Saturday, January 26, 2008

Canon plans revenge and world domination

In a story lost in the waves and waves of new camera announcements, but picked up by the Imaging Insider and CNet's Underexposed blog, Canon is plotting revenge and world domination.

As we mentioned before, Nikon beat Canon in DSLR market share in Japan for 2007. This is something that did not sit well with Canon - obviously. Just two years ago, a lot of people, me included, thought that Canon was very close to being invincible in DSLRs. But Nikon managed to chip away, chip away, and now jump ahead. The unusual duo of the D40 and D40x is credited by some people as what shifted the momentum in terms of market share.

And in terms of mind share, it was obviously the dynamic duo of the D3 and the D300, for which we have Beatle-mania like coverage because of all the buzz they have generated.

According to the story referenced by the Imaging Insider above, Canon plans to sell 19.5% more cameras globally in 2008 - a 29.4 million unit total worldwide!

The projections for 2008 are broken further down to 25m non-DSLRs (+16.8% projected increase) and 4.4m DSLRs (+37.5% projected increase). Canon hopes that the brand new Digital Rebel XSi (450D) will help them regain the #1 spot in Japan. This perhaps may explain why Canon jumped to 12mp, added a spotmeter (is the world ending?), bundled it with an IS kit lens for just $100 more, and borrowed a number of features from the 40D and 1D Mark III.

For pre-ordering information, check our new camera pre-ordering center. For all the new digital cameras announced in 2008 so far (a "modest" 75) check The Digital Cameras of 2008.


Jacques said...

To reach such a goal new lenses are a must. And not only those exciting 200mm f/2.0 and 800mm f/5.6; but also lenses that are affordable for serious amateurs... I name: 24-70 f/2.8 update, 100-400 update, wide-angle zoom that beats or matches Nikon's 14-24!

mrsfixit said...

If they want a bigger market share of non-DSLR's they better introduce something other than the same old ho-hum bimbo cams they have introduced so far this year.

Fuji at least has brought back the 2/3 sensor.

What has Canon brought out that is new and actually improved?

1001 noisy cameras said...

@ Jacques: Great point on the need for more lenses for the serious photographers without unlimited budgets! The 200/800 lenses cost more than the 1D Mk3 and 1Ds Mk3 respectively, so they obviously will have a limited impact in terms of market share.

@ Mrs Fix It: Indeed, they need to come up with more advanced mid-range or better cameras and improve the features of their super zooms as well! The four ones they announced this week were basically replacements for the entry-level of the Elph/Ixus line and the A-series.

Speaking of Fuji, there was a green note at dpreview saying that the F100fd does not have shutter/aperture priority. This is disappointing! That camera was a very good candidate for RAW and PSAM exposure options!

mrsfixit said...

1001, you're spot on about the Fuji not having shutter/aperture priority modes.


As I use these 2 modes at all times, I would not buy a camera without them.

I cannot understand the logic behind this decision.

Even the low end Canons have it.

And speaking of Fuji- why introduce a camera with a 12x optical zoom and NO stabilization?

Add to this list of annoyances the new models from Sony and Oly, that force customers into the use of xD and Memory Stick memory formats.

I'm buying into that scam either, not when I have a drawer full of SD and CF cards.

Seems like they all want to give with one hand and take away with the other...

I'm still hoping to see something better in a compact, but I'm losing hope.

Maybe it's time to start looking ahead to Photokina... :-(

Perhaps the DP1 will be ready by then... LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

Very good points @ MrsFixIt on the F100fd, xD/MS-Pro-Duo, and no stabilization on a superzoom in 2008!

Olympus made a tiny step in the right direction with microSD in some of the Stylus models. But microSD is not what digital cameras use! Who are they trying to tempt? The cellphone users?

The DP1 will be available - in one of the parallel universes - will it be in this one? :-)

I think we'll see something from Panasonic, whether it will be a sequential update to the LX2, or something better, I dont know.

There's a small possibility that the leaked model name Sony W300 may be something interesting. But I'm afraid it may even have more than 12mp. Maybe it will go wide like the new W170? Regardless, it's probably a low probability.

But if Canon did the G7/G9, Nikon P5000/P5100 and Pana LX1/LX2, Sony should do something in this segment as well! Maybe a return of the V1 or V3?

And speaking of Nikon, we could hope and wish that we get a more "grown up" version of the P5100, not necessarily in terms of size, but in terms of features and functionality!

Of course it's easy for us to design all these cameras on e-paper :)

mrsfixit said...

Personally, I think we'll see warp speed engines sooner than we will the DP1. Maybe even transporters.

How about replicators? Now that's a technology I could go for. Just tell it what to make for dinner- no more cooking! Yes! I want one NOW! LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

I could use a replicator or two. And a transporter would be really handy!

Maybe Sigma is reading this, and when I open the mail tomorrow, there will be a pre-production DP-1 waiting for me ;-)