Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Catching up with the New Year's Blogging Marathon

We had a mini blogging marathon during the New Year's Holiday, and for our readers who are just now catching up with their online reading, we have a handy summary of all that was posted during the marathon:

The icing of/on the cake was a potential leak by Sony Luxemburg of the Alpha A200 DSLR. It looks like a sequential update to the Sony A100, but not a whole lot of details are known. Some pictures were captured during the leak and are saved at some of the websites and forums mentioned in the story linked above.

Also generating some excitement was the November 2007 Japanaese DSLR and Compact market share rankings published by BCN in Japan. Find out who won the Canon vs Nikon market share battle and who may have surprised some people by grabbing the #3 spot! In the compacts (non-DSLRs), we had an ...appliance maker affiliated with a planetary body taking the #2 spot. I hope I haven't given that away :) Read to find out who they are!

We had some excitement of our own as the editors of rated our blog #8 among Consumer Electronics blogs. Thank you!

New pictures of the alleged leaked Nikon 16-85mm AF-S VR lens made their way to various internet sites. We updated our post with links to the pictures. Check towards the bottom of that post for the updates.

We also posted ten stories of interest from the latest wave of news at the Imaging Insider. The stories include a Nikon D3 review, coverage of the TSA/LiIon battery restrictions, a couple of articles on advanced camera sensor pixel peeping, and lots more.

Speaking of the Nikon D3, we had wall to wall coverage of Bjorn Roslett's Nikon D3 review. The review was added to our DSLR Review Matrix, where we just added a handful of Nikon D200 reviews.

We also posted the top ten posts among our blog subscribers (RSS feed) for December 2007. We also posted the top posts of 2007 (since we started using Feedburner), but we messed up the posting date, we put 1/1/07 instead of 1/1/08, so the post got burried all the way to January 2007. But you can still enjoy it right here. We will revitalize it in its rightful position on the front page as well!

More from Japan, Yodobashi had some "dream sets" featuring the Nikon D300 and Canon 1D Mark III bundled with a variety of lenses and tele-converters at nice discounts. As much as 1/3rd of a million yen discounts for the whole bundle.

One story we forgot to post that was supposed to be in our marathon involves a Blast from the Past with Cartier-Bresson. It will be posted later today. How about that for a teaser to make you come back for more? :-)

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