lot more. Also meet the guest editor at II for this week, Andrew Darlow of the Imaging Buffet.
  • A user review of the Canon G9 has been posted at the Dream Time Images blog. The review includes side-by-side images with the Canon 5D! Check it out!
  • Wanna take a tour of the Nikon Sendei facility without spending a penny? Take the plant tour with!
  • The Stock Photo blog discusses the announcement of a Nikon Digital Rangefinder at PMA 2008.
  • The Zeiss Distagon T* 2/28 has been announced for the Nikon F and Pentax K mounts. Details in the dpreview News forum by news-savvy forum user "tweedle".
  • CNet looks at niche cameras and niche designs
  • A user review of the Fuji Finepix F50 (sold as F50SE (special edition) early through Best Buy) is posted at Laughing Squid!. You can check their real world sample pictures at Flickr. Details and links in their review.
  • A in-forum mini review of the Fuji F50fd

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Peep! Peep! That's the sound pixel peepers make when they pixel peep. And here is some pixel peep bait (Pentax DA* 16-50 f2.8 lens)
  • Canon vs Nikon, a noise face-off
  • Why are Sony lenses sooooo expensive?
  • This user is sold on the Canon 40D. This one too. This Mac user is having 40D installation questions. 40D vs 20D noise comparisons. And some concerns.
  • Okay, now time for a picture break, first some wildlife and then some birds, and then some portraits, and some cityscapes
  • Break over, back to gearisms, how many of you observed lens creep with the Nikkor 18-200 VR lens? This lens was found by the Pop Photo Lab tests to have the highest stop advantage in their IS tests (3-4 stops).
  • Kodak users discuss the P-series and the lack of advanced Kodak cameras
  • Another round of CMOS vs CCD
  • Paintshop Pro X2 discussion
  • Speaking of which, suggestions for the best inexpensive editor
  • Shoot performing arts without a DSLR? What do you use?
  • Is photography art or technobabble?
  • Favorite Canon DSLR mode
  • More on full frame
  • Allan Tannembaum discussion
  • Another recurring topic, are DSLRs as good as 35mm film?
  • Another, megapixel wars
  • Compare and contrast the Samsung NV11 and NV20 with the Canon G7, here
  • Is the Ricoh GX100 a cult camera?
  • Here's a blast from the past, the Kowa TD-1. Now that's a big lens!
  • Sony A700 pre-order support group (as in sit in a cyber circle and discuss support group, not technical support). The A700 is indeed available for pre-ordering
  • Discussion on Photoscala's A700 preview
  • And what of the Sony flagship? Will it be 24 megapixels? And will these be used in a 5D killer DSLR from Nikon?. Keep in mind that the forum user in the last thread is a reliable source of industry information, so it's not wild rumor/speculation/wishfulthinking.
  • And where will Sony be DSLR-wise in five years?
  • Another Ken Rockwell discussion
  • Looking for DSLR sensor perfection
  • How would you spend one thousand dollars?
  • Will the next Pentax mid-range DSLR compete with the Nikon D300?
  • The Pentax lens penalty?
  • Discussion of the ephotozine comparison of the Pentax K100D Super, Nikon D40, Oly E500, Sony A100 vs the Canon Digital Rebel 400D XTi
  • First shots with the Pentax 16-50 DA STAR (*)
  • Waiting for a Shiguma SD14 review
  • Panasonic FZ50 vs Sony R1
  • Panasonic FZ50 disappointment
  • Panasonic FZ18 sample photos and Fuji S8000fd sample images
  • Discussions of the first Fuji Finepix F50fd reviews, from, and another one at Laughing Squid
  • The New Yorker meets the Leicas
  • Vista meet CompactFlash
  • Speculation and expectations on Canon EOS 5d Mark II
  • 5D vs 40D
  • Your sharpest photo ever!
  • On pet photography
  •'s tour of the Nikon Sendei plant is discussed
  • This user suggests ordering locally
  • What if you put the Nikon D3 in a Ferrari body?
  • Thoughts on Nikon's NX. To quickly sort of the Xs: NX = software, DX = 1.5x DSLRs, FX = 35mm FF DSLRs
  • Nikonians think that Canon has competition
  • Is the Nikon D2H a viable option?
  • Beef with 35mm FF DSLRs
  • And some blasphemy? When will the 35mm format die?
  • Will Nikon produce an F7 film DSLR?
  • Nikon Coolpix D300 and D3 noise comparisons (just kidding on the Coolpix). Would you get the D3 or the D300?
  • How about a Nikon D200 vs Canon 40D comparison
  • And another farewell thread, this one Goodbye Nikon!
  • Revisited: Versace on Nikon D3
  • And a Powershot face-off: Canon A650is vs A620
  • On Canon G9 ergonomics. And a G9 concern
  • And last but not least, the big rumor bruhaha about two new Nikon full frame cameras, a high-end flagship and a digital rangefinder

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