Friday, January 4, 2008

Inside the Imaging Insider

Let's take a look at some of the latest stories from the Imaging Insider.

  • An update on the TSA/LiIon situation, it looks like perhaps it may not be as bad as it may have sounded originally. Read on for more details!
  • The Sony A700 gets a new review and so does the Nikon D40x, and the Nikon S700.
  • A question very few dare to ask in public, Do you really need Photoshop? Me, I use the finger-painting program that came with my Hello Kitty 2000 QVGA SuperDigitalZoom :)
  • What the Duck? (not a typo!)
  • How about some of the most infamous staged photos?
  • No screaming like the guy from "Mad Money", but what's up with the Shutterfly stock?
  • Visiting CES for the first time? This should help!
  • An IDC analyst discusses Nikon's wireless strategy - in a podcast.
  • Lots of other news, along with press releases, at the Imaging Insider.

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