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Countdown to the Pentax Dubai Press Conference

It is no secret that there will be a Pentax Hoya press event in Dubai on Thursday January 10, 2008, at 1:30pm Dubai time or so. We will be covering the anticipation and reactions to this event remotely. But it wouldn't be a proper countdown, unless there was a clock!

Dubai Time (clock provided by

Friday January 11, 2008 update

  • This is from around XMas time, but in case you missed it: Wild Pentax DSLR spotted in the wild world of wedding photography! A PentaxFourms forum user reports on his "sighting".

  • This PentaxForums thread talks of 14mp APS-H sensor, wide format, and more!.We do not know! It may be someone's wishful-thinking-imagination! We blog, you decide! The dpreview forums version of this is available as well.

  • The Stock Photo blog talks Pentax K20D, 14mp Pentax CMOS sensor, new file format,

  • In one of the above threads, there was a link to a DigiTimes story stating that Samsung will launch 14 new cameras in Taiwan in 2008. They've already announced ten at CES 2008: Four NV-series, three L-series and one i-series, and two S-series carried forward. The GX20 was just leaked in Norway, so that leaves two i-series and one S-series to reach the number of 14. Now if the two S-series announced in late 2007 do not count, then it's three more S-series models instead of 1! Oh the joy! Of course they could announce more or less in other markets. Certainly no one is as crazy as Fuji when it comes to releasing different models in different markets at different times (their strategy).

  • For the latest updates be sure to check the Pentax Forums and the dpreview Pentax SLR Talk forum.

  • The Day After (Thursday January 11)
    It looks like there is nothing official at this time. Probably no one is allowed to talk about the wonders they may have seen in Dubai. Maybe Dubai needs to pass a law that invalidates NDAs :) But at least there was an unrelated (?) Samsung GX20 leak originating from Norway. To learn more about Norway, visit I think I have a new idea for a new blog, a Rumor-Travel-Blog! ;-)

    In Progress! this is a live blog update - more coming up!
    More Tomorrow (Thursday)
    A round-up of the latest rumors, reactions and more. Please note that the event may be only for the press, and nothing may be officially revealed, so please don't stay up all night waiting! It looks like the Samsung GX20 may have been just leaked anyway.

    Blog coverage
  • The Stock Photo blog has nice pictures of the leaked Pentax K200D (Dec-28)

  • First K200D images surface at Rice High blog

  • Photography bay

  • Mahalo round-up

  • fosfor gadgets gadget blog

  • Pentax Life. Please note that Pentax Life mentions "announcement", which is not the case. The camera was simply "accidentally" leaked on a Norwegian vendor's page. There was no announcement of the DSLR. An announcement is when a company announces a new product. A release is when a camera is released (made available for purchase). This is a leak.

  • discussions
  • A long thread on the Dubai Press Conference

  • Leaked? Pentax K200D pictures! And another one.

  • A Pentax 35mm-full-frame possibility discussion

  • Hoping for a 645D with sensor shift stabilization in Dubai

  • And a different kind of leak: The 20DX? (humor!)

  • And a little Samsung-something, is this the Samsung GX-20? Looks real, could it a clone of the new Pentax?

  • And K20D Sensor Talk Radio K20D - The PNTX

  • Been there done that with the yet to be revealed Pentax cameras? Then jump into the discussion for the next next next next next Pentax DSLRs

  • Black helicopters, mysterious smiles, and magic boxes! Or not...

  • And another speculation spectacular thread talking K1D, K5D, K20D.

  • I could go on for ever, there's tons more to discover in the forum.

  • dpreview forum discussions
  • Live view in the viewfinder???

  • Will there be surprises at the press event? One user thinks of a Digital Spotmatic.

  • Hoping for a true mirror lockup

  • Is the hypothetical K20D generating any market buzz?

  • Sensor talk radio K20D-ThePentax!

  • One forum user is proposing a K100M (manual). Is it too late for Dubai? Pentax are you listening? :)

  • More on K20D/K200d

  • What should a Pentax flagship be like?

  • Lots more in the dpreview Pentax SLR Talk forum!

  • Other Pentax forum discussions
  • A K20D Q&A (Pentax User UK) - Ask questions that could be asked at the Dubai event!

  • DSL Reports DI Tech forum discussion - discussion started by a totally crazy forum user ;-)

  • Would you get the K20D and what do you wish? (Flickr Group)

  • Samsung GX-20 specs leaked (

  • Should Pentax produce a full frame DSLR? (Flickr group)

  • Discussion of Photim's (Chasseur D'Image's) review of a beta/preproduction DA STAR f2.8 200mm lens

  • K20D Sensor Talk Radio at the DSLReports forums. Please note it's DSL-Reports, not DSLR-reports!

  • PDML search for K20D and K200D

  • Pentax World discussions

  • I could go on for days, but eventually I have to stop! If you read through every single thing I wrote so far, congratulations! This is a poor blog so we can't afford to give out prizes : If you need more, Google is your friend :)

  • The rumors from the past
    We have accumulated some (certainly not all) the rumors and discussions on the potential Pentax K20D, K200D, or even K12D. These could be what is revealed. There are also some whispers that we may found out more about the future of the 645D. The 645D development limbo has been running longer than most of the soap operas on TV, when you translate digital camera time into analog TV time :) To pass time, you can also read our long and winding PMA 2008 rumors, speculations and predictions.

    More about Dubai
    To see what is the time difference between your location and Dubai, check the Time and Date page. And some information on the city: The Wiki page on Dubai, and the travel page. There's also a city guide. Okay, I better stop before I turn this into a Travel blog :)

    Learn about the K-mount
    If you are not familiar with the K-mount, there are some nice resources. First up, B. Dimitrov's excellent resource page. If you like that page, be sure to vote it up at! I can't believe two people voted it down! Also be sure to check the excellent Pentax SLR Talk Resource Thread that has loads and loads of Pentax-related information.

    The latest Pentax Japan lens road map (PDF file is mentioned in post #2 in the discussion). And a blast from the past: Vintage Pentax TV ads at the OK 1000 Pentax blog.

    Completely Unfounded Rumor
    "Hello Kitty" is working on a K-mount based camera for their next "Hello Kitty" QVGA digital camera! The camera will be bundled with a pancake lens with matching "Hello Kitty" decorations. You will also receive a gift certificate redeemable at your local pet store for one free kitten, and a 2009 calendar of "kittens getting in trouble".

    Tell me something I don't know!
    What did I miss? Other than the elephant in the room? Let me know! Leave a comment or send an email! The email address is in the left column/sidebar, under the "About" heading.

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