Monday, January 7, 2008

Casio officially launches EX-F1, their 60fps superzoom!

CNet's Underexposed has a lot of details on the new 60fps Casio Exilim super-fast super-zoom digital camera. Inspired by the 60fps speed, Casio named it "F1". Probably referring to "F1" fast cars, not the Windows "F1" help key :)

Meet the Casio Exilim EX F1

  • Supports RAW (DNG)
  • Costs $1000 (March 2008) (ouch on the price!)
  • Uses 6mp 1/1.8" CMOS sensor (presumably the Sony sensor that was mentioned in 2007)
  • No Image Stabilization (how sad!) CORRECTION! It has sensor-shift stabilization! When will these companies learn to create a proper product announcement? :)
  • 12X zoom lens (36-432mm equivalent)
  • 60fps at full resolution (images)
  • 60fps 1920x1080 movies
  • Crazy speeds at lower resolutions, the highest speed being 1200fps (not a typo) at the lowest resolution
  • Hot-shoe
  • Even the flash is fast, up to 7 fps (up to 20). "fps" in this case is "firing per second"
  • EVF (202k pixels) and 2.8" LCD (230k pixels)
  • LiIon battery
  • We are waiting for the Japanese announcement for the production numbers and the CIPA rating of its LiIon battery.
  • Detailed Specifications from Casio itself! NEW!

    Coverage of the Casio EX-F1 on the net
  • CNet's Underexposed
  • dpreview
  • Early reactions at the RAWsumer blog
  • The EX F1 can do superslow mo (Engadget video)
  • Adorama Newsdesk
  • Casio minisite for the Exilim Pro EX F1
  • More from Casio on the Exilim International page for the EX F1 HOT!
  • Video hands-on preview at Engadget
  • Amazon's Current blog
  • Gizmodo
  • Electronista
  • Imaging Resource
  • Pocket Lint
  • Digg
  • digitalcamerareview

    New Material on the Casio EX-F1 (the morning after)
  • DigitalCamera.Jp has the official Japanese announcement. The Casio Japan page mentions that this will be produced at an initial monthly production output of 10,000 units per month. Both links are computer-translated with Babelfish.
  • If the early reviews are positive, we may have a "Nikon D3" situation?
  • Not new, but the Popular Science blog has a hands-on report from October 2007.
  • InfoSyncWorld
  • Gadget Tell
  • DC Views coverage
  • Amateur Photographer UK
  • Akihabaranews
  • ephotozine

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    Update March 29, 2008
    While the EX-F1 is nowhere near to be found in the USA market, it is offered on eBay via importers.

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