Thursday, January 3, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs: CNet's Underexposed blog

There are many gadget sites and blogs out there, but only a few of them are able to consistently deliver quality posts. One of them in our opinion is the aptly named Underexposed blog at CNet. As the title suggests, photography is one of the topics covered there, along with science and computers, all three topics of interest and relevance to digital cameras and gadgetry - along with open source software.

Some of the recent stories posted there include the Kodak/Matsushita (Panasonic) settlement, a Q&A with Lane Hartwell on photo copyrights, a rumor round-up of the upcoming Canon DSLRs including an informal polling of CNet Insiders, and earlier coverage of the Sigma DP1 Foveonesque kerfuffle.

Of interest to "fanboys", they have an interesting poll on the best rival to the Canon-Nikon duopoly - check the results, you might be surprised at the current results. You can still vote, there's plenty of time.

And a story on how Nikon bettered Canon in 35mm full frame DSLRs. His opinion, not necessarily mine. I'm saving mine for when I do a Canon vs Nikon Marathon.

One of the stories there that caught out attention: Reverse-engineering Amazon's Kindle. Having this blog carried on Amazon's Kindle is one of the items in our 2008 ToDo List! The rest? We'll reveal them when we figure them out :)

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