Saturday, January 19, 2008

Increased Lens coverage starting in April 2008

In the lead-up to PMA, we have our own quasi pre-PMA faux press release that is sent to no one in the press ;-)

Starting in April 2008, we will increase our coverage of lenses, an area that we haven't been covering as much here at 1001 Noisy since this blog sprung up in the spring of 2007.

Of course you don't need us to convince you of the importance of lenses, they are a significant component of the picture taking process, on rare occasions they are required even :-)

Please keep in mind this is a development notice, we will announce more details on our planned coverage as we get closer to April 2008. The new features are estimated to become available in mid-April 2008, and the price will be 400% more than the current price of a subscription, which is $0.00 :)


mrsfixit said...

So, any news on those new 14-200mm f. 1.4 pancake zoom lenses from Canon and Nikon? LOL

Turns your DSLR into a pocket camera!

Whoopee! LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

I think they are holding off those until they finish work on the new dual-mount 35mm full frame foldable dSLR that can be fold and fit inside a matchbox :)

In the meantime I am working on a new Pancake Syrup cleaning recipe for those pancake zooms ;-)