Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Fuji Z20fd and J10 and J50 debut the new Finepix J-series

We conclude the wave of seven new Fuji digital cameras with three more, the Z20fd, which follows up on the colorful Z10fd and the launch of a new affordable line, the J-series, with the J10 and the J50.

Awww! Don't they just look pretty? Don't you just want to showcase them as decoration in your house? :) Why pay millions for a Van Gogh when you can pay $200 for each one of these little gadgets?

Okay, joking aside, the new Fuji Z20fd enters the highly-competitive LiIon-based sub-$200 digital camera segment. Fuji's press release at the Imaging Insider. In a nutshell, they "graduate" to the new 10mp 1/2.3" which seems to be included even in keychain cameras these days (exaggeration), continue with the 3x (35-105mm) folded optics lens, and have more or less the features you would expect for a camera in this segment. And remember, all new Fuji cameras take both xD and SD memory cards. Unlike Olympus which remains at xD only (with the exception of microSD via adapter for some models). This camera does not have stabilization (optical or sensor-shift). (Mini-rant: We do not consider adjusting the ISO or shutter speed an "image stabilization" feature. Marketing people mention these so they can compete with the press releases of other manufacturers, but what it does is that it confuses the average consumer who is not familiar between the different ways of reducing shake).

They are available for pre-order for $200 at Amazon and other places. More details on these at dpreview, dcresource, dpnow, Crunch Gear and many other places.

Fuji introduces a new affordable line of LiIon-based digital cameras, the J-series. We are speculating that this is so that Fuji can capitalize on the critical acclaim of their F-series and leverage them into more expensive models like the F100fd.

The full press release of the J-series intro at the Imaging Insider. In a nutshell, the J10 has an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor with a pedestrian 3x (38-113mm) lens, no stabilization, LiIon battery, thin camera body, a low-res 2.5" LCD screen, and the typical features found in this market segment.

Meanwhile the J50 "graduates" to a 5x optical zoom lens (37-185mm eq), and a better 2.7" LCD (230k). Despite all that, the J50 only costs $30 more.

The J10 is available for pre-order at Amazon and other places for $150 each. More on these at dpreview, dcresource, CNet's Crave, Let's Go D and many other places.

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A.A. said...

BIG W in Australia has the J10 for $80-I got one and I'm happy with it (even though it uses digital image stabilization).