Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Inside the Imaging Insider

We take a look at some of the many interesting stories posted at the Imaging Insider, providing a wide angle view of the world of photography and imaging.

And speaking of wide-angle, here is a story discussing wide angle photography for real estate.

Take pixel peeping to the next level with sensor performance tracking by Clark Vision. Speaking of sensors, this story points out that size matters!

Meanwhile the most buzzworthy camera of the season gets a review. Yes, a Nikon D3 review by a well-respected nature photographer!

On the rumor front, rumors of future Canon 450D (D-Rebel), 7D and 5D Mark II continue.

The new TSA requirements for spare Lithium Ion batteries is going to cause photographers major grief.

More sad news for film fans, Kodak will end infrared film production. And is photography dead?

Model release or no model release? That is the question!

If you love digital camera reviews, be sure to check all the digital camera review notices at the Imaging Insider! Some of the models recently receiving new reviews were the Nikon D3, Fuji F480, Casio EX-V8.

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