Thursday, January 24, 2008

Latest new camera updates!

With 30+ new cameras to keep track of, we thought we would create a ground control center that updates the latest updates :) Believe or not, we think we have caught up with all the new releases! If we missed any camera, please let us know!!!

  • Lens round-up: Two new Canon ...canons (200 f2L, 800 f5.6L IS USM) and two new Samsung clones.
  • Another trio of new Samsungs hits the stage, an S-series and two i-series
  • A new Elph and three A-series models join Canon's entry-level line-ups.
  • Fuji is injecting style and color into the entry-level, with the Z20fd, J10 and J50.
  • Fuji makes a power play in long zooms with a trio. We already featured the big prosumer S100 FS. They also added the 18x hyperzoom S8100fd, and the "fun zoom" but non-stabilized S1000fd.
  • More added on the Digital Rebel XSi/450D, including a link to a brand new dpreview comparison.
  • You Tube videos from Pentax linked in our Pentax K20D and K200D coverage. Also three different sources of K20D samples
  • Lots more information added about the Fuji S100 FS giantsumer, and the identity-crisis Fuji F100fd.
  • Links to a brief hands-on preview of the Samsung GX20 in the GX 20 announcement coverage page.
  • To keep track of all the new cameras announced in 2008, visit the 2008 cameras page. The new Canon and Fuji cameras will be added to that list by Friday.

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