Monday, January 7, 2008

The CES 2008 Digital Camera Situation Room

There are so much stuff happening we had to have a special edition of the Situation Room with your host Volf Kamera-Blitzor at the helm. Volf Kamera-Blitzor has the floor:

We are working on a number of stories at this hour. More on the Sony Alpha DSLR A200, meanwhile we are finding new information on the Casio EX-F1. But they were not done, they also announced four compacts, two of which start at 28mm wide (4x optical zoom). Kodak has nine new cameras of the Z-, V- and M-series. Samsung has the third most interesting camera in the NV24HD which starts at 24mm wide. They have four new NV-series, and four new compacts. As you may recall two S-series were announced in December 2007 making it a total of 10 for Samsung at CES 2008.

And now an editorial comment from our resident complainer, Jacques Kaffertie who always writes his blog posts while standing up and shouting at the computer: "I'm SICK, sick of all these megapixel stuffers. Can you believe it? Now they are putting 10 megapixels on a 1/2.33" sensor. I am appalled! Megapixel greed has to stop! It was bad enough to put 8mp on a 1/2.5" sensor, or even 10mp on a 1/1.7x" sensor, but 10mp on a 1/2.33"? Stop this megapixel stuffing!".

As you can see Jacques Kaffertie has gotten angry over the megapixel wars! More on the megapixel wars continued with the new 10mp 1/2.33" sensor.

To summarize so far, we had 27 new cameras at CES 2008 from the major manufacturers:

  • One new DSLR from Sony (first DSLR to be announced at CES?)
  • Five new camers from Casio
  • Ten new cameras from Kodak
  • Ten new cameras from Samsung
  • One USA announcement of a Fuji


    mrsfixit said...

    Someone has been watching too much CNN...


    That was really funny and started my day off with a smile.


    Although one must wonder: with all the work you do on this site... how would you have time to watch TV?

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks :-) I'm glad you found this post entertaining! I try to mix in some comedy since camera talk can be so serious and stressful at times.

    Multi-tasking is the answer to your question :)

    PS> There will also be a "Digital O'Camera Factor" later this month :) But I am waiting for suitable topics for it.

    Anonymous said...

    Anything interesting at the Pentax Imaging Booth? There's [ahem] rumor something that's going to be focused on @ a Jan 10th press conference in Dubai will make a low key showing @ CES... wondering if you saw anything 'new', DSLR or lens related there @ their booth or behind a curtain [wink]?

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks for the question!

    I am following CES remotely so unfortunately I can't sneak in and peek behind the curtain. I doubt Pentax is going to announce at CES though, since that is mostly for traditional electronics manufacturers.