Tuesday, January 15, 2008

dpreview predicts and previews PMA 2008

We were excited to see dpreview jumping into the predictions game! They have just posted their PMA 2008 preview page, which includes the usual coverage of new products announced so far this year, but a welcome surprise was the addition of "predictions and hopes"!

Obviously dpreview has to dance a delicate dance because of NDAs, which makes reading their predictions and hopes and wishes even more interesting. They cover eight categories in their "predictions and hopes" segment, including DSLRs, big zooms, speed demons (move over megapixel-wars, here come FPS-wars!), CMOS sensors, high def video in cameras, storage, shelf and pixel stuffing. Be sure to check their PMA page!

We are not under any NDA, so we can say anything about anyone! Check our long and winding PMA 2008 rumors, speculations and predictions page, along with our prosumer-specific post. And if you are a hard core rumor-monger, check all the posts that we tagged as having a rumor in them. There are 60 of those posts, since this blog sprung up a few months ago.

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