Thursday, January 3, 2008

Impact Review: Canon 1D Mark III by Lawrence Ripsher

We have a new impact review to talk about! Lawrence Ripsher, a british photographer in Singapore has recently posted a 10-part review of the Canon 1D Mark III. His review has about 100 sample pictures and more than 10K words.

The conclusions are on the last part of the review, and as always we won't be revealing the conclusions here. We don't want to spoil the fun of "discovering" them yourselves!

His review has been added to the DSLR Review Matrix, under the Canon 1D Mark III (obviously).

The Canon 1D Mark III is available from Amazon at $4317, Adorama at $4348, and B&H Photo at $4500.

Reactions to the review

  • Lawrence started an "official discussion" of his review at the Canon 1D/1Ds dpreview forum.
  • The review has been very well received by the typically tough forum crowd, which is a great compliment to Lawrence's work!
  • We also agree with the forum users, Lawrence has produced an excellent review, presented in a concise manner, and covering a lot of ground.
  • His review is also mentioned at DSL Camera (computer-translated).

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