Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eleven new Olympus digital cameras in a pre-PMA 2008 frenzy!

With so many new Olympus digital cameras, we felt the need to create a post to summarize all our other posts :) A total of eleven new Olympus cameras were announced today, beating the ten that were announced in August 2007.

Spotlight camera: The Olympus SP-570uz
Wall to wall coverage on this interesting model coming later today. So far we have posted a quick intro at RAWsumer. Also e-photographia has posted a hands-on preview of a preproduction model. Be sure to check our wall to wall coverage of the Olympus SP-570uz.

The Attack of the Stylus!
Two new models in the Stylus 10x0 line-up, the Stylus 1020 and 1010 - they come with a surprise - an adapter that allows you to use microSD memory cards in addition to xD memory cards. Not as good as having SD/MMC support, but I guess Olympus is taking baby-steps!

The brand new Stylus 840 is more in-line with the previous 5x Stylus models.

Meanwhile with the traditional Stylus models losing their splashproofness, Olympus added two SW models, the 1030sw and 850sw. On a positive note, the new 1030sw has a lens that starts at 28mm wide. This is the first SW model, and also the first Stylus model that starts at 28mm wide. Kudos to Olympus for going wide!

The FE-series gets a new five-pack
Nothing shocking here, a five-pack of new FE-3xx models continue where their predecessors left off, with one new model starting at 28mm wide, and three having 5x optical zoom lenses. One of the five uses AA batteries. Not all models are available in all markets.

Faster, faster, xD memory cards
Olympus Japan has announced two new M+ xD memory cards that claim to be 1.5x faster. We cannot test that claim, we blog, you decide.

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