Thursday, January 31, 2008

dpreview at PMA: Sony A900 coming in 2008 (PMA Sony Event)

The Sony A900 is coming in 2008! dpreview has the scoop, live blogging from the PMA 2008 Sony press event at PMA. The Sony Alpha A900 DSLR will be their flagship DSLR and coming later in 2008! It will be using the 25mp Sony CMOS 35mm full frame sensor just announced. Given that companies save their best for the Photokina trade show, we can assume that it may be revealed at that time. But may be not! dpreview also reports that it will have sensor-shift stabilization, just like their other DSLRs. Sony uses the blanket term Super Steady Shot across their product line.

dpreview also mentions there is a prototype at PMA 2008. More from the dpreview live-blogging event.

The 1001 Noisy Cameras Opinion
This will make the 35mm full frame wars more exciting, as now the prices are setting the tone, with the Nikon D3 at $5000 and the Canon 1Ds Mark III at $8000. There's also the Canon 5D but we doubt Sony would price their 25mp flagship DSLR in the same price range as the 5D.

So the question is, will it be priced near the D3, under the D3, above the D3, near the 1Ds Mk III or above the 1Ds Mk III?

There are two different forces pulling this in different directions: The Sony brand price boost on everything "Sony branded" and the Minolta legacy of feature-packed cameras at very competitive prices. Our prediction? Perhaps around the Nikon D3 price, but this is just speculation!

New Updates
Imaging Resource has posted their story on the Sony A900 and they have created a gallery of pictures from the event. The new sensor by the way was given a name that sounds like it was taken out of Lord of the Rings, the Exmor sensor!

Meanwhile Stephen (not Colbert) of CNet's Underexposed blog opines on the new Sony A900 development notice.

New New Updates!
dpreview has posted a quick hands-on preview of the DP1, including a gallery of 20 sample pictures taken around Las Vegas by dpreview! What did dpreview think of the images? What do you think of the images? How do the max ISO 800 images look? We blog, you decide!

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