Friday, November 30, 2007

Photography Soup (Friday November 30)

In today's installment we introduce a new blog by Ryan Brenizer at Amazon, we discuss the Sigma DP1 update, spotlight one of our Noisy Readers, talk Camera Economics 1001, learn how to publish a book on Amazon's Kindle, and take a spin around the PhotoBlogoSphere.

Introducing Ryan Brenizer's Camera and Photo Blog at Amazon
There is a new camera and photo blog starting up at Amazon, written by professional photographer Ryan Brenizer. In today's post Ryan informs us that the Nikon D3 is supposed to start shipping. Also, four focusing tips in challenging situations. You can also sign up for the blog's RSS feed.

1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight
In today's Reader spotlight, we feature BikeJohn's flickr stream and flickr sets, and his brand new blog, and his previous blog. To join the 1001 Noisy Readers list, visit the Noisy Readers page.

The Sigma DP1 Update
dpreview has posted the update from Sigma in english. For more on this, check our coverage of the Sigma DP1 update. A skeptic could point out that if they are using the same (or similar) sensor as the SD14, and same (or similar) processing engine as the SD14, what exactly was it in the "image processing pipeline" that caused this delay? Are they covering up something else? A bad lens? A new sensor became available?

Camera Economics 101: Nikon D3 sells for $1000 more, Nikon D300 sells for $200 more

This is a great example for those taking Camera Economics 101 at their local university :) The Nikon D300 has been a very buzzworthy camera, only second to the game-changing Nikon D3, and as such it has built up a strong pre-release following. Because of that, some retailers who have taken Economics 101 realized that the market may be willing to pay a higher price for it, so they are offering at $2000 body only, instead of $1800.

An even bigger lesson in PhotoEcononics 101 is Cameta Cameras offering the Nikon D3 for $6000, instead of the $5000 price. Why is that? Demand exceeds supply, and supply is very limited. Since this is not milk, bread or water, and (contrary to popular belief) people can survive without a Nikon D3, it's fair game in my opinion :)

Prices and availability mentioned above are as of the time of writing, and can and will change by the time you are reading this :)

Around the PhotoBlogoSphere

  • If you missed it from earlier this month, posted sample production pictures from the Nikon D300.
  • Fuji's entry in the 18x hyper zoom segment, the Fuji S8000fd gets reviewed by Simon Joinson and newcomer Richard Butler at dpreview. What did they discover in this 18-page review? As always, I won't be spoiling their conclusions. But remember, this is an 18x superzoom camera using a small sensor, so don't expect it to behave like a Canon 5D with an L-series IS USM lens attached to it :)

  • Amin opines on the Sigma DP1 update.
  • Strobist discusses lighting basketball. Just don't shine the light on the Knicks ;-)
  • Creativity is the theme of the latest posts at Digital Pro Talk, including part II of David's series, and tips from John Caponigro's newsletter. And the great wedding pictures of Matt McGraw are highlighted.
  • David Ziser at Digital Pro Talk has posted a new wave of updates, including an update on the George Eastman House, and a farewell to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

  • Off-topic article of the day
    In this segment we feature articles or websites that are not directly related to photography and cameras, but the topic might be of great interest to a lot of our readers. In today's installment we have a great article by Pat Doyle, a step by step guide on publishing your book on Amazon's new Kindle service. This might be of interest to other bloggers, website owners and authors who have written or want to write. Kindle (pictured below) is currently available at the early adopter price of $400.

    This Noisy Blog would like to thank...
  • A big thank you to Ryan Brenizer's blog for adding this noisy blog to their list of camera and photo links!
  • Thanks Photography Bay for mentioning this blog's Pentax K20D/K200d rumor roundup page!
  • Thanks to the Flickr Pentax K10D group for referring to this blog's K20D/K200d rumors page.
  • Also thanks to,, and blog for referring to this blog's Pentax K20D/K200D rumours page.

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  • Sigma Japan breaks the silence with a Sigma DP1 update! (computer-translated) has an update from Sigma on the status of the long waited Sigma DP-1. The press release is dated today, November 30, 2007 and available from Sigma Japan (also computer-translated).

    My computer-translated Japanese is not fluent, so the following is my attempt to figure out what it means. It could be totally wrong, so please keep that in mind!

  • It reached pre-beta testing in early summer but they were not satisfied with the "image processing pipeline", so they "reconstructed it". It was not up to par with the SD-series image quality (or something like that).
  • They phased a dilemma: "compromise picture quality" or redo the "image processing pipeline". After "extreme argument" within the company they decided to redo.
  • it appears that the redone version is some sort of alpha version or alpha testing at the moment?
  • they acknowledge the user frustration and disappointment because of the long delay
  • they promise it will be "worth waiting", but cannot provide a time frame
  • Again, keep in mind the above is from computer-translated text, it could be totally off!

    PS> I am so tempted to repeat the BigFoot taking pictures of the Lochness Monster with the DP1 joke, but I feel so bad for Sigma today, that I won't repeat it.

    More details on the Sigma Update
  • Discussion of this new DP-1 Sigma update in this thread in the Sigma forum at dpreview. The thread includes an english version of the press release from Sigma Japan. It turns out that the computer-translated version wasn't off after all. Which is starting to worry me, am I becoming a machine? :)
  • For more Sigma discussions, check the dpreview Sigma Talk forum.
  • Amin's Photo blog discusses the DP1 update.
  • The english press release is now at dpreview news.

  • This perhaps is good news for Ricoh, because we now know for sure that their new GRD II is not going to have any direct competition this holiday shopping season. (Unless of course we get a December surprise!)
  • So what else does this mean? That Sigma is working on it, and now we now why we hadn't seen this camera yet. With so much time, it obviously creates an opening for other manufacturers to jump in this segment with similar models. But will they? A lot of the traditional SLR manufacturers continue to operate in SLR-priority mode, so they are likely to produce something similar only if they have to - for competitive and market share reasons.
  • So overall this was not a good day for RAWsumers since the DP-1 is essentially back on the drawing board (okay, alpha testing stage), and no other RAWsumer camera appears to be in the works from the competition.
  • Does this also mean that Sigma's plans for their next DSLR are also affected by this setback? Or is this isolated to the DP-1? If they were going to use the same sensor as the SD14, then where exactly was the problem?

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  • Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Photography Soup (Thursday November 29)

    In today's edition we discover the Nikon D300 with the 18-135 DX lens is currently available from Amazon, a more affordable way to read this blog on the new Amazon Kindle, we feature the next Noisy Reader, and take a look around the PhotoBlogoSphere.

    1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight
    Today's featured reader blog is Digital Mundane. Be sure to check out their photo blog, with more than 100 images posted. They have some very nice pictures from around the world.

    The reader blogs and galleries are featured in this spotlight segment on a first come first served basis. To see all our featured readers or if you want to be added to the rotation, be sure to check the 1001 Noisy Readers List.

    The Nikon D300 Big Bang
    The Nikon D300 with the 18-135 DX lens is available on Amazon right now for $2100. It is currently the biggest mover in the Amazon Camera and Photo segment. As always, prices and availability can change at any time, especially for a hot product like the D300.

    Read this blog on Amazon's Kindle for less!
    The good people at Feedblitz inform Amazon Kindle readers that it would cost them a lot less to receive their blog subscriptions by email using the Feedblitz consolidated daily summary service, than using individual blog feeds. More details from Feedblitz. Feedblitz is an email subscription service.

    For those not familiar with Amazon's Kindle: We do not charge for our blog feed, nor does Feedblitz. However, Amazon charges Kindle subscribers for blog subscriptions and email updates. Emails cost 10c per, while blog subscriptions cost 99c per, so the idea from Feedblitz is that you pay 10c per day and get all your feeds in one email, instead of paying 99c per blog feed. Of course this is for blogs you are okay with getting one update per day, instead of getting updates after they are posted.

    A lot of people prefer RSS subscriptions, and we have RSS subscription buttons all over this blog, look for the identifying orange syndication button like this one:  Subscribe to the 1001 Noisy Cameras RSS/Atom feed delivers a newsletter and blog has introduced a new monthly newsletter, starting with the October 2007 edition and they have also introduced a news and updates blog. If you are not familiar with, be sure to visit the site as they have a lot of practical, useful and technical information. Such as the Nikon AF-S DX 12-24 lens review.

    Around the PhotoBlogoSphere

  • Scott Kelby has a challenge for you! Find a way to get the book readers to read the book introduction, and win a signed book and other fabulous prizes.
  • Amin's Photo blog has a fact or fiction article on whether there is a deep DOF advantage when using smaller sensors.
  • David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk has a number of updates, including the first installment of a series on how to get the creative juices flowing, a fisheye technique, more from Cabo, and some great pictures as always.
  • David Ziser is also featured in this Strobist post on his table-top photography technique. Strobist is a Blogger Blog of Note blog that concentrates on lighting (strobes, flashes), but also covers related topics.
  • Digital Photography School presents 99 remarkable photographer portfolios! Are you one of them?
  • Check out the photography category at the new social bookmarking site We will be doing a round-up of some of those posts of interest later this week.
  • Wired tests the Casio EX-Z1200. One of its predecessors, the EX-Z1050 got a very positive review by, so it will be interesting to see how this 12mp model did.
  • Speaking of DCresource, they have just posted a review of the Panasonic FX55.

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
    Today we have two SD memory cards from J&R World. Your typical 2gb Sandisk SD card for $20, and the 2gb Eye-Fi Wireless SD card for $100.

    Also, The Right Pic has a contest, the person who comes up with the best explanation of why they bought their camera, will win a $20 Amazon gift card, offered by

    Photography Soup Status
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  • Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    Discover the RAWsumer blog

    The RAWsumer blog is a blog dedicated to RAWsumers. RAWsumers are fixed-lens cameras that support RAW natively. By natively I mean they support RAW out of the box, or through an official firmware update. The RAWsumer blog is more of a reference blog, so it is not updated on a daily basis like this noisy blog.

    Just posted at the RAWsumer blog is a round-up of coverage on the Ricoh GRD II, which includes discussions in the Ricoh Forum, dpreview Ricoh forum, and Amin Photo's high ISO comparisons.

    If you are looking for a brief history of RAWsumer releases, we have assembled a list that includes the RAWsumer models introduced between January 2002 and November 2007. As you can see from that list, we only had eight new RAWsumers this year. The glory year of RAWsumers was 2004 with a total of 18 new models announced, while 2005 saw 14 new models.

    We also have rumors and speculations pertaining to RAWsumers, an Amazon Unspun Best RAWsumer of all time vote, and some more speculations. The Olympus C8080 is currently voted as #1, with the Canon G9 at #2, and the Minolta A2 at #3. Others in the top 10 include the Sony R1, Olympus E20, Sony F727, and Minolta A200. Check the whole list and vote if you like.

    Read the rest of "Discover the RAWsumer blog"...

    Panasonic L1 with Leica lens under $1000, and Pentax K10D a super value!

    We have two instant updates from the Bargain Hunter's Corner for all you shoppers out there. If you are not interested in shopping, be sure to read the PMA 2008 Rumors and Speculations. If you are not interested in rumors/speculations, be sure to check every single installment of our signature feature, The Photography Soup. This will take many hours to read :)

    And now to the first camera, the Panasonic L1 with the Leica 14-50 MegaOIS lens is now under $1000 at Amazon, sold and shipped by Amazon herself. The current price is $990. This includes free shipping and two small bonus items from Amazon: A Lowepro Transporter Camera Strap, and a 12-month photo calendar from Shutterfly.

    Next up, we have a camera that is a great deal but for different reasons. It has features that are competitive (to a certain extend) with the Canon 40D and Nikon D300, yet it is half the price of the Canon 40D and 1/3rd of the price of the Nikon D300. By now you must have figured that I am talking about the Pentax K10D, sold and shipped by Amazon for $625 after a $100 mail-in Pentax rebate. This includes the 18-55 DA lens. free shipping, a Lowepro Transporter Camera Strap, and a 12-month photo calendar from Shutterfly. Details on the Pentax mail-in rebate. This is not to be confused with the mail-in offer of $100 if you buy a camera with an Epson P5000 multimedia storage gizmo. That is a different offer, and as far as I can tell you combine them.

    Last but certainly not least, the good people at B&H Photo have some great deals on the Lowepro Fastpacks. Included are specials on the Fastpack 100 ($57), Fastpack 200 ($75), Fastpack 250 ($90), and Fastpack 350 ($113). More details on the Lowepro Fastpacks at B&H Photo. The flagship is the Fastpack 350, which is lightweight, carries a DSLR, lenses, accessories, and a laptop up to 17", uses 420 denier nylon, etc, etc, etc.

    Read the rest of "Panasonic L1 with Leica lens under $1000, and Pentax K10D a super value!"...

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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    Photography Soup (Tuesday November 27)

    Welcome to another edition of the Photography Soup! In today's installment, we have another featured Noisy Reader, a new Casio color in Japan, the gadget blogs picking up on the Pentax K20D and K200D rumors that we discussed a few days ago, and lots more.

    First up, informs us that Casio Japan is releasing a black version of the EX-V8 camera in Japan. And for those who are learning computer-translated Japanese, "crookedness" means "folded optics" :)

    1001 Noisy Readers Spotlight
    And now to our featured Reader of the day: Ed Z's F1.0 website, and accompanying blog, and flickr gallery as well.

    The 1001 Noisy Readers List is a place where our readers can showcase their websites, blogs, galleries and other content. All readers are welcome to join, whether they are absolute beginners or the domain experts in their field.

    Around the PhotoBlogoSphere

  • Two of the top gadget blogs have picked up on the Pentax K20D and K200D rumors, Engadget and CrunchGear. Also Pentax-centric blog OK 1000 discusses the new Pentax DSLR rumors.
  • A big thank you to David Ziser for featuring our previous Photography Soup post. Check David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog for great advice, how-to, tips, news, and some great pictures as well. And if you want to learn even more from David, be sure to check out his Digital Wakeup Call DVD set.
  • If you are interested in a new digital camera and want to find out as much about it before buying, and you are frustrated by too many false positives in search engine results, we have a suggestion for you: Check the Imaging Insider Archives. Just search for the camera model name, and you will find a list of related items on the camera.
  • Episode 109 of Photoshop User TV has been posted with special guest Vincent Versace.
  • Amin's Photo blog discusses the Ricoh GRD II sample pictures posted at Amin also discusses his hands-on impressions with the Tamron 28-300 VC lens.
  • Speaking of the Ricoh GRD II, it is available in the USA for pre-order through Adorama for $700.
  • Digital Photography School has come up with a nine step process for buying a digital camera.
  • If you missed any of the first four episodes of VH1's The Shot, you can always get them from Amazon Unbox for $2 a piece. The latest episode re-runs throughout the week on VH1, with new episodes airing each Sunday. The Shot is an 8-part reality tv series where ten aspiring professional photographers are competing for a grand prize. It looks and feels and smells like reality TV, but with photography as the main subject. With a big dose of drama of course.
  • Adorama continues their 100-part series, with daily photography tips. Today's tip is "Beware of Lens Flare".

    This Noisy Blog
  • Here are some of our recent posts in case you missed them:
  • Our faux-Sunday-editorial (VIDI) asking where are we going.
  • Experimenting with Mixx, a new Web 2.0 site with a photography category.
  • A recap of everything we posted the previous week (November 18-24).
  • Ricoh sneaks in the Ricoh RR770.
  • The Saturday edition of Photography Soup.
  • The Top 5 posts on this blog on a weekly basis.

    Bargain Hunters Corner
    The Fuji Z10fd for $125 and Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 for $38 after a $40 rebate. More details.

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  • Monday, November 26, 2007

    Bargain Alert: Fuji Z10fd for $125 at (also Corel PSP X2 Pro $38 AR)

    We almost managed to not post anything about Cyber Monday, but these two deals are too tempting to ignore. So we gave in, and here they are:

    The Fuji Z10fd is on sale at for $125 and free shipping. There are no rebates. This is the "bijou" ultracompact Fuji, using a standard small sensor, not a SuperCCD sensor. And if you are in a really thrifty mood, you can pay for it with Google checkout and save an extra $10.

    For more details on the Fuji Z10fd, including four reviews, check the Imaging Insider Archives.

    The other temptation is Corel Paintshop Pro X2 for $38 after a $40 mail-in rebate. Be sure to check the terms of the rebate if you are interested in it.

    Because of increased Cyber Monday traffic, you may have to retry/reload the page if you get an error message.

    Read the rest of "Bargain Alert: Fuji Z10fd for $125 at (also Corel PSP X2 Pro $38 AR)"...

    Canon Japan formally confesses to 1D Mark III Auto focus troubles and repairs

    Taking a look at, we see a confession by Canon Japan on 1D Mark III Auto focus troubles, and a notice that FREE repairs will start on November 28. The article mentions that numbers 501001 - 546561 are affected by this. More computer-translated details from Canon Japan.

    It is nice to see a manufacturer (finally) owning up to their problems and not hiding behind customer support mumbo-jumbo - as painful and embarrassing as it may be when you have to confess to issues about your flagship model.

    Inspired by Canon, I have a few confessions to make: I have grammour and spielling mistakes all over this blug! I arso have incopmlete sentences, inpromper punchuation, incoherrent thoughts and loads more! There, now that feels better! Now I feel a lot closer to Canon :-) I feel like a Canon 1D Mark III :)

    Read the rest of "Canon Japan formally confesses to 1D Mark III Auto focus troubles and repairs"...

    VIDI: Where are we going?

    Our Sunday faux-editiorial is actually published on Monday this time :) There was a temporal distortion that caused that, I assure you!

    This is probably something that I should have saved for an "end of year" type post, but I just couldn't hold it off. As the title suggests "where are we going?"

    The camera prices continue to drop, and the number of "advanced" non-DSLR cameras continue to diminish. New features have been introduced (face detection, smile shutter, 720p, image stabilization in compacts, etc) but none of these features are big enough to cause a rebooting of the price structure.

    Why is rebooting the price structure important? Because it allows the manufacturers to cash in and perhaps as a side-effect offer a ground-breaking feature (if the accountants and marketing bosses permit it). We have seen this happen with DVD players. Once they dropped in price to a few dozen dollars, the upconverting dvd players rebooted the price to $200. But then the upconverting dvd players started dropping in price, at which point the two-headed monster of BluRay and HD-DVD came in to "save" (read: mess up) the day. This has brought disc player prices back to the prices of the first days of DVD (and beyond in some cases).

    Is there something like that on the horizon for digital cameras? Are any features that you (as a photographer or casual user) would find important enough to pay twice the current prices? I don't see any, but then again, I don't have access to the ongoing R&D happening at the various manufacturers.

    But there are some small sub-segments of the market where a reboot is possible. Take the hybrid camera/camcorders for example. Sanyo has been able to boost up the prices of their "HD" (high definition video) hybrids. Or take the Ricoh GRD. Because its a unique camera with no actual competition they are able to ask for $700 for their brand new GRD II. And I imagine that if (or when) the Sigma DP-1 gets released, it will be able to ask a high price.

    Another possibility perhaps is rebooting the prices of mid-range DSLRs to $2000+ by offering "affordable" 35mm full frame models. The Canon 5D is almost there, but that's mainly because of price deterioration over time. The allure and practical benefits of a 35mm full frame DSLR are tempting to a number of photographers, although not everyone thinks so. But even if this does indeed happen, it will still be a small segment of the market.

    Is there anything else that could happen. Different things were tried, such as wireless, and GPS that had very little impact. Do you see anything that could potentially reboot the camera prices in the general market??? The floor is yours (in the Comments section right below).

    Read the rest of "VIDI: Where are we going?"...

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Mixx, a new Web 2.0 site with a Photography category

    As you may be aware, a number of Web 2.0 sites (eg digg) don't have specific photography categories, making it harder for camera and photo related content to be organized and found by their readers.

    In comes a new Web 2.0 service called Mixx, from the people that brought to you BuzzTracker, that has a specific photography category. Even more so, they have created an RSS feed of their photography category, so you can follow all the updates in your favorite news reader.

    This blog has jumped on this bandwagon and you can find us represented there. In a shameless attempt of self-promotion we have submited our Big List of every current digital camera there :)

    Read the rest of "Mixx, a new Web 2.0 site with a Photography category"...

    Week in review (November 18 thru 24, 2007)

    This week was dominated by the rumors of a Pentax K20D and K200D being announced on January 24, 2008, and of course Black Friday.

    We also had one jam-packed edition of the Photography Soup, along with another speculation spectacular, Five fixed lens cameras we'd like to see in 2008 (DSLR top 5 coming later on).

    On the interactive front we had an impromptu Reader Appreciation day, to coincide with Thanksgiving week, where we announced that each one of the 1001 Noisy Readers will be spotlighted in each new episode of the Photography Soup. We also updated the top 5 posts of this week, where you can find the top 5 posts of each week since we starting this new feature.

    This week also saw an impact review perhaps for the 4/3rds mount, Simon Joinson of dpreview giving the Olympus E510 a 32-page thorough test, and we also saw production sample pictures from the Nikon D300 at Imaging Resource.

    On the new camera front, Ricoh quietly announced the P&S RR770.

    We continued with the top 5 theme this week with five hot dpreview threads and five stories from It's a good thing we didn't go with Top 1001 Lists because this blog would still be loading :)

    If you missed the previous week, check that week'srewind (Nov 11-18), and you can catch up with our older posts in weekly summary format by clicking on the weekly rewind tag/label.

    If you want to be informed when something new is posted on this blog, be sure to  Subscribe to our RSS feed, created using Feedburner and compatible with both RSS and Atom.

    Also, if you find any articles here that you like, be sure to bookmark them on your favorite social bookmarking sites for easy reference using the very handy Add to Any Bookmarking service link here.

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    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    Photography Soup (Saturday November 24)

  • After *gasp* 11 days without Soup, the Photography Soup is back with a jam-packed edition, trying to catch up with all the things we missed during BFM (Black Friday Madness).

    1001 Noisy Readers Spotlight
    As we promised during Reader Appreciation Day, we will be spotlighting one of the 1001 Noisy Readers in each episode of Photography Soup. We will be going down the list and featuring the readers in printed order. So if you want to be featured in a future episode, join on the 1001 Noisy Readers list!

    The first ever 1001 Noisy Reader Spotlight features Aylmerqc's Flickr stream. Check out his pictures including a pinhole project, his Flickr Collections and his Flickr sets.

    Around the PhotoBlogoSphere
  • How about that for a new term to describe photography-related blogs? :) Added to the 1001 Noisy Terms.
  • Strobist posts another round of speedlinks, including a Nikon Behind the Scenes.
  • Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Ten years later and 435 reviews later here we are. That's an average of 43.5 reviews per year. Speaking of which, they just posted their Sony T200 review.
  • Imaging Resource reviews the Canon G9, while dpreview reviews the Olympus E510, and I am working towards my first lens cap review :)
  • Professional wedding photographer David Ziser talks about "film news", Flicker fame, print life (a Wilhelm Imaging Research article). And as always he posts some of his excellent images such as the Cabo Colors #9. And a bonus post: Learn what a turkducken is (yes, you can eat it).
  • News nuggests from Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog. Apart from being a Photoshop all-around guru, Scott Kelby has published a number of books, two of his latest buzzworthy books are 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3, and The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want to Do with Your iPhone, co-authored with Terry White.

    News from Japan
    Visit for the latest computer-translated news from Japan. There we find:
  • there's a special Panasonic L10 bag for early birds
  • something about Fuji and Velvia 50 - what is Velvia 50? Is that a new version of their SuperCCD sensor? :-)
  • Nikon did not announce the new VR kit lens in Japan just yet
  • This and That firmware updates from a number of manufactures

    Research the hottest 2007 models at the Imaging Insider
    The Imaging Insider Archives are a great place to research some of your favorite cameras as they have a collection of articles and news stories, as well as review announcements. Here are some of the hottest models:
  • Nikon D3 and D300
  • Canon 40D
  • Sony A700
  • Olympus E3
  • Canon G9
  • Panasonic FZ18

    VH1's New Reality TV show: The Shot: Ten aspiring photographers, one winner
    It is the typical reality TV show formula. Throw ten contestants into the Reality TV Hat, put them through the meat grinder, cause lots of drama, and pick one as the winner. Except this time the contestants are aspiring professional photographers who want a shot at big time. This eight episode series airs on VH1 every Sunday, with repeats throughout the week. Episode #4 will air on Sunday November 25, 2007. If you missed any of the episodes, you can get them at $2 each from Amazon Unbox. Through Unbox you can also have the episodes "magically" appear on your broadband-connected TiVo box.

    This Noisy Blog's Recent Posts
  • Ricoh quietly announced the RR770. We finally caught up with it.
  • dpreview reviews the Olympus E510
  • If you aren't burnt out on Black Friday, here is Black Friday Madness
  • Imaging Resource posts production Nikon D300 samples
  • Rumors fly on the net about a Pentax K20D and K200D announcement on January 24, 2008. And who's the daddy sensor maker?
  • A month is not a month without speculation: Five fixed lens cameras we want to see in 2008.
  • If you are a regular reader of this blog and want to showcase your blog, galleries, websites or Web2.0 content, please Join the 1001 Noisy Readers List.
  • The support and promote your local camera shop initiative.
  • Thanks to Loopstas blog for adding this blog to their list of blogs!

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • Camera deals at the Camera Deals blog.
  • Camera deals at Camera Town

    Read the rest of "Photography Soup (Saturday November 24)"...
  • Ricoh quietly announced the new Ricoh RR770

    Ricoh has quietly announced the new RR770 while we were caught up in Black Friday Madness. As the model name suggests, the camera is part of their RR-series of entry-level cameras, featuring a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, 3x optical zoom, 3" LCD, SD, AA, etc, etc.

    More details at:

  • dpreview
  • Ricoh itself
  • Engadget
  • Let's Go Digital
  • Photography Blog
  • CameraTown
  • Pocket Lint
  • Topix
  • DCViews (press release).
  • No word whether this camera will be available in the USA. No Japanese announcement for it either.

    Read the rest of "Ricoh quietly announced the new Ricoh RR770"...
  • Friday, November 23, 2007

    Impact review: Olympus E510 review posted by dpreview

    As we finally recover from Black Friday madness, we start returning to our "regular" content (if there's ever such a thing on this blog). dpreview has posted their review of the Olympus E510. The 32-page review is penned (ok, pixel'ed) by Simon Joinson. As always, I won't be revealing the conclusions, you have to read them for yourselves. And let's face it, confess it, admit it, most of you jump to the conclusions first and look for the rating, and then read the review :)

    The E510 is available from dpreview's mothership (Amazon) for $675 with the two-lens kit (14-42, 40-150) which is the best bang for the buck option. Also available for $585 with just the 14-42 lens, and $492 body only if you don't need the aforementioned lenses. Prices and availability as of the time of writing and they are subject to ch-ch-ch-change.

    PS> Tomorrow (Saturday) we will return with more of our regular features, with Cyber Monday coverage starting on Sunday. Ricoh apparently sneaked in a new P&S camera while we were not looking :)

    Read the rest of "Impact review: Olympus E510 review posted by dpreview"...

    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Countdown to Black Friday, Digital Camera edition

    Happy Thanksgiving! New deals added from Calumet, J&R World, Amazon and Black Friday is almost upon us, and Black Friday is the closest thing to a National High Tech Holiday. We will be celebrating Black Friday week with Black Friday related content throughout the week.

    Black Friday 2007


  • Ricoh GRD fans this is for you! While the new one (GRD II) is expected to ship before Santa stumbles into town, the original GRD I is now down to $500, sold by Adorama on Amazon

  • Panasonic L1 with 14-50 Leica MegaOIS lens for $1115, sold and shipped by Amazon. (This is the older Panasonic L1 DSLR, not the new L10 model).

  • Kodak C513 $80 by Target on Amazon.

    And something for our readers who may have gotten tired of our non-stop Black Friday coverage, a one year old book with Annie Leibovitz's collection of pictures from 1990 to 2005: A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005 (Hardcover, Amazon price $47, 472 pages)

    Not a bargain but the Nikon D300 body only is in-store and ships from J&R World at Amazon! The price is of course list price, $1800.

    Of general interest, and perhaps camera and photo as well, at the top of each hour there is a new deal in the Amazon Gold Box. Click on the Gold Box chest at for more details. The offer lasts for one hour, or less if it sells out. The better the deal, the faster it sells out (obviously). There will be a Camera and Photo deal at 8am pacific (11am eastern). It has not been revealed what item it will be. It could be anything! So check at 8am pacific to find out! From 8am to 9am pacific time only: i-mate 7-Inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame for $140. NOTE: It has sold out already! Too many bargain hunters, not enough picture frames!

    Also, if you voted in the Panasonic Customers Vote round be sure to check the results today - you may be eligible for a Panasonic product at a nice discount!

    Some offers from Adorama right now:
  • Nikon L11 for $100.
  • Lowepro Vertex 100 All Weather Notebook Computer Backpack, fits most 14" Screens, Black for $150 on sale!
  • Pentax A30 for $200 with free shipping.
  • Holga 120CFN Medium Format Fixed Focus Camera with Lens and Built-in Flash with Color Filter Wheel (this is not a digital camera!)
  • Sandisk 2gb SD memory card for $15.

    Amazon Marketplace
  • Case Logic TBC-3 Camera Bag for $8 at Amazon.
  • Nikon D200 with 18-135 DX lens for $1700 from Beach Camera on Amazon.
  • Pentax K100D body only, $369 from Beach Camera on Amazon
  • Sony W80 for $180 sold and shipped by Amazon.
  • Nikon D300 with 18-135 DX lens $2100 from Adorama and J&R World at
  • The price of $108 is what Sony fans will pay for Sony GPSCS1KA GPS Unit Kit for Most Digital Still Cameras.
  • Fuji Z10fd for $147 via Beach Camera.
  • Pentax M40 for just $163.
  • Sony A700, body only, $1330.
  • Internet Explorer users the links above won't work for you, check and search for the model name mentioned above. Contact Amazon Customer Support and demand that they fix their Quick Linker!

    J&R World
  • Nikon D40x with 18-55 DX and 55-200 DX for $700 at J&R World (Thursday only!) HOT DEAL ALERT!
  • Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX and 55-200 DX for $600 at J&R World (Thanksgiving day only) HOT DEAL ALERT!
  • Sony H9 black $400 at J&R World!
  • Samsung L73 black $100 at J&R World!

  • Nikon D80 with 18-55 DX lens for $900 from Adorama on
  • Samsung NV15 for $220 at

  • Rolled out perhaps to coincide with the Black Friday buzz is Amazon's new Kindle wireless book reader for $399 and free shipping. What makes this guy different is that there are no fees to use the service. Amazon/Kindle take care of that. They make their money by selling content (eg books) and of course on the actual price of the device. On top of books, you can also read some of the top 250 blog feeds out there, newspapers, magazines, etc, etc. Sadly we are ranked 250,000 so we were not included :(

  • And a budget laptop while on the road: Get the Dell Vostro 1000 with 1GB memory, 120GB HD for just $399! Coupon code RH23N?MWL3KF1C Check the terms and fineprint at the bottom of the post.

  • A quick look at the top sellers at Amazon: Canon A560 for $129, Canon A570 IS for $153, Canon A720 IS for $196, Canon SD1000 at $173, Canon S5 IS for $340, Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX lens for $480, Canon Digital Rebel Xti with 18-55 EF-S lens for $657, Canon G9 at $425, Canon SD870IS for $300, Panasonic TZ3 for $240 in blue, Sony W55 for $170 in many colors. And lots more at (PS: If you are using Internet Explorer the individual Amazon camera links won't work. Just click on here and search for the camera model by name).

  • Thanksgiving Promotion at

  • Pentax Optio E30 for $100 at

  • Canon PowerShot A720 IS for $200 at

  • Adorama has cut the price of the Ricoh GX100 by $50. The new price is $650!

  • Free shipping on Bogen/Manfrotto tripod at B&H Photo!

  • Nikon S51 for $200 at Amazon.

  • Sony T70 for $280 at Amazon.

  • SanDisk Buy One, Get One Free at Calumet Photo. Also SanDisk Extreme III 12GB CF Card (Item IM1832) on sale for $150 with rebates. And Corel Paint Shop Pro Studio (Item IM16094) just $30 while supplies last. Shop Calumet Photographic for digital cameras and see what the pros shoot with!

  • Nikon S50 red $180 at J&R World (Thursday only!)

  • Canon SD40 olive color $140 at J&R World (Thanksgiving day only)

  • Casio EX-S600 (mistral blue or sparkling silver color) $160 at J&R World (good for one week starting on Thanksgiving Day)

  • Sony W80 HDPR, includes the W80, DPP-FPHD1 Photo Printer and Cradle & Component Cable for $250 via J&R World (Thursday thru Sunday)

  • Canon A430 $100 via J&R World (Thursday thru Monday)

  • Sanyo HD-700 VPC for $500 at J&R World (Thursday through Sunday)

    J&R Computer/Music World

  • Portable, sleek but also starts at 28mm and costs $250 is the Canon SD800 IS. Apart from free shipping, you also get a 12-month calendar from Shutterfly for free.

  • Free 2gb SD memory card (or 1gb xD) with the purchase of some of the top selling digital cameras at Amazon. If you don't want the currently offered free memory card, you can take a $22 discount off other memory cards from a list of memory cards eligible for this offer.

  • For those interested in budget laptops while on the road, Dell has two Vostros on special right now for $600: The Dell Vostro 1500, and the Dell Vostro 1400. This offer has some fineprint from Dell, check the bottom of this post for all the details!

  • is extending their special prices on prints! 16x20 poster prints at just $5 each, 11x14 are $2 each, and 8x10 are $1 each. No limits, no coupons and no restrictions! For more on Adorama, check their home page.

  • Coupon for savings ranging from $25 to $500 depending on the purchase price. The coupon is HOLIDAY07 and expires on December 17, 2007.

  • Panasonic FX01 Pink $170 from

  • When you buy one 2GB SanDisk Ultra II CF or SD card for $40, you get a second for free at Calumet Photo. Expires 12/2/07

  • Sale and Clearance Center at

  • Panasonic fans: Amazon's Customers Vote feature is back, and Vote #2 includes two Panasonic digital cameras (L10, FX30K) and a Panasonic camcorder (SD-1). More details

  • If you are a AAA member, you can get 10% off Circuit City purchases made online, in-store or by phone. Check the AAA website for more details.

  • Eye-Fi Wireless 2GB SD Memory Card at $100. Recently reviewed by Phil Askey at dpreview.

  • If you are ready to start shopping, be sure to check our list of favorite online retailers and support this blog by doing so :)

    Brick and Mortar

  • Olympus E410 deal alert at Fry's Electronics: Body only for $450 or less, with the two lens kit for $650 or less. Also special financing offer, 12 months no interest. Please use credit responsibly.

  • Best Buy: Sony Cybershot S700 for $100 on Black Friday (Advertised on TV)

  • Fry's Electronics deals: Canon A570 IS for $147, Casio EX-S800 for $227, Canon SD950 IS for $409, Olympus E510 with two lens kit $700, 10" digital photo frame $188, and *gasp* Crayola VGA digital camera for $39. 2gb K-Data 60x CF card for $13, 2gb K-Data 150x SD card for $5 after a $17 mail in rebate. 4gb Lexar Memory Stick Pro Duo Platinum II for $30 (pre Thanksgiving sale)

  • Detailed lists of Black Friday at the big brick and mortar chain stores at

  • A breakdown of the digital cameras offered at Black Friday at Circuit City and Best Buy.

  • Digging into the Sunday paper we find that Walgreens offers a 6-hour Duracell charger with two rechargeable "retain-their-charge" AA batteries for $6 after a $5 mail-in rebate. Alternately, you can get a 4 pack of AA or AAA Duracell rechargeable batteries that retail their charge over time, instead of the charger kit. For reference, here is a list of rechargeable AA batteries that retain their charge.

  • All the digital camera deals listed in one place at If you are planning to do a brick and mortar Black Friday, be sure to plan ahead and have alternatives. Don't assume that you are going to be lucky enough to get all your first choices.

  • If you are a AAA member, you can get 10% off Circuit City purchases made online, in-store or by phone. Check the AAA website for more details.

    Fineprint for the Dell offer
    Pricing, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice, are not transferable and are valid only for new purchases from Dell Small Business for delivery in the 50 United States. Taxes, fees, shipping, handling and any applicable restocking charges extra, vary, and are not subject to discount. The Small Business site and offers contained herein valid only for end users and not for resellers and/or online auctions. Dell cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, omissions, or consequences of misuse of site and its functions and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors. Offers not necessarily combinable. Discounts cannot be retroactively applied. Orders subject to cancellation by Dell. Software & Accessories and Printers, Displays & Electronics offers do not apply to Recommended Solutions systems in the online system configuration pages (including PowerConnect switches); you must purchase eligible items through the separate Software & Accessories and Printers, Displays & Electronics online stores. Limit 5 systems and 5 discounted or promotional products per customer. In case of customers leasing under this promotion, please note that items leased will be subject to applicable end of lease options or requirements. All sales are subject to Dell's Terms and Conditions of Sale located at unless you have a separate agreement with Dell.

    Not Interested in Black Friday 2007?
    For those who are not interested in Black Friday, we will keep all Black Friday posts in a single thread (this one). Here is some alternate content for you: PMA 2008 speculations, A list of every single current digital camera in the market today by the major manufacturers, visit or join 1001 Noisy Readers, and more. Also check how we did with our Faxutokina 2007 predictions. And discover some of our previous stories, summarized on a weekly basis. Also be sure to check the Pentax K20D and K200D rumors, and Imaging Resource's Nikon D300 production pictures.

    Read the rest of "Countdown to Black Friday, Digital Camera edition"...
  • Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Nikon D300 Sample pictures posted by Imaging Resource

    We have a new set of Nikon D300 sample images posted by Imaging Resource. Direct link to the image samples. A total of 36 sample pictures for testing purposes are provided, the majority of which at ISO 200, but they also have ISO 400, 800, 1600 and of course 3200 :) They were taken usig a production Nikon D300.

    The Nikon D300 is available for pre-ordering from a number of retailers for the list price of $1800, including J&R World, B&H Photo, and Adorama.

    Amazon on the other hand, has a sign-up list where you can get notified via email when it becomes available for pre-ordering again.

    Read the rest of "Nikon D300 Sample pictures posted by Imaging Resource"...

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Five digital cameras we want to see in 2008

    Granted there are dozens and dozens of cameras we want to see in 2008, but we will spotlight just five. In this installment, we ...focus on fixed-lens cameras. A future installment will ...focus on DSLRs. Presented in no particular order:

    1. Ricoh GX110 or GX120: A follow-up to the Ricoh GX100, using Ricoh's new Engine. Megapixels not an issue for me. That's why I am using the fictional GX110 model name. Ricoh has already had the "marketing stones" to remain at 10mp for the GRD II which is nice in this crazy era of megapixel madness.

    2. Panasonic FZ60: A follow-up to the space-eaters Lumix FZ30 and FZ50. Whether it starts at wide-angle or uses the same lens is not the biggest issue for us. But rather, we want to see Panasonic stop fooling around with the extra-curricular aspects of the camera and focus on the Venus engine, Sensors, Noise and Noise Reduction Side-effects. Those are my ...ideas for life :)

    3. Sigma DP1: Our sources have told us that BigFoot went on a date with the Loch Ness Monster and they took some great pictures of Pigs Flying using the Sigma DP1. The details in the picture were so crisp that they noticed there were four different types of UFOs in the sky, including one that looked like the original Star Trek Enterprise. After their dinner date, Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster went on a stroll around town where they took some lovely low light pictures of Klingons jousting. But in all seriousness, we are interested in seeing this camera :)

    4. The Casio 60fps. There was a development notice from Casio earlier this year. The premise of a fast 6mp 1/1.8" sensor in an era of 8mp 1/2.5" and 12mp 1/1.7x" is ...promising!

    5. The return of the Fuji 6mp "magic" sensor. Fuji will issue an apology to its loyal users for its megapixel madness, it will revamp its 6mp "magic" sensor/engine, give it a trendy/sexy name to keep the marketing folks happy, and release new/re-vamped models using it.

    6. Bonus: For more 2008 speculations, check our PMA 2008 Speculation Spectacular. And if that's not enough, check Photography Bay's PMA 2008 coverage.

    Read the rest of "Five digital cameras we want to see in 2008"...

    Five interesting links from

    I just discovered this new Web2.0-aggregator-aggregator site, and it turns out they have some interesting links of photographic interest linked there! Here are five, in no particular order:
    1. The Ames optical illusion - can your fish-eye do this? ;-)
    2. A very detailed flowchart on procrastination. It sounds like they used me as their example ;-)
    3. Volumetric lightning - a Flickr picture.
    4. PicUrls itself!
    5. A primer on sensor size and its impact on your pictures
    6. Bonus: Lighting the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, a Flickr picture

    Read the rest of "Five interesting links from"...

    Sunday, November 18, 2007

    Five hot threads at dpreview

    We have five hot threads from the dpreview forums, presented in no particular order:
    1. Is Pentax stalled in the slow lane?
    2. Enough pixel peeping! How about some actual pictures? For that, check the Sunday Bird, an on-going weekly thread.
    3. Nikon vs Canon, this time with images doing the talking (or something like that :)
    4. Panasonic TZ3 and expectations. We know this fun zoom is a series of compromises, but where does one draw the line?
    5. Olympus E3 picture discussion - blown highlights?

    Read the rest of "Five hot threads at dpreview"...

    Reader Appreciation Day!

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we would like to take some time to thank our readers for reading, helping and supporting this Noisy blog in many different ways!

    We recently launched the 1001 Noisy Readers List. We will take that one step further, and everyone on that list will be featured in upcoming installments of the Photography Soup. If you want to showcase your blog, galleries, website, web2.0 content, etc, etc, you can join 1001 Noisy Readers List.

    We have a number of interactive features where our readers can participate one way or another, and you are always welcome to leave comments in each post.

    Another interactive light-bulb moment was the Support your Local Camera Shop Initiative, where we list local and independent camera shops from around the country.

    We have also set up a Suggestion Board using FeVote, where our readers can submit suggestions for this blog, or vote on the existing suggestions.

    If you are a blogger or you have a website or an experienced forum user, you are invited to guest-blog here!

    We have also created accounts on some of the Web2.0 websites, so if you like to network with 1001 Noisy Cameras, please feel free to add us to your lists! If there's another Web2.0 site we would like us to jump on, let us know and we'll make it happen, if we can :)

  • Technorati
  • Digg
  • Blog Catalog
  • MyBlogLog
  • Stumble Upon
  • Photography Voter
  • More coming up, including *gasp* MySpace :-)

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  • Week in review (November 11 thru 17, 2007)

    So what did we have here at 1001 Noisy in the last seven days? Well, it's no secret, it's all posted here in the blog, so let's take a look!

    New-product-wise, we had two new fish-eye lenses from Sigma and two new lenses from Tokina. A bit of a surprise to get a new lens announcement this late, especially since Sigma, Foveon and prosumer fans would have rather heard some news about the Sigma DP-1 instead :)

    Review-wise, we had our usual wave of reviews, the biggest bang was probably made by the Olympus E3 review at Imaging Resource. E-Photographia had previously posted their hands-on impressions on a pre-production Olympus E3. By the way, the Olympus E3 has started shipping from a number of retailers including Cameta Camera and J&R World on Amazon.

    We had another installment of Canon vs Nikon, this time comparing prices of all their current the DSLRs. More on the DSLR price wars, the Sony A700 with the 18-70 DT lens had its first major price cut, being offered at $1333 at Amazon and $1320 at OneCall.

    We were only able to post two editions of Photography Soup on Monday, and Tuesday. Photography Soup is a round-up of camera and photo related stories, a soup if you like! Unlike Doctor Who, we are not able to move through time, so we are stuck with 24 hours per day :)

    Our Support your Local Camera Shop Initiative has been continually updated through the week, with more than ten local and independent camera shops listed. Be sure to check them out!

    On the blogging front, we have invited guest bloggers to guest-blog a post on this noisy blog. If you are interested, be sure to check it out for more information.

    We also posted a Noisy Review, reviewing the ads in the December 2007 edition of Popular Photography. As you can see we do not have the resources to review the Nikon D3, D300, Canon 40D, 1Ds Mark III, Sony A700, Olympus E3, Panasonic L10. Check dpreview, dcresource, Imaging Resource, etc for those reviews :)

    We also posted the five most popular Noisy blog posts this week, and asked the readers for what they would change on this blog (other than changing the whole blog) :)

    We also notified Panasonic fans that their brand is featured in Amazon's upcoming Customers Vote.

    And we took a look at the top photography books voted by Unspun voters. This is a web2.0-ish interactive list by Unspun.

    And if you have read through all this, you may also want to take a look at our recap of the week of November 4 to 11, 2007.

    Add to any serviceAdd to any service
    One last thing, we have added a new convenient and very practical set of bookmarking and RSS subscription buttons provided free of charge by Add to Any. As you can see, these are light on the eyes, but very practical. When you mouse-over them, they open up a list of the most popular bookmarking sites and RSS readers respectively. If you don't find your favorite reader or social bookmarking site in the first list, they have a search option, so you can also search for it. So whenever you see a story you like here at 1001 Noisy, be sure to bookmark it to your favorite social bookmarking sites such as digg,, stumpleupon, reddit, furl, facebook, etc. Also be sure to use the buttons with the RSS logo to subscribe to our RSS feed, which is compatible with both RSS and Atom readers.
    Add to any serviceAdd to any service

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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Panasonic fans, vote for your own Panasonic deal!

    Amazon has brought back the Customers Vote feature, where three items are presented, and the readers/users are deciding which one will actually happen. Round #2 is of interest to Panasonic fans, because all three items offered at Panasonic products, one DSLR, one FX-series camera and one high definition camcorder.

    The offered prices are as follows: Panasonic L10 with the Leica kit lens for $500, or the Panasonic FX30K (black) for $74, or the Panasonic SD-1 high def camcorder for $300. The voting for this particular round ends before Friday Nov 23, and on that day people can find out if they were randomly selected to buy the product at that price.

    The quantities of the bargain price items are limited, 500 each for the L10 and FX30K, so please adjust your expectations accordingly :) Also keep in mind that you cannot change your vote after voting, so think it through!

    On the strategy front, if you are not a Panasonic fan, then your best bet is to vote for the FX30K, because you can buy it at $75 if you are randomly selected, and then either give it as a gift, give it to the kids, sell it on eBay, or use it as a carry-around throw-around camera.

    For more details, terms and conditions, and to vote, check the Customers Vote page.

    Also, be sure to check out Amazon's Black Friday page, with hourly deals taking place from 6am to 6pm (pacific time) on Black Friday. Black Friday is Friday November 23, 2007.

    Read the rest of "Panasonic fans, vote for your own Panasonic deal!"...

    Idea: Invitation for guest bloggers

    To make this blog a bit more interactive and fun, and give it a different perspective, I am inviting other bloggers and website owners to write guest posts. Please email me with the topic/subject you are interested in writing about, and your blog/website. Or if you are an experienced forum user with a long posting history (eg dpreview forum user).

    The topics obviously have to be relevant to the world of cameras and photography, and it could be similar to what's already posted here or not. For example, someone with a legal blog or website could guest-blog about photographer's rights, a wedding photographer could guest-blog "10 tips for great wedding photos", or a hardcore slashdot geek can guest-blog about "testing your DSLR's autofocus with this DYI home-made test kit". If you are a camera shop owner, you could write about the benefits photographers get by shopping at their local camera shop, etc, etc, etc. You get the ...picture :)

    And some ground rules:

  • You own the content you write, and you allow me to post it in the guest-blog post in this blog
  • Please write an original article. Please do not submit or publish the exact same article elsewhere. Why? Because search engines and readers do not like duplicate content.
  • No money is changing hands. This is an "old fashioned" guest-post
  • We can both opt-out at any time for any reason. If you want me to remove the post at any time and for any reason, just let me know
  • You can include pictures in your post if you like. Maximum pixel width about 500 pixels so that the pictures are properly displayed on 1024x768 monitors. If you do include pictures, please host them on your own site/gallery, that way you have full control over their usage.
  • You can include up to five links promoting your blogs, websites, picture galleries, RSS feed, digg,, facebook, myspace, tweeter, etc, etc.
  • If you want to include affiliate links, please ask me first.
  • The guest post must not include or promote hate speech, violence, illegal activities, spam, stolen content, etc, etc, etc.

    For more, email [1001noisycameras] at [gmail] dot [com].

    Read the rest of "Idea: Invitation for guest bloggers"...
  • Friday, November 16, 2007

    Four new lenses are announced this week

    In what was a mild surprise perhaps, four new lenses were announced this week, two from Shiguma (Sigma) and two from Tokina.

    Details on these lenses from Japan at, and from dpreview, Imaging Resource, Photo.Net, etc, etc.

    The Tokina lenses are:

  • AT-X M35 PRO DX 35mm F2.8, APS-C sensor size for Canon and Nikon. This will ship in late December in Japan for 71400 yen.
  • AT-X 116 PRO DX 11-16mm f/2.8, APS-C sensor, Nikon and Canon. It will ship in late February in Japan for 94500 yen.

    The two Shiguma lenses (computer-translated for Sigma) are both fish-eyes. After all a fish has two eyes ;-)
  • 10mm f2.8 EX DC fisheye HSM, for Canon, Nikon and Sigma, 95000 yen in Japan with a December release.
  • 4.5mm (four point five, not a typo) f2.8 DC EX circular fisheye HSM, for Canon, Nikon and Sigma, 120000 yen whenever it is released (unspecified release date).

    Quick Updates
    In other quick news from Japan according to, the Canon big daddy (1Ds Mark III) will go on sale in Japan at the end of November for 900,000 yen, while the Panasonic-Leica 14-150 f3.5-5.6 lens is pushed back one month because of supply issues. The new (tentative) release date is late December for 171,000 yen.

    From Photo.Net, and many other places, the Adobe CEO talks to CNet about his "retirement". Can I please have 10% of his golden parachute retirement/severance package? :-)

    Read the rest of "Four new lenses are announced this week"...
  • If you could change one thing about this blog...

    If you could change one thing about this blog, what would you change? Assuming you had a magic wand of course. But please keep in mind that while you may have a magic wand, I do not have a magic wand, so please keep that in mind :)

    You can make your suggestions in the comments section right here, send them via an email to [1001noisycameras] at [gmail] dot [com], or use the FEVote suggestion board.

    Read the rest of "If you could change one thing about this blog..."...

    Review #7: Who's advertising in the December 2007 edition of Pop Photo?

    One of our regular but intermittent features is to look at which camera and lens companies are advertising in the print media. In today's installment we take a look at the December 2007 edition of Popular Photography and Imaging but this time we also review some of the ads.

    This is not a comprehensive list of advertisers, that would take forever to do, just the camera and lens companies, and anything else that might be of interest one way or the other.

    So let's get started, Sony has a two-page ad on the inside cover, with the "In Photography, timing is everything" slogan, promoting the new Sony A700. Not a bad ad, but quite predictable.

    Then Nikon sponsors the Mentor Series, and their workshop in Norway in April 2008. I wanna go too! This takes up two full pages and is an informational ad.

    The lovely Sanyo Eneloops get a one page ad, in an ad that is a bit off, why are they advertising mouse clicks on a photography magazine? Surely the average photographer does not buy Eneloops to power their wireless mouse, but to power their cameras, flashes, battery grips, and other photographic accessories!

    Then the Pentax has another installment of their Pentaxians promotion, with "Rule #1: Don't follow everyone else's rules about photography". I have to say that most of the Pentaxian ads are a breath of fresh air compared to the other manufacturers.

    Olympus goes wild with a one page ad on the Olympus E3 (starting to ship) with a quote by visionary Larry Price, and a two page ad on the Olympus E510, with the Capture It All slogan at the bottom. They also have a column that is 1/3rd of a page listing the E3's main characteristics.

    Canon has two individual one page ads with the "Inspired by Canon" slogan and promoting their lenses. Colorful, and "lensy" :)

    Then Nikon returns with a two page ad on James Balog and glacial ice, as part of the Stunning Nikon challenge. Nice overall.

    Sigma promotes their 18-200 DC OS lens in a traditional Sigma lens one page ad, and they return later on with a very busy two page ad, promoting the color capture capabilities of the Sigma SD14. From this ad we learn that Foveon likes Sushi :)

    Pentax returns with a Pentaxian profile of Julie Quarry, who transformed into a pro photographer in just two years. Check the ad or for the rest of her story. In another single page ad, Pentax invites everyone to join them on a photo cruise by CruiseWest. They also have a contest where you can win a free trip and Pentax gear.

    Panasonic goes on the TZ-attack with a four page ad, mainly featuring the "fun zoom" Panasonic TZ3, promoting the MegaOIS in an easy to understand before and after picture among other things. They also promote the FX55 and FX33 along with the hyperzoom FZ18 on a single page ad. It looks like Panasonic wants to capitalize on TZ3's reputation and popularity as a fun zoom among internet dwellers and turn it into a big blockbuster among all photographers.

    Tamron promotes their 18-250 Di II lens, with the "travel light" theme. Certainly one "digital" lens is lighter than a big box full of L series lenses. But can you get the same pictures? They also promote their SP AF 17-50 XR Di II LD IF.

    Tokina joins the party with a single page ad featuring their six most prominent lenses, including the new 16-50 f/2.8 AT-X 165 PRO DX.

    On the workshops front, Sony promotes their digital days photoworkshops starting at $69, with a lovely lady holding a Sony H3. Sony H3 being Sony's answer to the "fun zoom" segment. Panasonic introduces their "Digital Photo Academy" in 20 cities around the country. Not to be confused with the controversial StarFleet Academy ;-)

    Casio couldn't be left out, and they promote the EX-V8 as the ultimate companion to your DSLR. Not sure if that was the best way to spend their advertising dollars, if I was doing the ad, I would have featured the cutesy EX-S and EX-Z series cameras. Needless to say the YouTube feature is hard to miss in the ad.

    Even Ricoh jumps into the advertising pool with the Ricoh GX100. They have a very nicely done ad which I am sure will resonate with the current GX100 owners. The theme is "re-discover creativity" which is true (and a must) for those who want to use the GX100. One nitpick on the ad however, they have a very long url promoting the camera (this critique coming from a blog with a very long url ;-). Ricoh webmasters, how hard is it to create a redirect for But this quite revealing perhaps, the approach to the url is similar to the approach to the camera. Not super user friendly, but those who know how to use it, can make it sing :)

    We don't usually cover any of the retailer advertisers unless they have a giant ad for a specific camera, and Roberts of Indianapolis has a giant picture of the Nikon D3.

    The PMA 2008 trade show takes on a full page ad as well, reminding everyone that the show will take place January 31 to February 2, 2008 this year.

    Last but certainly not least is the back cover, where Nikon's StunningNikon campaign showcases Beth Wald's adventurous pictures in the South China Sea.

    As you can see, this being the start of the holiday shopping season, the manufacturers have gone on the attack and filled up the pages with ads touting their latest or most popular products. But not everyone is "ad-partying": Absent from this advertising party are Fuji, Leica, Kodak, Samsung and HP.

    Look for the December edition of Pop Photo at your local newsstand or subscribe to it through Amazon, if you are interested.

    Please note this is not a paid or contracted review. There is a trend among many blogs to do paid reviews. None of our reviews are paid or contracted or planned or well thought-out :) And another question answered: "Why the product links?" Because those potential purchases support this poor blog (you may have noticed there is no subscription fee or membership fee or any requirement to sign up before reading any of the articles here). This allows us to bring you more exciting, unique, and totally silly and irrelevant features :)

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