Saturday, January 5, 2008

Meet the new Kodak C813, the latest Easyshare digital camera

Kodak has introduced a new entry-level digital camera, the Kodak Easyshare C813 which features an 8mp sensor, and a 3x optical zoom lens. So much for Kodak-Flextronics "abandoning" the entry-level market!

Meet the Kodak Easyshare C813

The camera will be available on its own (Amazon $120) or bundled with the G610 printer dock (Amazon, $200). It features an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, a typical 3x optical zoom lens (36-108mm equivalent), 2.4" LCD, SD/MMC, and two AA batteries.

Coverage of the C813 on the net

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  • There's also the Kodak C713, which we either missed, or Kodak released without telling anyone. It seems to be similar but as the model name suggests, it uses a 7mp sensor. Kodak is one of the few companies that try to be consistent in trying to have the model name match the megapixels and the optical zoom.

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