Sunday, January 6, 2008

New DSLR, the Sony Alpha A200 is officially announced!

We talked about the leaks but there's no need for leaks anymore! The Sony Alpha A200 DSLR is officially launched! Thanks to the Imaging Insider for the updates from the CES 2008!

Meet the Sony Alpha A200

  • Sensor: 10mp CCD APS-C (DX)
  • Availability: February, $700 with the 18-70 DT lens ($900 for 2-lens kit (w/75-300))
  • Sensor-shift stabilization
  • 12-bit RAW
  • 3 fps
  • ISO 3200 max, 1/4000 seconds
  • Compact Flash and Microdrive
  • LiIon battery with optional battery grip (two batteries)
  • Pentamirror, 2.7" LCD (230k pixels)

    Sony A200 is available for pre-orders!
  • Sony A200 with 18-70 DT lens for $700: Amazon
  • Sony A200 with 18-70 DT and 75-300 lenses for $900: Amazon.

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    Opinionated Analysis
    This looks interesting. For one thing, Sony switched from CMOS to CCD on this DSLR. For another, they "remained" at 10mp, which is not a surprise though, since the A700 is at 12mp. While megapixels are not everything, they are one of the more easily identifiable marketing measureables of a digital camera.

    Given the list price of the Alpha A200, it looks like it's ready to compete with the upcoming releases from Canon and Nikon in this segment. The Digital Rebel is due for an update in the next few weeks, and Nikon is bound to release something in-between the D40/D40x and the D80-D200. $700 with the kit lens means that body only will be around $600-ish, which is about the current price of the Sony A100.

    One plus of the Sony-Minolta is that it has sensor-shift stabilization, which gives it an advantage over the Canon/Nikon for those who plan to use multiple lenses and do not wish to spend money on new lenses.

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