Thursday, January 24, 2008 is active for your convenience

There are no changes to the blog, but we have added the domain to make it easier for our readers to type and find this blog! This simply redirects to this blog. Nothing else has changed :) So if you are on another computer, away from your browser auto-complete, or your bookmarks, just type

You can also quickly find this blog by running a Google search for "1001 noisy". That's all you need to search. This blog will be the first thing that comes up!

If you don't want to miss any of our updates, be sure to  subscribe to our RSS feed. Unfortunately a number of sploggers are using our feed, so we are only publishing a short summary feed. We would rather spend our time creating new content than chasing sploggers.

But wait there's more! Subscribers can also receive the Big List of 2007 Digital Cameras in PDF. This is a PDF version of this long long post. In case you are wondering, yes it is a gimmick to encourage new subscribers :) Current subscribers already have access to this file, just look towards the bottom of the feed for the "subscriber bonus" link. So don't wait,  subscribe to our RSS feed now, because supplies of the PDF file are not limited :)

For more on this blog, be sure to visit our long winded About page and other related pages.


mrsfixit said...

Well, it's about time... LOL

I'm kidding, but it's a good thing. Makes 1001 easier to find. I'd like to see more folks visit, because it's a great blog.

While you're at it, what about some info on the author(s)?, who work tirelessly day and night, fueled by caffeine and chocolate, to keep us readers up to date with the latest info in the world of photography?

And I guess you're gonna be *really* busy over the next week or two with all the goings on of camera announcements and PMA. LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

Yes, Mrs Fix It, please send them over, the more the merrier :)

It looks like we got the biggest wave out of the way for PMA. There's still others who haven't announced yet, but I doubt we are going to see that many cameras announced next week.

There was a picture of the blog authors posted by NASA. Our headquarters are on Mars :-)