Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Fuji Finepix S100 FS is announced!

This could be the prosumer messiah of PMA 2008! Fuji, which does not have any plans for entry-level dSLRs, boldly goes with the new Fuji S100 FS shown at dpreview. Be sure to also check Simon's comments on the new camera in green!

This puppy is indeed as rumored, it features an 11mp Super CCD HR 2/3" sensor, a whooping 28-400mm lens with image stabilization (optical) and zoom ring, tiltable 2.5" LCD, uncompressed RAW, LiIon battery, and more. The camera is already available for pre-ordering, for $800 via Amazon and other places.

It supports SD/SDHC and xD memory cards, has face detection 2.0, RPP III (Real Photo Processor), ISO 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) at a 3mp resolution (Monet called, he wants his pictures back!). Fuji also claims dynamic range boost, even though this is a SuperCCD-HR sensor, not a SuperCCD-SR which is found in the critically acclaimed in terms of dynamic range Fuji S5 Pro.

And speaking of the S5 Pro, the Fuji press release claims that the "feature set" was "borrowed from the S5". This mainly focuses on the film simulation modes, yes, that's the FS in the camera's name! The four film modes act as an embedded infomercial for Fuji films ;-) They are Provia for general use, Velvia for velvety vibrant colors, one for portraiture (what a formal word), and one for low-contrast situations (soft). What, they haven't created a Barbra Walters soft-focusing mode? :) Come on now!

Speed demon like the Casio EX F1 it is not - at full resolution at least. But at 3 megapixels, it can vroom at 7 fps for up to 50 images.

The full Fuji press released can be found at the Imaging Insider. More on this camera at Ubergizmo, CNet's Crave blog, digitalcamerainfo.

For those who like reading computer-translated text, or can read Japanese, here is the Fuji Japan press release, computer-translated for your connected copying hand being off center revision enjoyment :)

Update March 18, 2008
The Fuji S100fs is now shipping at B&H Photo for the list price of $800.


mrsfixit said...

It looks like an interesting camera, with a 2/3 sensor.

However- 11MP...

And it does have a flip out LCD...

But the sheer size of the thing puts me off.

It's as big or bigger than some DSLRs and weighs in at 2 pounds!

Not something that will fit in my purse! LOL

I don't know about this one.

I think I'll wait for the reviews on this beast...

However, at least it's something different... much different than the ho-hum mediocre me-too offerings so far from Canon.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Yes, this is the prosumer specs many people have been wishing for, but you are right, this is a big big big camera.

But since Fuji made the sensor, one can hope that they will put it in other models as well.

Some were hoping to see a digital version of their FujiKlasse S models.

I'll have more on this camera in the next couple of days as it is bound to generate a lot of excitement.

It's the first 2/3" camera since 2004 from what I recall.

Mr. Bach said...

What a camera - kudos to Fuji.

~ Love the ability to change the dynamic range.

~ Simulate different film types is a great feature.

~ ISO 10,000!!!

~ I'm a big guy who wants a large and heavy camera to fit my hands.

~ 28 to 400 mm is fantastic.

~ 11 MP and the ability to shoot RAW are great features.

What I like about it, is that it's comparable to my Minolta A1 which weighs in at 20 oz, and has tons of features, so the S100FS is only 12 oz more.

Too many amateurs get caught up in the DSLR craze, wasting thousands of dollars on a high-end camera that's too much for their needs.

I believe this may be the only camera you will ever need.

Since this camera is based in part on the S5 Pro, it should have a big impact on the "prosumer" market.

It will be an upgrade from my Fuji S700, which is an EXCELLENT camera for the price.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed, this giantsumer is very promising. Considering that we have 10mp 1/2.33" sensors, it will be very interesting to see how an 11mp 2/3" SuperCCD performs!

I think Sony should revitalize the Minonlta A-series designs. They had something good going there. If they update them to today's technology, they could be something quite interesting too!

Daniel said...

i actually own a fuji s100 fs...and so far it is everything fuji claims it to be...the fs mode is amazing and even if i use full 400mm zoom i still have crisp clear pictures..the macro and super macro do just what they were ment to do.. they work well....thats all i have for now i only had the camera for a couple post more info as i use the camera more..

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update! This is very promising then as the areas you mentioned can sometimes be a camera's achilles heel.

alegoni said...

I bought the Fuji S100 sf just a couple of days ago and I am very happy with the new toy. The CCD is just incredible! The optic is first class too. Since up to now everybody had pointed out only good things I have found though two minor (well, it depends) problems. 1) The manual focus is just bad! One turns the dial and almost nothing happens (the br in the viewer is no real help) and the focus changes constantly with the slightest movement of the camera. OK, other semireflex do not have even this possibility!!! I think that this is just the prize one pays for not having TTL sight like in a reflex. But ths cost about 600 EUR more... 2) The external flash management is lausy!!! The socket has only one contact, hence the flash can only fire but without any control of the amount of light being delivered. OK, again, other semireflex do no have the socket either. This is not a real problem since for almost any situation you get away with the small built-in flash due to the extremely high sensitivity of the CCD!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update and for sharing your thoughts on the S100fs! Indeed, at the moment nothing can replace TTL, perhaps in the future technology may catch up.

No camera is perfect after all, and especially a giant-sumer like the S100fs that obviously has to make trade-offs for size, price, features, etc.

You mentioned the two things that can forgive other camera issues: good sensor and good lens :)