Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Fuji finepix F100fd looks for a place under the sun

Fuji's second most interesting camera from their new wave of seven in our opinion - at first glace that is - appears to be the Fuji F100fd. This camera is a more "grown up" version of the F50fd, which was a controversial model as it doubled the megapixels of the critically acclaimed and long gone Fuji F31fd.

CORRECTION! dpreview reports that the F100fd does not have shutter or aperture priority! Boo @ Fuji!

Thankfully the F100fd remains at 12mp, no doubling of the megapixels, and goes wide with a 28-140mm 5x optical zoom lens with sensor-shift stabilization. The good news is that the camera offers aperture priority and shutter priority, but apparently not full manual exposure? The camera is available for pre-ordering at Amazon and other places, for the price of $380.

They also spend a lot of ink in their press release boasting about the wide dynamic range benefits of the new Super CCD VIII (eight) and Real Photo Processor (RPP) III engine. This not to be confused with the SuperCCD-SR pixels, since this is a SuperCCD-HR sensor. This will be one of the things people will look to check when the first samples and reviews come out for this model.

It has some crazy high ISO options at reduced resolution, and Face Detection 3.0 already. Oh boy! It has a 2.7" LCD (230k), and uses the Rechargeable Fuji NP-50 Li-ion battery.

It is interesting to note that with the introduction of the J-series, and the F100fd, Fuji seems to be wanting to boost up the profile of the F-series, perhaps capitalize on the critical acclaim of their F31fd and other models using the 6mp "magic" sensor.

The Fuji press release can be found in its entirety at the Imaging Insider. More on this camera at dpreview, dpnow, Imaging Resource, DC Recourse and many other sites and gagdet blogs.

The Japanese price is 45000 yen, and expected to ship in mid-March 2008. More details in computer-translated speak from Fuji Japan.

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