Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Megapixel Wars continue with a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor!

Just when I was about to praise manufacturers for showing restraint and not announcing 12-megapixel cameras, I just realized that three of the new Casios are actually using a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor, not a 1/1.8"-ish sensor. Ouch! And they are not alone! Two of the eight new Samsungs as well are using the 10mp 1/2.33" CCD sensor.

Cameras with 10mp 1/2.33" sensors
Three new Casio Exilim cameras, the Casio EX-Z200, EX-Z100 and EX-S10. Ouch! And three of the new Samsung digital cameras, the Samsung L210 and the Samsung NV40 and the interesting NV24HD.

So we have a total of six new cameras using a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor!

So hold back the praise! The megapixel wars continue!

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