Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evaluating our CES 2008 digital camera predictions

Earlier on we made specific CES 2008 digital camera predictions. Now that CES 2008 is over, the list of new digital cameras announced there is known. And there was a lot of them, a total of 27 from the major manufacturers, and a few more "rebrandos" we don't keep track of. So how did we do?

Prediction: Panasonic TZ3 replacement
Grade: This did not happen, but the new wireless Panasonic camera will be based on the TZ3.

Prediction: Samsung S1260/S1060
Grade: Did not happen, but Samsung announced four new NV-series models and more L-series and i-series.

Prediction: Fuji A-series and other new Fuji cameras
Grade: Did not happen! But I did predict the Z100fd making its way to the US market.

Prediction: Kodak something-something
Grade: Oh boy they had more than something! They had 10 new cameras. We predicted new V-series, M-series and C-series, but no 1080p video!

Prediction: Pentax shiny silvers
Grade: Nothing new from Pentax at CES 2008

Prediction: Sony
Grade: We predicted that Sony would announce new P&S of the W-series or S-series. Instead we got a new DSLR, the Sony Alpha A200! Possibly the first DSLR announced at the CES trade show.

Prediction: Casio
Grade: Our Casio prediction was confused, but we did mention the "60fps Casio" which was formally announced as the Casio Exilim Pro EX F1. We did not predict that it would have RAW, but it's a nice surprise!

Prediction: Nothing from Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sigma
Grade: Indeed nothing was announced, so our predictions came true.

Prediction: HP reveals their new OEM
Grade: Did not happen!

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