Thursday, January 3, 2008

1001 Noisy Cameras quoted in Photo Imaging News

We were thrilled that Photo Imaging News included our comments on the new Olympus E3 in their latest edition of their newsletter This is the first known reference of 1001 Noisy cameras in print (ink). The quote from 1001 Noisy is on page 2 of Volume #24, Number #26 (12/24/07) of the Photo Imaging News newletter. Photo Imaging News is a subscription-based industry newsletter that prints 26 times a year ($170 annual subscription). More details on the newsletter at

Our comment was a "noisy" paragraph long and expressed our opinions on the expectations leading up to and reactions from the announcement of the Olympus E3 flagship dSLR. For more on that topic, be sure to check our earlier blog coverage of the Olympus E3 announcement and our wall-to-wall coverage of Olympus E3 mania (nine blog posts total). For a list of Olympus E3 reviews be sure to check our DSLR Review Matrix!

Thanks to the authors of the newletter for including our opinion in their newsletter!

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