Saturday, January 5, 2008

Camera-priority CES 2008 Round-up

After recovering from our power outage, we are back with CES 2008 "remote" coverage! Our main focus in this on-going round up is digital cameras, but we'll also cover anything else that might be related or noteworthy enough to get a mention.

New Digital Cameras at CES 2008

  • Sony Alpha A200 DSLR officially announced!
  • The Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 60fps 12X with RAW is officially announced ($1000 price tag!)
  • The Megapixel Wars continue with six 10mp 1/2.33" cameras announced.
  • Four New Samsung NV-series: NV24hd starting at 24mm (24-86mm), NV40, NV30 and NV4
  • Four new Casio Exilim compacts: EX-Z200 and EX-Z100 starting at 28mm wide (4x optical), EX-Z80, and EX-S10 (ceramic lens line)
  • Four new Samsungs (3 L-series, i-series): L210, L110, L100, and i8.
  • Nine new from Kodak including two V-series models with 3" touch-screen displays, some zooms in the Z-series, and more in the M-series!
  • Kodak Easyshare C813, an 8mp, 3x optical zoom entry-level P&S - read more details on the C813.
  • USA announcement of Fuji Z100fd. This was announced in Asia and other countries last year, at the same time as the F50fd, S8000fd, Z10fd, F480, etc. It is available in the USA for $250 (Amazon). The USA announcement of the Z100fd at Imaging Resource, CNet's Crave blog, Gizmodo, Crunch Gear, etc. Please forgive the gadget blogs for not knowing it was announced last July in some markets ;-)
  • Pre-announced by Santa: Sony S730 in Europe.
  • Pre-announced in early December: Samsung S760 and S860
  • Our predictions for new digital cameras at CES 2008.
  • And a new *gasp* "generic" from Norcent, the DSC-1050 (10mp, 3x optical, 3" LCD, $180). Don't worry we are not going to include "generics" in our new digital camera lists :) Coverage of this at Engadget, Let's Go Digital, and other places.

    Other developments at CES 2008
  • One battle in the The Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD war has been decided: Warner Bros is going with Blu-Ray exclusively! More at Slash Gear, Engadget, Crunch Gear, and Gizmodo.
  • The Nokia E71 is leaked at Crunch Gear. This lovely features a 3mp camera as well.
  • The RIAA chief speaks on ripping CDs and the recent Washington Post story that created a bit of a kerfuffle. Gizmodo declares DRM is dead!
  • Pocket sized OLED photo viewers from Digital Foci (Slash Gear). OLED being organic LED displays.
  • No need to use an HDTV to showcase your pictures anymore. You can get the new 32" Smnartparts digital picture frame. Story at SciFi Channel's DVice Gadget blog.

    Continued CES Coverage
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  • and many other websites and blogs


    Anonymous said...

    Anything interesting at the Pentax Imaging Booth? There's [ahem] rumor something that's going to be focused on @ a Jan 10th press conference in Dubai will make a low key showing @ CES... wondering if you saw anything 'new', DSLR or lens related there in their booth?

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks for the question! It sounds like I read that question before ;-)

    Perhaps they are saving the Dubai announcement for something big? Or not? I do not know :-)

    There are the K20D and K200D rumors, and there is the outside possibility of a 645D. Perhaps that would be worthy of a Dubai extravaganza?

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry about the dup -- thanx for the kind response.

    We're sure we'll hear from you if you hear anything.

    All the best.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Of course - the moment I find anything new it will be posted!