Monday, January 7, 2008

Forum Drive-Thru: Reactions to CES 2008 and more

Let's see what camera and photography forum users are saying about the latest development at CES 2008 and rumors of upcoming cameras at PMA 2008 and beyond!

Casio EX-F1 reactions (announcement coverage)

  • Discussion in dpreview News forum
  • Seven uses for the Casio EX-F1
  • Some are disappointed
  • Why oh why no IS on that 12x lens?
  • Can it catch hummingbirds? If yes, it will be popular among cats ;-)
  • What about shutter lag?

    Sony A200 reactions (announcement coverage)
  • Reactions to non-reactions
  • Is the price right?
  • Discussion of the official announcement
  • Some think the A200 is boring
  • Others are speculating/wishing/dreaming Sony A300 and A500 for PMA.
  • A100 vs A200 comparisons
  • Pre-orderers discussion
  • Olympus users discuss the A700.

    Samsung NV24HD discussion (announcement coverage)
  • NV24 discussion
  • What exactly did they write on the lens?

    General Discussions
  • The latest DSLR numbers from Japan for the Japanese DSLR market
  • Discussion of the new ten Kodak digital cameras
  • What should we expect from the Pentax Dubai conference on Thursday? (Jan 10, 2008). Check that long thread for lots of interesting thoughts, including the K20D, K200D, new lens rumors and the future (or lack thereof) of the 645D.
  • Another Sigma DP1 discussion
  • What about a hypothetical Ricoh GX200?
  • Another DSLR vs non-DSLR debate. You know you love those!
  • Rumors of a Fuji S100 Pro. Rumors or wishful thinking? We do not know! A small discussion of this at Club Snap as well
  • How about some birds?
  • Nikon D3X rumors/speculation/wishful thinking.
  • Collection of Canon 5D Mark II rumors. And what are your 5D Mark II expectations?

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