Sunday, January 6, 2008

Meet the new Samsung NV40, NV30, NV24HD, and NV3 (new digital cameras!)

We have four new Samsung digital cameras from the NV-series coming up today! The good news? Samsung has shown some megapixel restraint! Let's take a look!

Thanks to the Imaging Insider for the updates live from CES 2008!

Meet the Samsung NV24HD (starts at 24mm wide!)

Samsung had to jump to the high def video bandwaqgon, and the NV24 is the one that does it. Despite the 24 in its name, it records at 30fps 720p video and has a 10mp sensor. It also has a 2.5" OLED display (organic LED) which created a buzz a few years ago but never quite made it into digicams. Is this a new trend?

So what's the 24 you ask? It starts at 24mm! That's right! Now that's what I call wide! It features a 24-86mm equivalent lens with optical stabilization.

IT also features some form of "optical stabilization". No details on the lens yet!

On the gadgety front, it comes with a remote that interoperates with Samsung TVs ("appliance maker!" will scream the traditional SLR manufacturers), and HDMI

USA price is $300 (Amazon pre-order) and the UK price: 250 pounds (March 2008) (list price is $300)

Meet the Samsung NV40

This is a 10mp camera with a 3x optical zoom with some form of "optical stabilization", with a 2.5" LCD, SD/MMC, LiIon, and Samsung NV-style and NV-interface (they call it "smart touch").

  • 10mp 1/2.33" CCD sensor
  • optical stabilization
  • 3x optical zoom (37-111mm) Schneider-Kreuznach
  • 2.5" LCD (230k pixels)
  • USA price: $280 (March 2008) (Amazon pre-order) (list is $330)
  • UK price: 200 pounds (February 2008)

    Meet the Samsung NV30

    This is an 8mp camera with a 3x optical zoom, with some form of "optical stabilization" as well, and similarly spec'ed to the NV40.
  • 8mp 1/2.5" CCD
  • optical stabilization
  • 3x optical zoom (37-111mm) Scheider lens
  • 2.5" LCD (230k pixels)
  • USA price: $230 (February 2008) (Amazon pre-order) (list price is $280)
  • UK price: 180 pounds (February 2008)

    Meet the Samsung NV4
    As the model name suggests, this is the folded optics ultracompact bijou replacement of the Samsung NV3.
  • 8mp 1/2.5" sensor
  • ??? image stabilization
  • 3x folded optics Samsung lens (37-111mm)
  • 2.5" LCD (230k pixels)
  • USA price: $230 (Amazon pre-order) (list price is $280)
  • UK price: 150 pounds (February 2008)

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    Opinion and Analysis
  • The NV-series had been using 1/1.8"-ish sensors up to now. Now it goes to a 1/2.33" and 1/2.5" sensors. Does that mean Samsung is coming up with more advanced NV-series or is that it?
  • Big surprise was the NV24HD, not for the 720p HD video but for the 24-86mm stabilized lens! Yes, it starts at 24mm using a 1/2.33" sensor. Smaller than the sensors of the previous NV-series models, but larger than the 1/2.5". But it is megapixel stuffing!

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